December 27, 2017

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Nuggekayi huli recipe - Drumstick curry - Murungakkai curry

nuggekayi huli
Nuggekayi huli recipe - Drumstick curry - This drumstick huli is a konkani style toor dal and red coconut masala paste based curry. Drumstick is my all time favorite vegetable pod, so I make curry and sambar often with it. This curry has a slightly sour taste as I have used tamarind and such curries are called as huli in kannada.The flavor of drumsticks, curry leaves, fenugreek seeds, coriander seeds and garlic enriches the curry and also enhances the taste. Drumstick is a seasonal vegetable pod and is commonly used in sambar and curries in Karnataka. A very simple yet delicious hot drumstick curry really goes well with steamed rice.
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December 23, 2017

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Foxtail millet dosa recipe - Navane dose - Rala dosa

Foxtail millet dosa recipe - It is my pleasure to introduce you, a very healthy dosa recipe made with foxtail millet and split black gram lentils. This dosa is usually served as a breakfast dish, but it can also be had for lunch, dinner and is easy to pack in the lunch box. Like rice dosa, the dosa was crispy, delicious and goes well with coconut chutney and sambar. Many people do not know about the foxtail millet. There is a misconception that foxtail millet and quinoa are same. To clear your doubt, I have to say that these two are entirely different cereals. Foxtail millet has harder cover and it takes longer time to cook. This millet can be a substitute to rice while making dosa, idli, uttapa, khichdi and pulao. This is called as navane in kannada, rala in marathi and kangni in hindi. It is a diabetic friendly cereal. The great advantage of eating foxtail millet is that it is useful in reducing weight as it contains less carbohydrates and lots of fiber.
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December 20, 2017

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Cheese omelette recipe - Cheddar cheese omelette

Cheese omelette recipe - A very delicious omelette prepared by using eggs, cheddar cheese slices and pepper powder. This is one of the easiest egg dishes to prepare and is a popular cuisine of the world. Using eggs in various dishes is very common to non-vegetarians. Omelette is a hassle free dish which can be cooked in few minutes. This omelette pairs well with couple of bread slices toasted in butter.

Most of the time I like to make onion omelette with green chillies and fresh corianders. I make it  often, but both the versions are my family's favorite. Eggs and cheese combination tastes great and this can be prepared with only few ingredients, if you don't like a long list of ingredients. Making pepper powder in a dry mixer jar is very easy, and can be stored for a long time to use in such dishes as and when required.

I always like eggs because it makes life easier in the kitchen. This is one of the egg dishes which I always prepare when we need urgent snacks either for breakfast or in the evening. Though I have used cheddar cheese slices in this recipe, you can substitute it with any other cheese like mozzarella, amul cheese slices and grated cheese.

While making cheese omelette cook it till the base and surface become firm, then place the cheese slices and cook till the cheese melts. Once the cheese melts immediately fold the omelette and cook on low flame for a couple of minutes and switch of the heat. Cheese  become chewy if it is overcooked. Here is the quick fix cheese omelette recipe for those who like to eat eggs in the form of omelette regularly.
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December 18, 2017

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Whole wheat carrot muffins recipe

Whole wheat carrot muffins recipe with step by step photos - As the name suggests, this is a muffins prepared with whole wheat flour and carrots. This is a breakfast, evening snack and can be packed in the snack box. This is a kids friendly snack which can be prepared very easily and quickly. I use wheat flour everyday to make phulka and chapathi. 

Carrot is also used often in our house. It is a nutritious root vegetable and raw carrot is used in the form of salad all over the world. I have tried this muffin couple of times, it was truly delicious and is a healthy, guilt free snack. Varieties of muffins are available in cake shops and bakeries, but carrot muffins are not available. Therefore usually it has to be baked at home.

The method of preparation is similar to the walnut banana muffins, but In this muffins I have used oil and curd instead of butter and banana. For the sweet taste, I have added very less quantity of sugar powder, however you can increase the quantity of both sugar and oil. Butter can also be used along with oil to get more tastier muffins. I bake carrot muffins during the season of Delhi carrots which has a vibrant orange colour with a pleasant sweet taste.
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December 6, 2017

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Cheese sandwich recipe - Mozzarella cheese sandwich

cheese sandwich
Cheese sandwich recipe with step by step photos - Cheese sandwich is one of the easiest sandwiches which can be prepared very quickly. This sandwich is made with bread slices and mozzarella cheese slices. Mozzarella cheese melts quickly, so it can be prepared in a jiffy. When the bread and cheese are shop bought and you don't even need to make much of an effort. 

