February 18, 2019

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Rava coconut ladoo using sugar syrup - Semolina coconut laddu recipe

Rava coconut ladoo in a plate
Rava ladoo with sugar syrup recipeRava ladoo with sugar syrup recipe with step by step photos - Rava coconut ladoo is a popular Indian sweet prepared with semolina, coconut and sugar syrup. This is one of my favorite ladoos which I love to make often. Rava ladoo is a tasty sweet ball which is easy to prepare. 

This ladoo is  usually made during the festival like Ganesh Chaturthi, Deepavali and other special occasions such as birthday party, pot luck party and get together party. There are two ways to make rava ladoos. This one is prepared using sugar syrup and another method is ghee roasted rava is mixed with sugar powder and ladoo is prepared. 

Rava and coconut is an awesome combination and coconut not only enriches the taste but also enhances the flavor. The texture of the ladoo depends upon the sugar syrup and the level of frying rava. Rava should not be raw as it spoils the taste. 

If it is difficult to bind the ladoos, you can use some melted ghee to soften the mixture. Do not use excessive ghee. Rava ladoo using sugar syrup method is very easy once you prepare the syrup with exact quantity of ingredients and follow the steps properly. When the rava absorbs the syrup, it is easy to bind the ladoos.

I know everyone has their own version of this popular ladoo but this one is introduced to me by my mother. I still remember my mom making this in large quantity to distribute among friends and relatives in packets in special occasions and during festive season. I simply enjoy having this burst in mouth sweet balls and this is undoubtedly one of the delicious sweets
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