August 11, 2014

Kharbuja rasayana recipe - how to make muskmelon rasayana - cantaloupe rasayana recipe

Kharbuja  rasayana recipe - Kharbuja rasayana is a delicious all season dessert, commonly made in Karnataka. Muskmelon in combination with  coconut milk make this dish an extremely pleasing dessert when sweetened with jaggery and induced with cardamom flavor. Traditionally, coconut paste is used to make the rasayana. But somehow, we like to have it in coconut milk rather than coconut paste.

Muskmelon, mango, banana and mashmelon (chibud) are most popular fruits to prepare this dessert. Muskmelon and chibud belong to the same melon family. Both have soft flesh with distinctive melon flavor. This kharbuja rasayana is alternative to chibud rasayana. I don't get chibud here. Chibuds are extensively cultivated in coastal parts of India. Both kharbuj and chibud are delicious fruits having a property for keeping the stomach cool.

In this dish, jaggery and coconut milk are team players. They both goes great in combination with muskmelon. The beaten rice ( poha)  is  immersed in the sweetened coconut milk to give a unique taste and texture to the rasayana. Then muskmelon pieces are added and induced with cardamom flavor. Even you can grind half of the muskmelon in a  mixer before adding it to the coconut milk. I make this rasayana specially on warm days.

To prepare a delectable rasayana, make sure to buy an oval shaped luscious muskmelon which has a distinctive  characteristic taste. There are many versions of traditional rasyana. All versions are so tasty. Rasayana prepared in combination with muskmelon and banana, mango and banana, muskmelon and mango are such a great dish to serve.  Serve this delicious rasayana as a dessert. It can be eaten as it is. It also goes well with pooris. Either way, this dish is fantastic.

muskmelon dessert

Preparation time - 10 minutes
Serves 2

1 cup muskmelon pieces
1/2 cup grated coconut
1/4 cup jaggery
2 cardamoms
1/4 cup beaten rice / poha

Kharbuja rasayana recipe with step by step pictures

Cut the muskmelon and remove the seeds. Peel and chop them into small pieces. Keep the chopped muskmelon in the refrigerator  for about an hour.
chopping muskmelon - preparing kharbuja rasayana

Grind the grated fresh coconut with 1/2 cup drinking water to a very smooth paste. Pour the paste in a stainless steel strainer and extract thick coconut milk.
extract coconut milk - preparing kharbuja rasayana recipe

Add the jaggery in the coconut milk and dissolve it with a spoon.  
jaggery added - preparing kharbuja rasayana

Then add the poha and  immerse it. 
poha added - preparing kharbuja rasayana

Mix well with a spoon.
poha mixed - preparing kharbuja rasayana

Add the chilled muskmelon pieces. Add the cardamom powder. Slightly mash the muskmelon pieces with a spoon and mix gently.  Serve the kharbuja rasayana chilled. It can be eaten as it is. Rasayana  goes well with pooris.
musk-melonrasayana in a bowl


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