Bachelors who love to cook with less ingredients can try this sandwich as a breakfast snack in the morning or they can carry on the go while travelling. This is also a kids friendly snack which can be served in the morning or after school. It can also be packed in their snack box. Just toast the bread on a pan with butter, place the slices of cheese on it. 

Though I have used only two cheese slices on each bread slice, you can use more or less cheese slices and even grated cheddar cheese goes well with it. Toast the bread slices on low flame till the cheese melts and delicious sandwiches are ready to be served. Note that toast the bread on low flame to prevent the bread from burning and  turning dark brown as breads get burnt easily. 

If you like some spicy taste, you can sprinkle some pepper powder on the cheese slices before it melts. During the melting process of the cheese side by side you can prepare hot tea or coffee which is a good accompaniment to it. 

This is a unique sandwich with crisp outer part and soft inner layer. Kids who are poor eaters and choosy can be served such sandwiches to get rid of their tantrum on food. You may even include this in small birthday parties as snack along with other special dishes. This sandwich even goes well with tomato ketchup and dipping sauce like mint coriander chutney. If someone wants to have it with sweet taste, a spoonful of jam can be layered on the bread slices. 

Home made bread is always better than shop bought. But for your convenience always try to buy whole wheat bread slices which is not only tasty but also healthy. If you like to make bread at home check the whole wheat bread recipe which I had posted earlier. White sauce sandwich and jam sandwich equally tastes great and these are popular among all age people.
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November 22, 2017

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Whole wheat honey bread recipe

Whole wheat honey bread recipe - This is a soft, moist and  healthy bread made with wheat flour and honey. I call it  healthy because wheat flour contains natural antioxidants, fibers, B vitamins along with unique flavor, colour and texture. This bread also carries all the goodness of honey and yogurt. Honey is a healthy sweetener and enhances the taste of bread. Note that use of honey is optional and if you do not like to add honey you can skip it.

I have baked this healthy bread few days back. I set aside the dough for about 4 hours to rise higher enough to get the light and soft bread. Usually, I store bread at room temperature up to 3 days. Therefore I make only one loaf at a time. Several years back, I had joined a cookery class to learn  various cakes, breads, cookies and ice cream. There I learnt this bread. Since then I baked it a few times and every time it has come perfectly, so decided to share this recipe with you all. 

Bread is very handy and is useful in making quick sandwiches and toast. Freshly made green chutney with fresh cucumber and tomato slices make a healthy sandwich. A layer of jam and cheese on the toasted bread slices make delicious jam sandwiches and kids love it for sure. Peanut butter sandwich and white sauce sandwiches are one of the popular sandwiches. You can make bread upma, double ka meetha, shahi tukda, bread rasmalai and bread jamun with this bread.
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November 20, 2017

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Rice appe recipe - Akki appe - Tandula appe - Paniyaram

rice appe in a serving plate
Rice appe recipe - Appe or paniyaram is a rice based konkani dalicacy prepared by using a special mould due to which the appe takes the round shape. This rice appe has slightly sweet taste as jaggery is added and has coconut flavor. Basically rice, jaggery, rice flakes, coconut and fenugreek seeds or methi are added in this  appe. Rice appe is a popular breakfast snack and is usually served with ghee. 

This is very tasty, addictive and is very filling. It is flavorful and soft. In this dish addition of coconut enriches the taste. The batter needs to be fermented well to make a spongy soft appe. Once the batter is fermented, it can be stored in the refrigerator for further use. You can use this batter to make hot appe as and when required to serve your kids and other family members. 

Back to the memory lane, my mother used to make it at least once in a month and served us hot directly from the appe pan. When the fragrance of appe spreads in the kitchen mouth starts watering, and you may feel like to have it immediately. This is one of the best snacks to serve when guests or friends visit. 

This is very easy to make though it looks bit tedious. Once a batter of perfect consistency is prepared, making appe is very easy. Non-stick appe pans are readily available in the market and the same can be used for preparing appes. Note that always grease the mould with ghee instead of oil to increase the taste of the dish.
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November 14, 2017

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Keerla palya recipe - Bamboo shoots sabzi - Kalale palya

Keerla palya in a serving plate
Keerla palya is one of the popular side dishes of Konkani cuisine. This is one of the best side dishes which goes well with rice and chapathi. The keerla  palya requires tender bamboo shoots and chickpea. This is prepared in coconut based masala paste. Bamboo shoots are not available here where I am currently staying, therefore I could not take a photo of the whole bamboo shoots.  But I got a box full of chopped frozen bamboo shoots from my native. 

