August 6, 2015

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Shenga usli recipe - Peanut usli - Ground nut usli

Shenga usli in a serving plate
Shenga usli recipe - Shenga usli is one of the most easiest evening tea-time snack that you can make with few ingredients. It has a delicate aroma of curry leaves interspersed with the smoky flavor of red chillies. Soak and boil the peanuts and then temper with your favorite ingredients, mix the coconut, garnish with cilantro and healthy usli gets ready within few minutes. 

I avoid onions in the usli when I serve it as fasting snack with tea or coffee. Otherwise tempering with onon also adds an extra flavor to the snack. Peanut has several names such as shenga, shengdana, moongfali, bhuimoog, bhunchane, kadlekai, earth nuts, monkey nuts, groundnuts etc. It contains protein which maintains and repairs body tissues.

It also provides energy to the body. Eating handful of groundnuts with a cup of milk is very beneficial for growing children.This is indeed a perfect recipe for you if you are looking for a healthy evening snacks or fasting snack recipe.This is similar to the sundal of Andhra Pradesh as I added coconut and tempered with red chillies, curry leaves and mustard seeds. 

Peanut is one such ingredient that I never forget to buy and store in my kitchen. Besides usli, I also make chutney powder and danyachi koot which is always handy. This is a very simple and flexible recipe to try with your own version. Sometimes for a change, I just prepare the usli and add any one of my favourite dish such as kande pohesusla  upma, etc. to serve my family.
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