November 26, 2013

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Mix dal appe recipe - How to make appe with dals - Healthy breakfast Recipes

appe in a serving plate
Mix dal appe recipe with step by step photos - This mix dals appe is a protein packed tea time snack, prepared using extremely healthy ingredients like bengal gram dal, green gram dal, black gram dal and toor dal. This appe has an inviting aroma and it has an excellent texture and is crisp from outside and soft from inside. It takes the shape and size of the mould used.

Dishes prepared with lentils are staple food in India. lentils are the perfect legume which provides protein, carbohydrate, iron, magnesium, potassium and fibers. I always look forward to cook and serve nutritious snack that are easy to cook with easily available ingredients in the kitchen.

This is a hassle free dish which can be prepared very easily. Dal appe tastes great when served hot with chutney and is a breakfast or teatime snack. This can also be packed in the snack box for kids. The batter can be prepared well in advance and kept in the refrigerator to be used as and when required.

Sometimes both kids and adults refuse to eat daal, sambar and kadhi. They do not understand the nutritional value of lentils. Making such appe with lentils is such a healthy way to feed them nutritious food. It is something different than regular rice appe and this can be made more veggie version by adding carrots, corn and fresh grreen peas. Appe prepared with pumpkin is also a popular dish and it has a sweet taste.

I still remember when I was a kid, my mother was making lentil dosa, appe, usli and pancake in combination with vegetables to serve us delicious, healthy snacks. I have also used the same trick on my kids when they were small and they ate the snacks happily. Appe prepared with lentils served along with fresh coriander mint chutney and  tomato ketchup  was  one of their favorite snacks. During rainy days hot appe with a cup of tea is a sure winner.
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November 20, 2013

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Tikhat shankarpali recipe - Khara shankarpali recipe

shankarpali in a serving plate
Tikhat  shankarpali  recipe - Tikhat  shankarpali recipe - This is a spicy version of shankarpali prepared with wheat flour. This shankarpali is mildly flavored with cumin seeds powder, coriander powder, asafoetida, chilli powder and carom seeds. Though the method of preparation is similar to the sweet shankrpali, the ingredients used in this shankarpali is totally different. 

The taste of this shankarpali is slightly spicy which goes well with hot tea, coffee and soft drinks. I learnt this shankarpali from my mother. During diwali festival and in our summer vacation my mom was making both sweet and tikhat shankarpali in large quantities as we were demanding snacks regularly. It is an excellent snack to relish along with sweets like laddu and barfi. 

Usually shankarpali is made with sweet version but  this is an innovative and unique version of my mom's recipe liked by many of my friends. The quantity of ingredients I have used in this recipe is to adjust the taste bud of my family members. However you can adjust them to suit your loved ones taste. I am also making both versions of shankarpali every now and then to serve kids, friends and guests. 
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November 18, 2013

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Badam kesar milk recipe - Almond saffron milk recipe

almond saffron Milk in serving glasses
Badam kesar milk recipe - Almond Saffron Milk, popularly known as Badam Kesar Doodh, is one of my most favorite drinks, which I love to make it on weekends or on special occasions. It is prepared with Almond, Milk, Saffron, Cardamom and Sugar.  The Cardamom and Saffron give a perfect balanced flavor and beautiful cream colour to the milk. 

Apart from its beauty and flavor, it also leaves the rich creamy taste in the mouth and comforts the throat with its texture.. At the same time, this milk is highly nutritious due to the numerous nutrients contained by both milk and almond. Note that saffron produces heat in the body. Therefore, expectant mothers should avoid excess intake of saffron. Very small quantity of  saffron can be taken as an ingredient in the sweets or milk.
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November 11, 2013

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Shankarpali recipe - How to make shankarpali - Diwali snacks recipe

Shankarpali in a serving plate
Shankarpali recipe - Shankarpali is one such snack that I prepare every year during Diwali Festival. This is a fabulous snack, prepared by using all purpose flour and semolina. Addition of semolina adds extra taste, texture and crunchiness to the Shankarpali. 

The dough is kneaded with sugar water to get slightly sweet taste that we like shankarpali this way. The small portion of dough is rolled out to thin roti, then cut into square shape and deep fried till golden brown and crispy. This Shankarpali is purposely puffed  just to make it burst in the mouth on biting, while eating. This is a mouth watering snack that served with hot  tea or coffee.
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November 1, 2013

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How to celebrate Deepavali festival - Diwali festival

How to celebrate Deepavali festival - Diwali festival - We are Wishing a Very Happy and Joyous Diwali to our sons, relatives, friends and readers. May God bless you and your family with Happiness, Peace and Prosperity. May your future shine as Bright as Diwali Lights, as Colourful as Rangoli Colours, and as Sweet as Diwali Sweets. Celebrate and Enjoy Diwali. Happy Diwali.