I just soaked them in water for an entire day by changing water at regular intervals  to remove the bitterness of the bamboo shoots. Bamboo shoots are available with hard brown colored layered outer cover and you have to peel them off to get the tender white colored bamboo shoots for curry. Then these bamboo shoots are chopped and soaked in water by changing the bitter water several times before the use. 

Every house hold has its own version of making dishes of bamboo shoots. This is my version which my family likes a lot. Bamboo shoots are also used to make sukke and phodi. Curry made in combination with sprouted green grams, fresh green peas and toor dal also tastes great. 

This coconut based curry is flavored with fried coriander seeds, fenugreek seeds and spluttered mustard seeds. I have used a very small quantity of tamarind in this dish as I like it in the dish which increases the taste especially when having with hot rice. But it is totally optional and you can skip it.
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November 7, 2017

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Plain uttapam recipe - Uttapa recipe

Plain uttapam recipe - Uttapam or uttapa is a signature breakfast dish of South India. This nutritious dish is easily digestible, hence making it frequently is a good idea to serve healthy and filling breakfast to your loved ones. Uttapams are served with coconut chutney and sambar. The proper proportion of ingredients, level of fermentation and consistency of batter is important to make perfect uttapams. 

Though the method of preparation varies slightly from house to house and restaurants, the taste is more or less identical. To make delicious uttapams, the batter needs to be fermented. The fermentation depends upon the atmospheric temperature. It takes less time in summer and more time during winter. 

Fermentation not only improves the texture of the dish but also makes it healthy and tasty. With the same batter other varieties of uttapam such as onion uttapam and masala uttapam can also be prepared. Uttapams are slightly thicker than dosas and it uses rice, bengal gram dal, skinned black gram dal, beaten rice and fenugreek seeds. 

The consistency of batter for uttapam is slightly thicker than dosa batter. These uttapams are very soft and tasty. The batter can be prepared well in advance and after fermentation it can be stored in a refrigerator for three days to make hot uttapams as and when required.
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October 20, 2017

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Quinoa pulao recipe - Quinoa pulav recipe

quinoa pulav
Quinoa pulao or pulav recipe - Quinoa pulao is just like a rice pulao prepared with quinoa and vegetables such as carrot, green peas, and tempered with some essential spices which enhances the fragrance. Frying quinoa and vegetables in the tempered spices intensifies the flavor. Quinoa pulao in itself is a complete meal. As I mentioned in my quinoa idi recipe, it is rich in protein and is a nutritious grain with unique flavor.

I have added quinoa in my diet very recently and gradually developed liking towards it. This nutritious grain is available only in few shops and is highly priced. Though I have used only two vegetables while preparing this dish, any vegetable of your choice such as ivy gourds, cauliflower, french beans, potato, tomato, corn and brinjal can also be used.

Try it with different combination of vegetables which are seasonal and easily available in the vegetable shops. By using quinoa, a khichdi with a different flavor and taste can also be prepared with green gram dal, onion, ginger garlic paste, coriander powder, cumin seeds powder and garam masala.

In restaurant, the quinoa based dishes are not available because of its high price. However, it is worth keeping in view the health benefits associated with quinoa. The quantity of quinoa I have used in this recipe is sufficient for two servings, but you can increase the ingredients as well as tempering ingredients to make more servings.
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October 5, 2017

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Chawli tikki recipe - Lobia tikki recipe - Cowpea tikki recipe

Chawli tikki recipe - Chawli tikki is a popular Maharashtrian snack prepared with black eyed beans, gram flour, spiced with chilli powder, garam masala, flavoured with cumin seeds, carom seeds or ajwain, ginger, mint leaves and coriander leaves. It can be had as an evening snack. This can be served as a starter in small parties like birthday party or kitty party. 

An easy snack to prepare and is a delicious bite when accompanied with chutneys, dipping sauce and even tomato ketchup. Pudina chutney is my favourite and I served chawli tikki along with this chutney. These tikkis are usually made by deep frying but keeping health in mind, I just shallow fried them with minimal oil on a non-stick pan.

Black eyed beans are known as chawli in marathi and is very famous pulse in India. I am always looking forward to make healthy snacks and chawli tikki is one  of them. The other ingredients added to it enhances the flavor. Addition of gram flour helps in binding the tikkis and enriches the taste.

Black eyed beans is one of my favorite ingredients which I regularly buy from grocery shop to make traditional side dish of Karnataka namely alsande palya. Sometimes, I make tikkis with remaining black eyed beans and finish the stock before they get spoiled. 

