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March 05, 2021

Strawberry Jam recipe - Jam sandwich recipe

Strawberry jam and jam sandwich recipe - Here is the easiest and quickest strawberry jam and jam sandwich recipe for you all. Most kids like to have variety of sandwiches as their breakfast snack and after school snack.They even like to carry it to school in their snack box. Jam sandwich is one of their favorite snacks and it is popular among many. 

July 29, 2015

Papaya jam recipe - Papaya halwa recipe

stored papaya jam in a bottle
Papaya jam recipe - This is a very simple and delicious papaya jam recipe. Now beautiful orange coloured ripened papayas are available here in abundance. Whenever I visit vegetable market I bring papaya and to get the most nutrition from it we eat it in its natural form. Papaya is an amazing fruit with vitamin A, vitamin C, dietary fibre and antioxidants which is excellent for eyes, digestive system and skin. 

November 13, 2014

Apple pineapple jam recipe - Apple ananas jam

jam in a container
Apple pineapple jam recipe - This is a very healthy sweet and sour jam. As the name suggests this jam is prepared with  apples and pineapple. This jam can be used to prepare bread cheese sandwiches and bread butter sandwiches / toast. It can also be served with chapati and pooris. Check out some other dessert / sweet recipes. rasmalaimix fruits seekaranechibud rasayanapumpkin kheer, kharbuja rasayanaphool makhana puddingrice-chanadal  kheermoongdal kheerchana dal kheerPaneer Kheeramrakhandbadam kheerfruit saladvermicelli kheerphirnisitaphal rabdiwhite gourd kheerfinger millet halwalauki ka halwagajar ka halwa