Deepavali or Diwali is a festival of lights. Deepavali means row of lights. During this festival the house is decorated with lights. Rangolis with colourful powder are drawn in front of the door and Lords in the puja room. This festival is celebrated for  five days. On all these five days homes are lit with diyas, candles, lanterns, and lights. People enjoying the sound and light of firecrackers by bursting them. 

Dhanteras is the first day of the diwali festival. On the night of dhanteras, rangoli with colourful rangoli powder is drawn in front of the god and steel pot with water is kept on rangoli. The pot is decorated with marigold flower, kumkum and turmeric powder. A fresh coconut is placed on the top of this pot. A ritual of puja with ghee arati is made to it. 

Narak Chaturdashi is the second day of the diwali festival. This day is celebrated by early morning, oil massage is made with coconut oil and bathing held with scrubbing fragrant ubtan powder, followed by a special puja and breakfast with sweets like chibud rasayana, sweet poha, variety of laddus, karanji and snacks like chakli, shankarpali, chiwda etc. 

Lakshmi Pujan is the third day of diwali festival. It is celebrated in the evening. On this day in the evening before 6 p.m. house and Gods are decorated with marigold flower, rangoli and is  lit with diyas, lanterns and lights. The puja is made between 6 p.m. to  8 p.m. Variety of sweets and snacks are offered as naivedya to God and they are distributed after puja. After the puja, people burst crackers, sparklers and enjoy the sound and light of fireworks. Special dinner with kheer, pulao, fried kurdai, vada, poori, delicious sabzis are prepared to serve the family members. 

Padwa or Balipratipada is the fourth day of diwali festival. This day is celebrated as padwa. A main day of diwali festival. In my region newly married daughters with their husbands are invited for special meals. They are served with gifts and ornaments. 

Bhaubeej is the fifth day of diwali festival. It celebrates the rituals by performing a puja or arati by sister for her brother, she draws a tika or tilak on his forehead, followed by serving a delicious special meal, then brother offered a lovely gift to his sister.
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October 31, 2013

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Khara sev recipe - Tikhat sev recipe - How to make khara sev

Khara sev in a serving plate
Khara sev  recipe - Since Diwali is approaching, the preparation of faral or snacks and sweets is going on in full swing. I prepared kharasev, which goes well with sweets. 

It is a simple and easy snack, that few ingredients like besan, rice flour, carom seeds pepper powder and oil for deep frying is needed. Different flavors and taste can be brought out by adding ingredients like carom seeds, cumin seeds, pepper powder, asafoetida, garlic paste, tomato puree and spinach puree. 

I have used carom seeds as a flavoring agent that I like this flavor most. Whenever I use besan for snacks, I add ajwain to it that ajwain is helpful in digestion. 

Khara sev is one of the most versatile snack that makes a great accompaniment with tea or coffee. It can be used for garnishing poha, upma, susla, and Chiwda. This deep fried snack is tasty,  mood triggers, addictive and make cravings for more.
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Badam burfi recipe - Almond barfi recipe

almond barfi in a serving plate
Badam or almond burfi recipe - Deepavali festival and faral is incomplete without laddus and burfis. Among all burfis, cashew nut burfi and almond burfi are my favorites. This most in demand burfi is available in mithai (sweet) shops. But homemade sweets have emotional touch that served with much pride. In homemade sweets purity of ingredients and the cleanliness is guaranteed.

I have already posted badam laddu, that is prepared with almond khava mixture. The preparation of almond khava mixture for both laddu and burfi are almost similar. Smart idea is that, to prepare both laddu and barfi at a time, prepare more quantity of almond khava mixture, divide them into two equal portions, then use one portion to prepare laddu and another one for burfi, I did the same thing. 

The only difference between the preparation of laddu and burfi is that to achieve a smooth layered attractive burfi, the almond mixture has to be smooth. To prepare burfi, the mixture has to be rolled to a thick round disc, trimmed to square, then cut  burfi into squares.
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October 30, 2013

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Badam ladoo recipe - Almond laddu recipe

Badam or almond laddu in a serving plate
Badam or almond ladoo recipe - Besides traditional Puja and Rituals, Deepavali is meant for food, sweets, snacks, clothes, fun and happiness. Sweets are either bought from shop or homemade, they surely add glitter to the festive mood. 

For the time being, my kitchen is a small factory, churning out small quantities of various sweets and savouries (Faral). One of them is laddu. Laddus are rich in calories. So, gaining weight is quite possible, after eating it. No matter, we can compensate it later, by reducing to less calories intake to balance the calories. So, let us enjoy eating Deepavali Sweets. 