The mixture for tikkis can be made well in advance. You can keep them in the refrigerator to make hot tikkis as and when required. These tikkis are an ideal snack to pack in the kids snack box and lunch box. Try out chawli tikki and treat your family with this yummy snack.
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September 26, 2017

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Hesarukalu usli recipe - Muga usli - Green gram sundal

hesarukalu usli
Hesarukalu usli or muga usli - Usli is a Konkan cuisine prepared with boiled pulses, lentils, fresh coconut and seasoned with chillies. Seasoning with dry red chillies adds some chilli flavor to the dish. Usli is also known as sundal. It is a naivedya and fasting dish usually prepared during Navratri.

When I was a kid,  my mother was making uslis with different legumes with different versions. Sometimes, when we were not eating it for fasting, she was making it with onion, ginger and garlic. But my favourite version is sundal type usli which does not add onion, ginger or garlic.

Even now I make and prefer uslis without onion and garlic. Besides green grams, dry green peas or batani, fresh green peas or matar, brown chickpea, kabuli chana, black eyed beans or lobia, moong dal or green gram dal and ground nuts can also be used to make such uslis.

These protein packed nutritious uslis are usually prepared for breakfast in Karnataka. Green gram or moong is one of the most healthiest legume and is packed with proteins, vitamin C, B and fiber. It is best for weight loss hence using green moong in diet is beneficial for health. Protein is an essential nutrient for the muscle growth.  Here is how to make green gram usli with easy to follow instructions.
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September 23, 2017

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Hesaru bele usli recipe - Muga dali usli - Green gram dal sundal

hesaru bele usli in a plate
Hesaru bele usli or green gram dal sundal - The word  usli or sundal brings the thought of  South Indian breakfast, in the mind of many people.  Yes, its true. Green gram dal usli is an authentic dish of  South Karnataka. This usli is also known as sundal in Andhra Pradesh. They prepare it for navratri to offer God as Naivedyam. 

Besides green gram dal, the legumes such as dry white or green peas, brown chick peas or chana and green gram or moong are also used to make such usli for breakfast. I make this usli once in a week. This dish is a protein provider and energy booster as they contain proteins and other nutrients. These uslis are extremely good for health with average taste. 

If one can think about the qualities of good food and develop the tendency of good eating habit, they may develop interest in eating such authentic, healthy dish. This is a healthy dish with low fat. So health conscious people can prepare and eat it. 
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September 9, 2017

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Methi sukke recipe - Menthe soppina upkari - Fenugreek leaves subzi

Methi sukke in a serving plate
Methi sukke or Menthe soppina upkari or Fenugreek leaves subzi recipe- It is a dry subzi that goes well with roti, chapathi, rice with curry and curd rice. Fenugreek leaves are used to make thepla, curry and kadhi in Maharashtrian homes.

Fenugreek leaves in combination with green peas and potato makes a delicious side dish popularly known as methi matar malai and aloo methi sukha bhaaji. Fenugreek leaves are healthy leafy vegetable which can be consumed in any season. The high level of iron in the fenugreek leaves supply the iron requirement and helps to increase the red blood cells and hemoglobin.

I made this as side dish for chapathi, rice and daali varan. The combination of methi leaves, fresh coconut and jaggery is unique and flavourful. This subzi becomes tasty when it is cooked in the juice of fenugreek leaves itself and water is not added.
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August 28, 2017

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Quinoa idli recipe - How to make idli with quinoa

Quinoa idli in a serving plate
Quinoa idli recipe -  Quinoa idli is a healthy and tasty South Indian style idli. This idli is best for breakfast and can also be packed in the lunch box. This idli is prepared by using quinoa, rice and split black grams. I made this for my sons as quinoa is one of their favourite grains. I made the quinoa idli couple of times and the proportion of ingredients given below is perfect to make soft idlis. 

This idli tastes very nice with the unique flavour of quinoa. The method of preparation is similar to rice urad dal idli. Quinoa is a tiny grain and its health benefits are numerous. It is high in antioxidants, rich in protein and contains essential amino acids. Quinoa is an excellent source of magnesium, B vitamins, iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin E and dietary fiber. Hence using quinoa in diet in any form is beneficial.
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August 24, 2017

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Ganesh Chaturthi recipes - Ukadiche Modak recipe - Steamed Modak - Fried Modak recipe

Ganesh Chaturthi recipes - As Ganesh Chaturthi is fast approaching, I have compiled few recipes which are usually done during Ganesh Chaturthi. During this festival, Lord Ganesha is offered with several traditional sweets and savory snacks. Among them very popular sweet and naivedyam is modak. 

