June 26, 2015

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Litchi lemonade recipe - How to make lychee limbu sharbat

lychee lemonade in a serving glass
Litchi lemonade recipe - Litchi lemonade is a refreshing drink made with litchi, lemon juice and sugar. When litchis are in season I make it quite often. Try out this lemonade to treat your family and friends. Now to the recipe.
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June 25, 2015

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Curd rice | Mosaranna recipe - South Indian yogurt rice recipe

mosaranna in a serving plate
Mosranna or curd rice recipe - Curd rice or mosaranna is one of the simplest and popular rice dishes of South India. I make it quite often even with leftover rice. I prepared this mosaranna with freshly cooked rice, curd, cucumber and then tempered with my favorite tempering.  So, you can imagine what the taste of this curd rice is. 

The curd rice in itself is a whole meal which I relish in all seasons. When I am getting tired of cooking like making roti, sabzi, rice, curry etc. then I make curd rice with fresh curd which is not too sour. This is the most easy, healthy and scrumptious meal which goes well with all types of pickles and papads. The first morsel of the curd rice creates the desire to eat more and more. Try out this curd rice and enjoy.
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June 23, 2015

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How to make yogurt at home - Homemade curd

yogurt image
How to make yogurt at home - Today I have come up with easy method of making yogurt at home. Yogurt or curd is one such essential item that I need everyday. I make yogurt to churn buttermilk which we need compulsorily with every meal. We also eat small amount of curd rice in the last round of the meal. 

Yogurt is superior to milk as it is in a predigested form and more easily assimilated. Conversion of milk to yogurt increases the digestibility, palatability and nutritive value. Yogurt helps to boost the immune system and assist in digestion. Yogurt is a rich source of  protein, calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12. 

Despite its health benefits, it is also used to make varieties of raitas to serve as a side dish. Among them cucumber raita, beetroot raita, onion raita, pineapple raita and boondi raita are very famous. Buttermilk or chaas or taak is a fabulous drink served in the last round of the meal which is easily digestible. 

Besides this, varieties of lassis are prepared and served as a dessert or refreshing drink. Curd rice or mosaranna is also very popular in Southern part of India. Uses and benefits of yogurt are many. Hence, yogurt should be added to the diet.
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June 19, 2015

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Fried namkeen moong dal recipe - Fried green gram dal

namkeen moongdal in a bowl
Fried namkeen moong dal recipe - Fried namkeen moong dal is a munching snack which can be enjoyed at any time. I am neither  craving for fried snacks nor celebrating any occasion. I had a cup of split green grams in box and wanted to finish it with a nice way before it gets spoiled. This is the reason why I have prepared this snack. Every evening we need something crunchy along with tea or coffee.  Fried moong dal is a healthy snack which absorbs very less oil on frying. Few days back I had posted fried peanuts and corn flakes chivda which is also a crunchy tea time snack. For a change, try out this fried namkeen moong dal to treat your family.
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June 18, 2015

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Kadai zucchini capsicum - zucchini recipe

stir fry in a plate
Kadai zucchini capsicum recipe - Today I am sharing a simple and easy side dish recipe prepared with zucchini and capsicum. It pairs well with Maharashtrian cuisine such as amti and dal tadka . This is one of the easy dishes to prepare in less time.

This kadai sabzi got the flavor from the spice powder, garlic and capsicums. Zucchini enhances the taste and its nutrient value. I did not add any water. Both vegetables have enough moisture and hence they  cook in its own juices. Instead of red capsicum, green capsicum can also be used in this dish.
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June 16, 2015

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Sambar powder recipe - Sambar masala recipe

samabr powder
Sambar powder or sambar masala recipe - South Indian Idly and sambar is world famous. The key secret of tasty sambar depends upon the sambar powder that is used to make it. There are several versions of preparation of sambar powder. The recipe varies from person to person. 

This sambar powder recipe is my family's traditional recipe that we have been using since several years. It is the perfect blend of spices that  give out a perfect sambar flavor which creates a desire to eat more and more idly and dosa with it. In general, sambar powder is made using some dry coconut. 

But, I haven't prepared it with dry coconut to increase the shelf life. If you would like to have a flavor of coconut in your sambar, you may add half a cup of roasted dry coconut in this recipe. Otherwise, you may use fresh coconut paste while preparing the sambar. 