The laddu has significant role during Indian festival and  special occasions. They gain top priorities among all other sweets. This year I have prepared badam laddu using khava, flavored with cardamom powder. Badam laddu is my family's most favorite laddu. 

It is so flexible, can be modified according to the personal liking. The quantity of khava can be reduced. This creamy textured badam laddu is an eater friendly sweet, that melts in the mouth.
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October 29, 2013

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Maharashtrian karanji recipe - Karjikayi recipe

 karanji in a serving plate
Maharashtrian karanji recipe  - Diwali season is in the air. This is the right time to make sweets and savouries.  The most popular sweets and savouries are Karanji, Ladoo, Burfi, Halwa, Pedha, Chakli, Shankarpali, varieties of Sev, Chivda, roasted spicy Cashew Nuts, salted Pistachio and processed Dates. 

My preparation of Diwali sweets and savories as started with Karanji. Karanji is a delicious, deep fried snack, that is especially prepared for Diwali festival. Karanji is also known with different names in different parts of India. Gujiya in Hindi, Ghughra in Gujarati, Karjikayi in Telugu, Karachika in Tamil, Karagadabu and Karjikayi in Kannada, Nevri in Konkani. 

Dry coconut, poppy seeds, rava, powdered sugar and cardamom powder are essential ingredients in karanji filling. Today, I am posting Karanji, my first Diwali Sweet of this year. The Karanjis can be stored for about a month in an airtight container. 

The filling mixture can also be stored for about a month in an airtight container to prepare fresh karanji as and when needed. One can have varieties of Karanjis by changing fillings according to the likings, such as fresh coconut and jaggery, mava and dry fruits, chana dal and jaggery.
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Mushroom manchurian recipe

mushroom manchurian in a serving plate
Mushroom manchurian recipe - After having a hearty Chinese meal at Mainland China, along with family friends from Delhi, we returned home  with a sweet memory of the Chinese dishes. Among them one unforgettable dish was mushroom manchurian. I have prepared mushroom manchurian several times on the demand of my kids. 

I must admit here that I too started loving this addictive dish. As this is a familiar dish, I did not find it difficult to prepare. Using mushrooms and ching's manchurian sauce mix, I made this manchurian quickly. It turned out delicious as usual. So, I thought to share the recipe with you all.  

Note that you can also replace mushrooms by paneer. You can also make mixed vegetable manchurian by using vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower and carrot. 
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October 28, 2013

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Mushroom and garlic stir fry recipe

Mushroom garlic stir fry in a serving plate
Mushroom and garlic stir fry recipe - Mushroom and garlic stir fry  is a quick and easy dish with mild flavour of garlic and pepper. You can add capsicums along with mushrooms. This is a flexible dish wherein, flavour and taste can be changed  according to one's liking. Mushroom stir fry and hot chapati make a good accompaniment. Serve this dish with pickle and buttermilk.
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Batata vangyachi bhaaji Recipe - Potato-brinjal sabzi

Batata vangyachi bhaaji in a plate
Batata vangyachi bhaaji recipe - Chapati and rice are our staple food. So, Preparing sabzi and curry everyday is mandatory for me. Batata-vangyachi bhaaji is a Maharashtrian style sabzi which I prepare often. So, here is a quick to make yummy batata-vangyachi bhaji to go with chapatis. Serve this bhaaji with hot chapatis along with pickle.
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Shallow fried onion pakoda recipe

pakoda in a serving plate
Shallow fried onion pakoda recipe - To make a healthy snack, I have prepared shallow fried onion pakoda instead of deep frying it.  You can also deep fry these pakodas. The mixture for this pakoda is made by using onions, gram flour, coriander leaves and some other essential spices. These pakodas are very common in every house hold. I have been eating onion pakodas since childhood and even now also I feel like to eat more and more whenever I prepare it. Hot pakodas goes well with a hot cup of tea or coffee. 
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October 25, 2013

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Aloo paratha recipe - How to make stuffed potato paratha

aloo paratha in a serving plate
Aloo paratha recipe - This is an easy to prepare aloo paratha which I like to make often. When my kids were small they were not eating vegetables. Therefore I thought of stuffing the vegetables in the roti itself and I was making thepla. Later I started to stuff almost all vegetables (except bitter gourd), dals, beans, sprouts, etc. Thus, my family developed liking towards parathas and still I am continuing it. 

