October 24, 2015

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Moong dal aloo nuggets recipe - Split green gram potato patties

Moong dal aloo nuggets in a serving plate
Moong dal aloo nuggets recipe - Today I have for you all a very delicious moong dal aloo nuggets which is my favorite and I am sure you all will like it most. Nuggets are excellent tea-time snack or it is an any time snack. Crispy from out side and soft from inside with an inviting  aroma. In fact hot nuggets doesn't need any side dish, but I served it with tomato ketchup and the combination is awesome.

You might be thinking about the oil absorption in the snack during deep frying, but  you can avoid the excessive oil just by shallow frying them in little oil till crisp and  golden brown. These nuggets are made from moong dal, aloo and onions. Bread crumbs are added to give it a good binding.

The combination of onion, ginger and coriander leaves not only give the good flavor but also adds extra taste. This recipe is  so simple and the preparation is very easy. So, try this nuggets to treat your family and friends.
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October 20, 2015

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Bhendekayi sambar recipe - Ladies finger sambar

ladies finger sambar in a serving bowl
Ladies finger sambar recipe - Sambar is a South Indian signature dish usually served with idli, dosa, uttappa and rice. Various vegetables such as drumsticks, pumpkin, potato, brinjal, white gourd etc, are usually used for the preparation of sambar. Besides these vegetables, I also use ladies finger to prepare sambar. Ladies finger is also known as okra, bhendekayi, vendekayi, bhende or bhindi and it is my favorite vegetable.

Though there are various versions of the sambar, the recipe I have posted here is a very simple and easy one. Ladies finger is low calories and is rich source of dietary fiber which helps in absorption of sugar from digestive system. It has anti-diabetic elements which helps to increase the production of insulin. The soluble fibre called pectin in the ladies finger helps to lower the higher level of cholesterol and prevent the heart disease.

Ladies finger is rich sources of vitamin C which is an essential nutrient that helps to protect from various diseases. Because of its health benefits, I often use ladies finger for the preparation of dishes such as bhindi masala, bhindi raita, kadai bhindibhende sukkebharli bhindi, bhende sambar etc. I have made this sambar with home made sambar powder which is very flavorful and the taste is balanced by using tamarind paste, chilli powder, sambar powder and toor dal.

Seasoning with proper ingredients such as mustard seeds, asafoetida, red chllies, curry leaves, onions etc, enhances the flavor of the sambar.  Here is the simplest and easiest method of making sambar with ladies finger.
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October 16, 2015

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Chickpeas sundal - Chane usli recipe

Kabuli chana usli  in apan
Chickpeas sundal or chana usli recipe - This is an easy and healthy dish that you can make for this Navratri. This is made by boiling the soaked chana or chickpeas first and then seasoning with dry red chillies and curry leaves. Fresh coconut adds an extra taste to  the dish. For fasting dish, we do not use mustard seeds for seasoning. 

However in case you are not on fast, for better taste you can use mustard seeds for seasoning and coriander leaves  for garnishing while preparing this dish. Usli can be consumed either for breakfast or as a fasting dish. I have already posted couple of  usli recipes such as shenga usli and moong usli which is similar to this recipe. Usli is also known as sundal, guggillu and is a very popular dish in South India. 
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October 14, 2015

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Baby corn manchurian recipe

baby corn manchurian in a serving plate
Baby corn manchurian recipe - Today I am sharing with you all a very tasty and flavorful baby corn manchurian recipe. This is a delectable dish which you can have it as an appetizer. It is usually served before a meal as  the first course. Usually in chinese dishes ajinomoto is invariably used, however I have not added it while preparing this dish.

This mouthwatering manchurian tastes great when it is hot. This is  a perfect dish to please both small kids and adults. I have prepared the dry manchurians and served it as a starter. You can also prepare similar type of dish with vegetables like mushroom, cauliflower, cabbage in combination with carrot, but the method of preparation is slightly different than this. I'll post that too in due course. Manchurian is so popular in all parts of India and it doesn't need much introduction.
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