July 29, 2015

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Papaya jam recipe - Papaya halwa recipe

stored papaya jam in a bottle
Papaya jam recipe - This is a very simple and delicious papaya jam recipe. Now beautiful orange coloured ripened papayas are available here in abundance. Whenever I visit vegetable market I bring papaya and to get the most nutrition from it we eat it in its natural form. Papaya is an amazing fruit with vitamin A, vitamin C, dietary fibre and antioxidants which is excellent for eyes, digestive system and skin. 

But the worst part is that it is a perishable fruit, even in the refrigerator the ripe papaya is durable for few days. So to make the most of its use after eating, I make jam with the remaining papaya. This papaya jam is very useful in making bread, jam and cheese sandwich, to fill muffins, baked cream rolls, making milkshakes, topping for pan cakes, flat breads and so on.

Sometimes, I also make smoothie of papaya with mango, apple, pineapple and chikoo. This jam is really very easy to prepare. Just boil papaya and sugar  till it achieves the thick jam consistency and mix cardamom powder after that. The combination of the flavor of papaya and cardamoms are simply awesome and I like it most. Also check Apple pineapple jam recipe
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July 17, 2015

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Mango mastani recipe

mango mastani in serving glasses
Mango mastani recipe - I never leave a chance to sip mango mastani at Sujatha Mastani, Sadashiv Peth, Pune. Whenever we go to Lakshmi road  for shopping, it is our favourite spot to relish the creamy mango mastani and we enjoy it thoroughly in true sense. During summer this mastani parlour is always over crowded and sometimes, to get the seat, we have to wait for at least half an hour and in the end when we get the chance it is worth waiting.

Off late, I have started to prepare mango mastani at home because we can't go so far every time to relish this delicious drink. Mangoes are still available in the market. Alphonso, kesar, payari are good varieties of  mangoes which gives thick and sweet pulp which is ideal for preparation of mastani.  

Now I explain you about the mango mastani in brief. It is nothing but thick chilled mango milk shake and topped with a scoop of mango ice creamUsually Mastani is served in a large glass with a straw to sip the milkshake and spoon to eat the ice cream. If you haven't tasted mango mastani yet, try it once and you will be amazed by its taste.
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July 14, 2015

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Palak chole bhature recipe

spinach chole in a serving plate
Palak chole and bhature recipe - Today I am posting a very delicious home style palak chole and bhature recipe. There is a small interesting twist in this recipe with addition of spinach instead of potato as I do it in normal chole masala. The result is delectable breakfast dish which is liked by everyone in my house. 

This is an absolutely healthy dish that you can try and treat your family and friends. Usually, I prepare Punjabi chole with kabuli chana or white chickpea and potato. But I tasted palak chole in one of our favourite restaurants and their palak chole was simply divine. Since then I tried it a few times and now I am sharing the recipe with you all. 

It has combined flavour of chickpea and spinach. The gravy is deliciously smooth and it really goes well with bhature. I am also presenting the traditional way of making bhature and it is so simple that you will like the preparation and the taste.
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July 9, 2015

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Punjabi sweet lassi recipe - How to make sweet lassi

Punjabi sweet lassi recipe - Punjabi sweet lassi is a very delicious drink which can be prepared within few minutes in a simple style. Today I am sharing the recipe with you all. During summer time, yogurt based food keeps the body cool and I make lassi to refresh from scorching heat. Yogurt is very handy and it can be used in many ways. We all love yogurt based dishes such as raitas, buttermilk, curd rice, lassi or plain yogurt. 

I make these dishes very often. Lassi is one of our favorite drinks. Whenever I make sweet lassi with homemade fresh yogurt, we enjoy it thoroughly. I have already posted how to make yogurt at home in one of my recent posts. I have added small amount of malai (cream) to the lassi to get a creamy taste. But you can skip adding the malai.
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July 2, 2015

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Buttermilk with cumin powder- Chas with jeera powder - Jeere thaak

buttermilk in serving glasses
Chaas with jeera powder recipe - Buttermilk or chaas with jeera powder is a refreshing cool drink for all seasons. I churn yogurt to make buttermilk almost everyday. Adding jeera powder to it enhances the flavour and taste as well. Being a predigested form, it is easily digestible, even elderly people may have it. Usually, buttermilk is served during meal. 

I serve chilled buttermilk during summer and at normal temperature during   rainy season and winter. This is very easy to prepare, healthy and all-time drink. So, try out buttermilk with jeera powder and enjoy. Also check How to make yogurt at home recipe
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July 1, 2015

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Mango kulfi recipe - How to make mango kulfi

mango kulfi ina serving plate
Mango kulfi recipe - Mango kulfi is a popular summer dessert of India. Fresh, homemade kulfi is better than store bought. There are many versions of making kulfis. This is my version and it is liked by all to whom I served it. So, I thought to share the recipe with you all. Sometimes I use Nestle milkmaid to make kulfis. 

This kulfi is unique because instead of using milkmaid and corn flour, I have reduced the milk to half by boiling it and then added milk powder as thickening agent which gives a smooth creamy texture and fabulous taste. This classic mango kulfi has pure mango flavour and it is simply delicious. As far as the method of preparation is concerned, it is very easy even for a beginner.
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