Aloo paratha  is an Indian flat bread prepared with wheat flour, all purpose flour and potato filling, then shallow fried on griddle. This  paratha is North Indian speciality, usually served for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Making stuffed paratha is bit tedious and it needs little bit of practice to roll gently after the stuffing.
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October 22, 2013

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Bharli bhindi mirchi recipe - Stuffed ladies finger and chillies

stuffed bhindi and mirchi in a serving plate
Bharli bhindi recipe - Bharli bhindi and bharli mirchi or stuffed ladies finger and green chilly  recipe - Bharli mirchi and bharli bhindi are my favorites. The stuffed chilli and okra are great accompaniment to the main course. This can be wrapped in phulka and chapati to serve as a roll, or to pack in the lunch box. I have prepared them several times and thought to share the recipe with you. Another important thing is that the same filling can be used with  capsicum, bitter gourd and ridge gourd. The dry filling powder can be used to make peeth perun bhaji with vegetable such as ivy gourd, cluster beans, capsicum, ridge gourd, radish and spring onion.
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October 18, 2013

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Mix dal mushroom pancake recipe

Mix dal and mushroom pan cake recipe - The pancake made with dals, mushrooms and onion make a good breakfast / teatime snack. The lentils provide nutrient to the body as well as release energy for the natural regular activities. Mushroom and onions are considered as skinny vegetables. The addition of these two vegetables enhances the flavor and gives an excellent taste to the dish. Besides this, this kind of a meal topper, gives you a valuable vitamins and minerals. It leaves an uttapam like taste in the mouth while eating. Usually this pancake is served with chutneys.
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October 14, 2013

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Sprouted green chickpea usal recipe

usal in a serving plate
Sprouted green chickpea  usal  recipe - Chickpea is good sources of proteins and it provides energy to the body. Hence it is wise to include chickpea in any form in our diet. Germination makes the pulses more nutritious. This green chickpea usal is a simple and easy variety of dish which can be prepared within few minutes. This usal can be eaten as it is or you can serve it as a side dish to any main course. Either way it tastes great.
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October 13, 2013

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Wheat flour ladoo recipe - Godi hittina unde recipe

godi hittina unde in a serving plate

Wheat flour ladoo recipe - Wishing you all a  Very Very Happy Dussehra. After Ghatasthapana, today is tenth day of Navratri, Dussehra, also called as Vijaya Dashami. This festival is celebrated on the occasion of Lord Rama's victory over King Ravana. 

All the temples, shops,  roads leading to the shops and temples are decorated with colorful blinking lights. During these nine days, one can see people standing in a queue with pooja thali, to get into the temple for darshan of Goddess. 

Today is Ayudha pooja, wherein weapons, vehicles and doors are decorated with Marigold Garlands. Apta leaves known as sonyacha paan ( golden leaves ) are exchanged between friends and relatives. Traditional sweets are prepared to offer as naivedya . 

Now back to the wheat flour ladoo.  Wheat flour ladoo is a ladoo which can be prepared in a jiffy with few ingredients. It doesn't need much preparation. It is also offered as naivedya. Variation can be done by replacing wheat flour by split bengal gram flour or besan.
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October 10, 2013

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Balekayi phodi - kele phodi recipe - Roasted spicy raw banana

Balekayi phodi or kele phodi in a serving plate
Balekayi phodi or kele phodi recipe - Roasted spicy raw banana is a konkan cuisine commonly prepared as a side dish to rice and curry. In southern part of Karnataka raw bananas are widely used to make curry, upkari, chips palya ans phodi. There are few varieties of making phodi. This is a spicy version which goes well with hot rice and all varieties of dals. Even you can have it as a starter.
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October 6, 2013

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Kolhapuri chicken curry recipe

kolhapuri chicken curry in a serving bowl
Kolhapuri chicken curry recipe - Kolhapuri chicken Curry is the spiciest chicken curry I have ever tasted. This curry is a speciality of Kolhapur, which is a prominent city in Western Maharashtra, 200 km. south of Pune. This exotic curry is prepared uisng kolhapuri masala along with other ingredients. This spicy curry goes well with all types of rice, rice flour roti, jawar roti, phulka and chapathi. It is usually served with onion raita and lemon wedges.
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October 5, 2013

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Egg omelette Recipe - How to make egg omelette

omelette in a serving plate
Egg omelette recipe - Egg omelette is a hassle free snack or dish that I make often. It is convenient to carry in the lunch box too. Fresh, hot omelette goes great with bread slices as sandwich. It is also served as a side dish along with any main course.It can also be eaten as it is.  Because of it's simplicity, versatility, and taste, it has become favorite part of our diet. Many like it for this reason.

Now,  I'm explaining here about proteins (in eggs) and cholesterol in short. Protein is the most important nutrient required to build and repair our system. It also satisfies the hunger without adding fat or calories.