There are several varieties of modak like ukadiche modak, fried modak, baked modak, khawa modak, chocolate modak, dry fruit modak etc. Besides this, variety of laddus, karanji, puran poli, varieties of kheer or payasa, savory snacks like chakli, kodubale etc. are also prepared to offer as naivedyam to Lord Ganesh.
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August 23, 2017

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Baked spicy sweet potato - Baked genasu - Kananga recipe

Baked spicy sweet potato in a serving plate
Baked spicy sweet potato recipe - This is a simple, tasty and easy to prepare oven baked dish. This is a perfect snack for us when we do not like to eat steamed sweet potatoes or any other dish made out of it. Keeping in view the taste in mind, I have used very little spice powder which goes very well in this dish. As the outer skin is nutritious and it gives crunch to the dish after baking,  

I have not peeled the outer skin of the sweet potato. If you do not like it you can peel the skin very easily with the help of peeler and then bake it after applying spice powder as per your liking. I have just sprinkled small amount of spice powder to make it less spicy. 

When we like to have spicy slices, I apply more spice powder along with some oil, so that a uniform coating of spice powder is on the sweet potato slices. If you like potatoes, sweet potato can be replaced by potato and the dish can be prepared in a similar manner. 
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August 10, 2017

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Green apple chutney recipe

green apple chutney in a serving bowl
Green apple chutney - Chutney is a common side dish in Indian meal. There are several varieties of chutneys which is served as a side dish or a  spread for bread sandwich. Green apple chutney is a slightly sweet chutney. I made it with fresh raw green apples along with its skin. This chutney can be relished with roti, paratha, dosa, idli, uttappam, samosa, dhokla and sandwiches. The method of preparation is so simple and it takes only few minutes as it doesn't require any cooking. It is very tasty, healthy and needs only few ingredients.
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August 6, 2017

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Narali bhath recipe - Sweet coconut rice

Narali bhath is a traditional sweet coconut rice of Maharashtra usually prepared during the occasion of Narali purnima festival. This festival falls on full moon day of Shravan month, the fifth month of Hindu calendar. Celebration of Raksha Bandhan and wearing holy thread called Janivar (Janva) also falls  on this day. 

Narali bhath is usually made with basmati rice, coconut, ghee and jaggery. Any other rice can also be used in place of basmati rice but basmati rice enriches the flavour. The flavour of this dish can also be enhanced by adding spices such as cloves (lavang) and green cardamom powder. To make it more rich you can also add dry fruits such as cashew nuts, raisins and almonds.
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August 2, 2017

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Fried peanuts recipe - Fried groundnuts recipe

fried peanuts
Fried peanuts or groundnuts recipe - As the name suggests, fried peanut is an Indian deep fried snack which can be served with tea, coffee or cold drink at any time of the day. It is rainy season. Kids stay at home after school. To meet the increased demand from kids for crunchy snacks, busy moms are looking forward for some easy snack recipes. One such snack is fried peanuts. 

This is a munching snack for kids while watching television or reading books. If you are a busy mother and want to make some easy and tasty snacks to munch, this is an ideal snack. The whole process of preparation and frying takes very less time. The reuse of oil used for deep frying is not recommended. Hence, it is better to use limited oil for frying and  fry the peanuts in batches. 
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July 26, 2017

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Burfi paratha recipe - Stuffed sweet paratha recipe

Burfi paratha is a stuffed sweet paratha which is prepared using besan mawa burfi. I have used some home made burfi just to finish them off in a different and tastier way. Like puran poli, this is also served with ghee and milk but definitely tastes different than regular puran poli. 

To make such burfi parathas you can also use any variety of burfis like mango burfi and almond burfi. The stuffing process is similar to other parathas. So, today I am sharing this recipe to show you how to use  burfis to make delicious stuffed sweet parathas.
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January 1, 2017

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Kothimbir vadi recipe - Maharashtrian coriander vadi

Kothimbir vadi recipe - Kothimbir vadi is a popular traditional snack of Maharashtra. There are two, three versions of making the kothimbir vadi. This method is the most favorite wherein split bengal grams and split green grams are soaked and ground to a coarse paste, adding other ingredients along with chopped coriander leaves and then steamed and deep fried. The whole process appears tedious. However, in reality it is easy and simple. You can serve this vadi for breakfast or as an evening snack. It tastes great even without any dipping sauce.
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