July 7, 2019

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Methi nippattu - Menthe soppu nippattu - Fenugreek leaves nippattu

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Methi nippattu recipe - Methi nippattu is a crispy tea time snack prepared using wheat flour, gram dal flour and fenugreek leaves. This delicious and flavorful snack is very durable and can be stored in an airtight container for several days. Being a durable snack this can be sent to students staying in hostel or convenient to carry while travelling. Whenever I use fenugreek leaves for other dishes, I always think about methi nippattu. Then I make it in small quantity. This is a good tea time snack.

I fried nippattu on medium flame. Snacks fried on medium flame absorb moderate amount of oil. Deep frying on low flame gives shiny light colour to the snacks but these snacks absorb more oil. Deep frying on high  flame absorb less oil.  Because of  it's high temperature snacks burn  and the end product is dark brown. Therefore deep frying on medium flame is recommended.

Choice of oil is also important for deep frying.  Refined sunflower oil, safflower/kardi seed oil, soya bean oil or groundnut oil  are best for deep frying. I use New Saffola Gold oil brand, a  blend of rice bran oil and safflower seed oil, manufactured by  Marico ltd. While  buying oil, always check for the "Free of Trans Fats" label. This oil is not sold in loose. It  is available  in sealed  plastic can.
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