Egg yolk (yellow part) contains cholesterol and no protein. If you want to avoid fat and cholesterol, you can avoid using egg yolk. But, egg white contains all of the  proteins of an egg and it has no cholesterol. It means egg white is very good for health. Here is the simple version of my omelette that even a small child can do it. Note that you can add vegetables like carrot, capsicum, cabbage, mushroom, etc. to it.
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Hesru bele payasa - Muga dali paays - Green gram dal kheer

payasa in a serving bowl
Hesru bele payasa or mugadali paays recipeWishing you all a Very Happy and Prosperous Navratri. Today is Ghatasthapana day. Navratri starts from today. On this auspicious day, I am posting easy to prepare very delicious hesru bele payasa or mugadali paays recipe. The kheer is called as payasa in kannada and paays in konkani. 

This payasa is made with split green grams, coconut milk, jaggery and thickened with semolina or rava. You can also use similar quantity of rice flour to make the kheer thick.To have a grainy texture for split green grams, do not cook it in the pressure cooker. 

It has an inviting flavor of cardamoms and jaggery. This very popular traditional sweet dish is often made during special occasions and festivals in Karnataka. It is also used to offer as naivedya to God.
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October 4, 2013

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Adrak lasun jeera chutney recipe - Ginger garlic cumin seeds chutney recipe

ginger garlic jeera chutney in a serving bowl
Adrak lasun jeera chutney recipe - Ginger, garlic and cumin seedschutney is one of my favorite chutneys. This is an authentic chutney always liked by my family members. The  ginger, garlic and cumin seeds add an extra flavour and unique taste to the chutney.  This chutney besides being tasty, helps in digestion also. Idli, dosa and vada goes well with chutneys. This is one of the  varieties of chutneys which I prepare often.
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October 3, 2013

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Kadadhanyachi usal recipe - How to make mix legumes usal

kaddhanyachi usal in a serving bowl
Kadadhanyachi usal recipe - Kadadhanyachi usal is a Maharashtrian side dish made with mixed legumes. This is a healthy and nutritious side dish which I would prefer to make often. I have used three varieties of sprouted legumes for this dish.
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October 2, 2013

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Green masala paste recipe - Green masala for marination

green masala in a container
Green masala paste recipe - For enhancing the flavour and taste of  some dish green masala marination is must. Several types of marinades can be prepared by using different ingredients. One such marinade is prepared by using green chilies, coriander leaves, ginger, garlic and cumin seeds. This is called green masala paste. This marinade is used for marinating paneer, cauliflower, mushrooms, etc. It can be used in biryani, pulao and spicy rice etc. While marinating you can add yogurt or lemon juice, to give a tangy taste. You can also use red chili powder if you want to make the dish more spicy. The masala can be stored in an airtight container in deep freeze for about a month. If you want the masala to be tangy, you should add appropriate amount of lemon juice.
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October 1, 2013

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Corn patties recipe - Sweet corn cutlet reccipe

patties image
Sweet corn patties recipe - Today I am posting the recipe of corn patties. Fresh corns and rice flour are used as main ingredients to make these patties. Deep fried pakodas can also be made using the same ingredients. But the motive behind making the patties instead of deep fried snack is to avoid excessive oil. This is a healthy evening tea time snack, usually served with chutneys.
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September 26, 2013

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Batate phodi recipe - Roasted spicy potato recipe

Batate phodi in a serving plate
Batate phodi recipe -  batate phodi is an easy to prepare healthy fritter which I make often for our lunch or dinner. This simple roasted potatoes are prepared by shallow frying the masala coated potatoes. It has mild ajwain and chili flavour. This roasted potato is a nice side dish for pulao and spicy rice. I served it with vangi bhath and cucumber raita. It was yummy. So, I thought to share the recipe with you all. This is a popular side dish in Coastal Karnataka and very similar to alambe phodi made with mushrooms. Potatoes are widely used in those parts and this fritter is commonly prepared in coastal side homes with their own version.
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September 21, 2013

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Sun dried poha chiwda recipe - Beaten rice chiwda recipe

crispy beaten rice snack
Sun dried poha chiwda recipe  - Are you looking for some easy and crunchy evening snacks? Today I am sharing with you all, a very simple yet delicious chivda prepared with Sun dried beaten rice or rice flakes or  poha. Dry the poha under Sun for three or four days till crisp and temper it. Your delectable chivda will be ready within few minutes. Earlier I had posted roasted poha chivda which looks similar to this chiwda, but the texture of  sun dried beaten rice after tempering it is completely different. Read the following recipe to know more about it.
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September 20, 2013

