September 23, 2016

Beetroot soup recipe

Beetroot soup recipe - Warm and comforting beetroot soup which can be prepared within half an hour. Today I am going to share with you all a very easy to prepare beetroot soup recipe for rainy and winter days. I make variety of soups often during these seasons. Beetroot also called as beet is an easily available vegetable throughout the year. Beetroots are used to make juice, salad, stir fry, parathapulav, raita and so on. This is a healthy soup with lots of medicinal benefits. Beetroot has high amount of carbohydrates and sugar contents. Therefore after consuming this soup one may remain energetic for a long time. The medicinal benefits of beetroots are many. Raw beetroot helps to lower blood pressure and it boosts stamina. Beetroot has lots of soluble fiber and also contains nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin B, potassium and manganese.  

beetroot soup in a serving bowl

August 23, 2016

Spinach green peas plantain cutlet recipe, Palak matar kachche kele ki tikki

Spinach green peas and plantain cutlet recipe - A healthy and delicious Indian vegetarian snack made with spinach, raw banana and green peas. This  is one of the simplest cutlets which I have prepared several times. This cutlet is usually prepared by using potatoes along with spinach, but keeping health in mind, I have avoided potatoes as it is high in carbohydrates and calories. To make it more healthy these cutlets have been shallow fried using minimal oil. Raw banana based cutlet is a healthy, tasty and guilt free snack. It can be served as an appetizer or evening snack with a chutney of your choice. It goes really well with mint coriander chutney and even tomato ketchup. If you are looking for some easy shallow fried snacks then do check out kothimbir vadi, hara bhara kabab and aloo moong dal nuggets.

cutlet in a serving plate

July 19, 2016

Bhajaniche thalipeeth recipe, multi grain flour thalipeeth

Bhajaniche thalipeeth recipe - This thalipeeth is very special because I have used bajri or pearl millet instead of rice to make the thalipeeth flour. Bajri is low in glycemic index when compared to rice. Thalipeeth is a healthy dish prepared with bhajani, onion, cilantro and chilli mixture. This is a traditional pancake of Maharashtra prepared in every home with their own version. A very tasty, filling, energetic and nutritious dish with all goodness of pearl millet, green gram, chiickpeas and black gram.  This can be served in the morning as a breakfast and in the evening as a tea time snack for any age group. If you have bhajani in your hand, you can prepare this dish very quickly whenever you want to have and serve.

Bhajaniche thalipeeth in a plate

July 1, 2016

Multigrain flour for thalipeeth, bhaajani, atta for thalipeeth

Multigrain flour for thalipeeth - Pearl millet is called as bajri in Marathi, bajra in Hindi, sajje in Kannada.  This flour is prepared with roasted pearl millet, green gram, black gram, brown chickpeas, coriander seeds, cumin seeds and fenugreek seeds. Thalipeeth is a popular pancake in Maharashtra. The method of preparation and the ingredients varies marginally. Thalipeeth is usually served with chutney and yogurt for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Being a wholesome dry dish thalipeeth is very convenient to carry while travelling. This bajri bhajani is similar to the rice bhaajani which I had  posted earlier. Only the difference in this recipe is that I have used bajri instead of rice. The purpose of using bajri is that it is low in calories and contains less carbohydrate when compared to the rice bhajani. The thalipeeth prepared with this bhajani consisting of  pulses like chickpeas, green gram and black gram is very healthy, nutritious and flavourful.

Multi grain flour image

June 13, 2016

Walnut banana muffins recipe

Walnut banana muffin is a delicious, easy to make variety of muffin. It is full of flavours and is prepared without using eggs. These muffins are liked by both adult and kids. This can be served as a tea time snack and even packed in the snack box for school going kids. You can make it rich by adding dry fruits like cashew nuts and almonds. Walnuts become soft and tastes great when it is soaked. Also check out some other eggless cake recipes which I have posted earlier. Do try this delicious muffins. Here is how to make walnut banana muffins recipe with step by step pictures.

Walnut banana muffins in a serving plate

May 25, 2016

Avrekayi upkari, long beans sabzi recipe, valasange sukke

Avrekayi upkari recipe - Long bean is a seasonal vegetable and is available during few months. Long beans are known as avrekayi in kannada and valasange in konkani in western Karnataka. In eastern part of Karnatka (Bangalore, Mysore, Tumkur etc.) lilva beans are also called as avrekayi which is used to prepare hichikida avrekayi palya.  So to clear your confusion about the variety of beans I have used to make this upkari, I have posted the picture of long beans used by me in step by step pictures below. When the long beans are tender they become soft after cooking. Once the seeds inside become solid, it is not advisable to use such beans for upkari as it will not be soft after cooking. The seeds inside  is known as black eyed beans in english, avrekalu in kannada, alsande in konkani and lobia in hindi. The upkari of long beans is usually served as a side dish. The upkari is very tasty, nutritious and contains ample amount of soluble fiber. This uplkari is very easy to prepare with few ingredients. The freshly grated coconut used for the preparation of upkari enhances the taste. Here is how to make long beans upkari with step by step pictures.

long beans sabzi in a serving plate