I have also used a small quantity of byadagi red chilies so that the sambar powder is not very spicy, as small kids do not like the hot chili taste. If spicy taste is required, chili powder can be adjusted  to suit the taste while preparing the sambar.
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June 14, 2015

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How to make peanut powder - Shengdanyachi koot

peanut powder in a bottle
Shengdanyachi koot or peanut powder recipe - I adore the Maharashtrian cuisine which is very unique and distinct. Many dishes are prepared using peanut powder as key ingredient. I have been making peanut powder based dishes for the past several years. So, I store home made peanut powder and use them as and when required. This powder is essential for dishes like bharli vaangi, bharli mirchi, bharli bhindi, bhrali karli, bharli dhodka, sabudanyachi khichdi, sabudana batata thali peeth, sabudana batata vada, kande pohe, susla, shengdanyachi chutney etc.
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June 10, 2015

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Cucumber lassi recipe - Kakdichi lassi

cucumber lassi ready to serve
Cucumber lassi or kakdichi recipe - We all Indians suffer from scorching heat and very often make some cool drinks such as lassi, sharbat, lemonade, fruit juice, panna, etc. to beat the heat. Whatever the fruit I bring I blend it to a smooth puree, chill it in the refrigerator and serve as a drink. 

Vegetables like tomato, carrot and cucumber are also used to make cool drinks. These drinks not only refreshes and cools the body, but also hydrates the body. A glass full of cucumber lassi is a perfect cool drink that one can enjoy during summer season and is a much healthier drink in comparison to carbonated drinks. 

It hardly takes few minutes to prepare if you chilled the yogurt well in advance. Before you make the lassi, preferably keep the cucumber and yogurt in the refrigerator at least for an hour, so that, cold lassi can be prepared instantly. Try out this thirst quencher lassi with all goodness of cucumber and yogurt.
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June 8, 2015

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Lychee juice recipe - Litchi juice

litchi smoothie in glasses
Litchi juice recipe - Lychee is in season. Now fresh lychees are available in fruit market. Each and every fruit vendor is selling lychees. It is available only for a few days and then vanishes from the market. So, when they are available, I bring lychees in  large quantity and freeze them. Both frozen and fresh lychee tastes great. 

This is a cholesterol free fruit and good sources of vitamin C and dietary fiber. It also contains good amount of copper and potassium. Lychee has a cooling effect on body. So one must eat it during summer if it is available. Try out this refreshing juice during summer season to beat the heat and enjoy the divine taste of this tropical fruit.
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June 4, 2015

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Kadve vaalachi usal - Sprouted bitter beans sabzi

usal in a serving bowl
Kadve vaalachi usal recipe - Usal is a popular side dish of Maharashtra. Mostly usals are made of sprouted pulses and is flavored with kala masala. I store various pulses like green grams, brown chickpea, moth beans, kabuli chana, rajma, kadve vaal etc. in the pantry for the use during the shortage of vegetables. 

During rainy season, when we are unable to go to vegetable market, these pulses are handy. Kadve vaal or bitter beans are not bitter in truest sense. Instead it has an inviting nutty flavor and adorable bitterness which makes the usal very delicious. Using your culinary technique, variations can be created with sprouted pulses. 

Curry prepared in combination with sprouted kadve vaal and drumstick is very tasty. I'll post this recipe in due course. Now to the recipe.
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June 3, 2015

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Amritsari spicy chicken masala curry recipe

chicken curry in a serving bowl
Amritsari chicken masala curry  recipe - This  spicy chicken masala curry is prepared in the Northern part of India. This recipe is very useful to those who doesn't like to add coconut in chicken curry and want to make an easy, quick and tasty chicken dish for meal. It has an inviting aroma and the flavor itself makes you feel hungry. You can make it without much of an effort. 

Being a South Indian, I am used to make chicken curry with coconut and flavor it with roasted spices. This  non-veg dish is not only fast to cook but also fun to make. While preparing this dish, I have used instant chicken masala and garam masala. But, you can change this to roasted spice powder you have and adjust the quantity of the ingredients to suit your palate. You can just experiment with the ingredients with basic idea of this recipe.
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