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Vangi bhath recipe - Brinjal rice recipe

vaangi bhaath in a serving plate
Vangi bhath recipe - Vangi bhath is a popular traditional rice dish of Maharashtra. This is a delicious one pot meal which pairs well with roasted potatoes and cucumber raita. If you are bored with the regular meal, then this vangi bhath is a perfect  dish to try. You can carry it in the lunch box too. I have made this vangi bhath with masala bhath powder. However, you can use MTR pulao masala instead of masala bhath powder. 
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September 18, 2013

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Dalia upma recipe - How to make broken wheat upma

dalia upma in a serving plate
Dalia upma recipe - Dalia upma is a simple and filling breakfast dish prepared with broken wheat. It is very important to have a balanced breakfast in the morning, after a long gap between dinner and breakfast. Therefore I prefer a filling and healthy breakfast for my family. Dalia upma is an ideal breakfast dish. I prepare it once in a fortnight.
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September 17, 2013

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Coconut ginger chutney recipe - How to make ginger chutney

Coconut ginger chutney in a bowl
Coconut ginger chutney recipe -  This coconut ginger chutney is very easy to prepare. Just blend all the ingredients to a smooth paste and temper it with mustard seeds and red chillies. It is a perfect chutney for idly and dosa. There are many other types of chutneys like ginger garlic chutney, mint cilantro chutney, gooseberry chutney,  raw mango chutney etc. are prepared in Karnataka. Now I am going to share coconut ginger chutney recipe with you all.
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September 15, 2013

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Rava upma with green peas - Semolina green peas upma

rava upma with green peas in a serving bowl
Rava upma with green peas recipe - Rava upma is a South Indian special breakfast dish. I make it often either for breakfast or in the evening as tea time snack. This can be made in a jiffy  when  guests or friends arrive unexpectedly. 

Whenever, I don't find much time or not in a mood to think more, suddenly, this all time handy upma comes to my help, and without any second thought, I go for this easy to make dish. Sometimes, when carrot is available at home, I use that too in the upma.
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September 11, 2013

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Kadle bele payasa recipe - Chane daali paays - Bengal gram dal kheer recipe

kadlebele payasa in a serving bowl
Kadle bele payasa or chane daali paays recipe - Kadle bele payasa is a kheer prepared with split bengal gram, jaggery, and  coconut milk. Most of the time during festival I make chana dal kheer to offer God as Naivedya.  You can also use moong dal or split green grams  instead of chana dal to make such payasa.  

This is similar to muga dali paays which is traditional authentic cuisine of Karnataka. Split bengal grams or chana dal is the basic ingredients and you can thicken the payasa either with rava or rice flour paste. This is a sweet dish which is extremely pleasing to the sense of taste. Try this payasa to treat your family, friends and relatives.
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September 4, 2013

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Phool makhana snack recipe - Seasoned lotus seeds

seasoned phool makhana in a serving plate
Phool makhana snack recipe - This seasoned phool makhana is a crispy and spicy snack. The lotus seeds or fox nuts are mildly spiced with chilly powder, turmeric powder, salt, etc. The phool makhana itself is bland. It extracts some taste and flavor from the seasoned ingredients. So using proper amount of oil, chilly powder and salt is essential to make the phool makhana tasty.  If done properly,  tempered phool makhana is a  perfect snack with hot  tea or coffee.
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September 2, 2013

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Batata bhaaji with kala masala recipe - Potato sabzi

Batata bhaaji in a serving bowl
Batata bhaaji with kala masala recipe - Batata bhaaji is an easy to prepare sabzi. This is a very simple but delicious side dish which goes well with phulka or poori and even chapati. Potatoes are always handy that you can prepare the bhaaji quickly. I have used kala masala in this dish to give a traditional taste of Maharashtra cuisine and we love bhaaji prepared using kala masala a lot. If you don't have kala masala you can also make it with other options such as garam masala, curry masala or any type of sabzi masala. This batata bhaaji is best to pack in the  lunch box.
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August 30, 2013

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Mushroom pakoda recipe - Mushroom pakora

mushroom pakoda in a serving plate
Mushroom pakoda or pakora recipe - Today I am posting a very scrumptious mushroom pakoda recipe. Mushrooms are available throughout the year in vegetable market.Mushrooms are versatile that you can make several types of dishes such as soup, manchurian, stir fry, pickle, pulao pakoda etc. This is so simple that all the ingredients are combined together to make a thick mixture then divided into small balls and deep fried till crispy. This can be served as evening tea-time snack or as a starter before meal. This pakoda is so crispy from out side and soft from inside and makes you want to eat more.
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Sihi amtekayi gojju recipe - God ambade gojju recipe

ambade gojju in a serving plate
Sihi amtekayi or god ambade gojju recipe - The god ambade gojju is a sweet and sour chutney, prepared with god ambade or amtekayi. Amtekayi or ambade is a seasonal tangy fruit of  South India. It has large and thorny seeds. 

