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Heerekayi palya recipe - ghossale randayi - how to make ridge gourd sabzi

ridge gourd subzi
Heerekayi or ridge gourd palya recipe - Category - subzi. Cuisine - Konkan region cuisine. This is a simple and easy to prepare side dish for roti or chapati and rice with curry. Check out some other subzi recipes in this space. hariyali chole masalakarlyachi peeth perun bhajikadai gobi and beans,  kadai bhindi,  paneer masala with cashew, matki usalmushroom munchurian, bharli bhindi,  radish subzi.

Heerekayi Palya Recipe - Ridge Gourd Sabzi Recipe
heerekayi palya in serving plate
Preparation time  10 minutes
Cooking time  15 minutes
Yield - serves 2 - 3.

  • 500 grams ridge gourds / heerekayi
  • 1/2  tsp mustard seeds
  • 2 sprig curry leaves
  • 1/2 tsp garam masala
  • 1½ tbsp oil
  • Salt as required
Grind to coarse paste
  • 1 cup grated fresh coconut
  • 6 - 7 red chillies, fried to light brown
  • 1 tsp split black grams / urad dal, fried
  • 1 tbsp sesame seeds / til, roasted
  • 1 large grape size tamarind
Heerekayi Palya - step by step pictures

1.  Wash and peel the ridge gourds. Reserve the peel to make chutney.
peeled ridge gourd
2.  Cut the peeled ridge gourds into small pieces and keep it aisde.
chopped ridge gourd
3.  Heat little oil in a kadai and fry the urad dal until aromatic.  Fry the red chillies till light brown. Roast the sesame seeds till it crackles and keep it aside. Mix the coconut, urad dal, red chillies, sesame seeds and tamarind together. Grind it to a coarse paste without adding any water. Transfer this paste to a bowl and keep it aside.
ground masala paste
4.  Heat the oil in a kadai and add the mustard seeds to it.  When the mustards splutter,  add the curry leaves and saute for a while. Add the ridge gourds and stir nicely for  2 minutes. Fruther  cook covered on low flame till the ridge gourds become soft.
ridge gourd in kadai
5.  Once the ridge gourds cook to soft,  add the ground masala and stir to combine.
ground masala added
6. Add the garam masala and salt . Stir for 3 - 4  minutes and remove from the flame.
masala mixed
7.  Serve hot as a side dish to roti / chapati, and rice with curry.
heerekayi palya in serving plate


  1. Healthy and colourful Heerekai Palya ...looks yemmy...

  2. love that masala, can use it in other vegs too

  3. very delicious and tempting

  4. This ridge gourd recipe is very new to me !!!!Will try soon!!!!

  5. I like ridge gourd, I like ur method, looks flavorful. I will try......


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