There are two varieties of ambade or amtekayi available in that part. One is tangy amtekayi and another one is slightly sweet amtekayi. The gojju I have prepared is made of sweet amtekayi. This is also called as god ambade in konkani.

There may be a misconception that gojju and chutney are same. But the same is not true. Gojju literally means boiled ingredients ground to a smooth paste like chutney.  But while preparing chutney, ingredients are not boiled. 
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August 28, 2013

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Raagi manni recipe - Finger millet halwa - Nanchane manni

raagi manni in a serving plate
Wishing you all  A Very  Happy and Prosperous Shri Krishna Janmashtami. 
Raagi manni or nanachane manni recipeRaagi manni or nanachane manni is a delicious soft sweet prepared with finger millet flour, jaggery and coconut milk. Raagi manni is a traditional konkan cuisine prepared during Jnmashtami and offered as naivedya to Lord Krishna. 

Traditionally, finger millet is soaked for eight to ten hours and grind to paste. Then strain it in a large vessel through a muslin cloth and the finger millet paste subsides when the water becomes calm. At this stage water is carefully drained and the paste is used to make raagi manni. But I don't follow this lengthy process. 

I use finger millet flour to make the raagi manni. Friends, try out this delicious raagi manni to treat your family and friends. Finger millest are rich sources of calcium and it has cooling effect on body. Therefore finger millet must be included in the diet.
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August 23, 2013

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Paneer stir fry recipe - How to make paneer stir fry

 Paneer stir fry in a serving bowl
Paneer stir fry recipe - Try this easy, quick and delicious protein packed paneer stir fry for rotis and chapatis. It can also be packed in the lunch box with your favorite Indian flat breads. Paneer is rich sources of proteins. Proteins help in muscle and tissue building. Most of the time I make paneer at home. The paneer prepared with  whole milk  is so soft and dish prepared  with it tastes great.
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August 22, 2013

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God ambade sasam recipe - Sihi amtekayi sasam - Konkani style hog plum sabzi

God (sweet ) ambade sasam in a serving bowl
God ambade sasam recipe - Sihi amtekayi sasam is coastal konkan cuisine prepared with hog plums, ground coconut masala paste and jaggery.. God ambade is a seasonal vegetable of Coastal Karnataka. The word god means sweet in konkani. It is also called as sihi ambekayi in Kannada. God ambade is sweet and sour in taste. The dish made with ambade is very delicious and it releases unique flavour of sweet and sour. Whatever the dish prepared with ambade, the dish needs jaggery to balance the taste as the ambade is slightly sour in taste.
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August 19, 2013

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Bhende sukke - Bhendekayi upkari - Ladies finger sabzi

bhende sukke  in a serving bowl
Bhende sukke recipe- Bhende sukke is a simple coastal konkan side dish made with ladies fingers. and garnished with fresh coconut. This sukke is a very healthy accompaniment for any main meal. I always like to make dishes with ladies finger. Though this vegetable is slimy, with proper method of preparation it can be cooked into delicious dish.  Besides sukke, ladies fingers are also used to make kadai bhindi, bhindi masala, stuffed bhindi, bhende sambar, bhende ambat, kurkuri bhindi and roasted bhindi.
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August 18, 2013

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Kele sukke - Balekayi upkari - Raw banana sabzi

balekayi upkari in a serving bowl
Kele sukke recipe - Balekayi upkari is a coastal Krnataka style side dish for steamed rice with curry, rotis or chapatis. This sbzi can be prepared quickly with very few ingredients.This soft  plantain gets taste from the tempering and coconut.
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Mulangi sukke recipe - Moolangi palya - Radish sabzi

Mulangi sukke in a serving bowl
Mulangi sukke recipe - The mulangi palya is a Southern Coastal Karnataka style radish subzi prepared using radish and coconut as basic ingredients. I often see some people throw green leaves of radish and carry only radish root with them. No need to say here about the nutritional value of  radish  leaves because we all know the numerous health benefits of  radish and its green leaves which are rich in vitamins and fiber. 

The green leaves can be used along with the roots for preparing mulangi palya or radish subzi. They are low in calories and have more water content. The green leaves are very good in reducing weight. It has great effect on digestive system. So, whenever you buy radish, bring it along with leaves and use them in any form in your diet frequently. 

Some people and kids do not like radish for its strong pungent odour. But the Stir fry made in this method is really odourless, tasty and I am sure you may love it and if try it once, you may try it for second time also.
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August 15, 2013

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Paneer kheer recipe - How to make paneer kheer

 paneer kheer in a serving bowl
Wishing each Indian a Very Happy and Joyful Independence Day. 
Paneer kheer recipeIndia celebrates 67th Independence day  to day on Thursday, 15th  August, 2013. Each Indian enjoys the happiness of  today. I am also celebrating this happy moment by preparing paneer kheer. I am delighted to share the home made paneer kheer with rich creamy taste. This is an aromatic kheer to serve as a dessert after meal. I added some fried cashew nuts and raisins to the kheer and it turned out delicious.I  have used home made fresh paneer and also used corn flour as thickening agent. The flavor is infused with cardamom powder. The kheer has achieved beautiful colour with the addition of saffron soaked milk.
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August 14, 2013

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Dal tadka recipe - how to make dal tadka

dal tadka in a serving bowl
Dal tadka recipe - Dal tadka is my all-time favorite curry. This is the most easiest  and can be made within few minutes. A simple looking dal tadka makes a meal delicious when eaten with chapatis and  hot steamed rice along with pickle and papad.  It doesn't need any preparation or planning. Just pressure cook the dal and temper it with choice of your tempering ingredients and the dal tadka gets ready within few minutes. By using precooked dal, dal tadka can be prepared in less than five minutes. The smoky aroma of red chillies makes the dal tadka special and unique.
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August 13, 2013

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Dudde appe recipe - Kumbalkayi appe - Pumpkin paniyaram

dudde appe in a serving bowl
Dudde appe recipe - A South Indian appe is a fabulous breakfast snack liked by all. Rava pumpkin appe is nothing but a batter made with semolina and pumpkin cooked in appe mould. It is equally tasty like akki appe made with rice batter. This is a very healthy, delicious and quick to make dish with very few ingredients. So, next time when you go to buy vegetables, please buy one small piece of pumpkin and for a variation try this healthy dish. Note that while preparing appe, do not touch the base and the surface of the appe, till they become firm. If you do not have appe pan, you can also prepare idli using the same batter.
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August 10, 2013

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Baingan ka pakoda recipe - Brinja pakora recipe

baingan ka pakoda in a serving bowl
Baingan ka pakoda recipe - Delicious  pakoda made of  brinjal is a perfect evening tea time snack and can be eaten with tomato ketchup or any chutney. You can also serve it as a stater before meal or as a side dish to spicy rice. This pakoda is crispy from out side and soft from inside.There is no soaking or grinding in this recipe. If you are a busy person, you will find this method very easy and quick. This is a very common pakoda that I make whenever I have brinjlas in stock. To make a healthier version, it can be shallow fried on griddle with very less oil.
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August 8, 2013

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Fruit chaat recipe - How to make fruit chaat

Fruit chaat in serving bowls
Fruit chaat recipe - Fruit chaat is a mix of fruits in lemon juice and mildly spiced with chaat masala. We always prefer to have fruits in its natural form. In this recipe I have used semi ripe mango and peach. This fruit chaat is useful to those who doesn't like to eat fruits. Sugar, lemon juice and chaat masala add an extra flavor and taste to the fruits. Normally, I make this when I have two or more varieties of fruits lying idle in the fridge and want to finish it at a time. Variety of fruit chaat can be prepared with different combination. This is an easy to prepare fruit dish which gets ready within few minutes.
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August 7, 2013

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Chutney powder recipe - Shenga putani khobri chutney powder - How to make instant chutney powder

chutney powder in a bowl
Chutney powder recipe - chutney powder prepared with coconut, putani and peanut is very tasty and I like to mix it with curd to serve as a spicy side dish to main meal.  To day  I am posting an instant chutney powder recipe which is very handy and can be prepared at any time. Definitely you will find this chutney powder very useful to serve with idlis, dosas, chapathis,  rice etc. This chutney powder can be used to  make wet chutney by mixing  it with curd / yogurt. Here is the  simple version of instant chutney powder which is really easy to make. 
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Shimla mirch pakoda - How to make capsicum pakora

dhobli mirchi bhaji in a serving plate
Shimal mirch pakoda recipe - Capsicum pakoda which is also known as dhobli mirchi bhaji in marathi, is really a tempting dish which can be made as  a good tea-time snack. Capsicum or bell pepper is an easily available vegetable in Indian vegetable market. It is widely used vegetable in Maharashtra and the bhaji is prepared with different versions in each house hold. Whenever I bring capsicums I reserve few to make pakoda. Capsicum and bessan are basic ingredients, but to make it more tastier the capsicum should be marinated with chilli powder, amchur powder and salt. This bhaji is soft from inside and crispy from outside. It tastes awesome and should be eaten and served hot with tomato ketchup.
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