August 10, 2017

Green apple chutney recipe

Green apple chutney - Chutney is a common side dish in Indian meal. There are several varieties of chutneys which is served as a side dish or a  spread for bread sandwich. Green apple chutney is a slightly sweet chutney. I made it with fresh raw green apples along with its skin. This chutney can be relished with roti, paratha, dosa, idli, uttappam, samosa, dhokla and sandwich. The method of preparation is so simple and it takes only few minutes as it doesn't require any cooking. It is very tasty, healthy and needs only few ingredients. 

green apple chutney in a serving bowl

August 6, 2017

Narali bhath recipe | Sweet coconut rice

Narali bhath is a traditional sweet coconut rice of Maharashtra usually prepared during the occasion of Narali purnima festival. This festival falls on full moon day of Shravan month, the fifth month of Hindu calendar. Celebration of Raksha Bandhan and wearing holy thread called Janivar (Janva) also falls  on this day. Narali bhath is usually made with basmati rice, coconut, ghee and jaggery. Any other rice can also be used in place of basmati rice but basmati rice enriches the flavour. The flavour of this dish can also be enhanced by adding spices such as cloves (lavang) and green cardamom powder. To make it more rich you can also add dry fruits such as cashew nuts, raisins and almonds. 

August 2, 2017

Fried peanuts recipe | Fried groundnuts

Fried peanuts or groundnuts recipe - As the name suggests, fried peanut is an Indian deep fried snack which can be served with tea, coffee or cold drink at any time of the day. It is rainy season. Kids stay at home after school. To meet the increased demand from kids for crunchy snacks, busy moms are looking forward for some easy snack recipes. One such snack is fried peanuts. This is a munching snack for kids while watching television or reading books. If you are a busy mother and want to make some easy and tasty snacks to munch, this is an ideal snack. The whole process of preparation and frying takes very less time. The reuse of oil used for deep frying is not recommended. Hence, it is better to use limited oil for frying and  fry the peanuts in batches. 

fried peanuts in a serving plate

July 26, 2017

Burfi paratha recipe | Stuffed sweet paratha

Burfi paratha is a stuffed sweet paratha which is prepared using besan mawa burfi. I have used some home made burfi just to finish them off in a different and tastier way. Like puran poli, this is also served with ghee and milk but definitely tastes different than regular puran poli. To make such burfi parathas you can also use any variety of burfis like mango burfi and almond burfi. The stuffing process is similar to other parathas. So, today I am sharing this recipe to show you how to use  burfis to make delicious stuffed sweet parathas.

burfi-paratha in a serving plate

January 1, 2017

Kothimbir vadi recipe | Maharashtrian coriander vadi

Kothimbir vadi recipe - Kothimbir vadi is a popular traditional snack of Maharashtra. There are two, three versions of making the kothimbir vadi. This method is the most favorite wherein split bengal grams and split green grams are soaked and ground to a coarse paste, adding other ingredients along with chopped coriander leaves and then steamed and deep fried. The whole process appears tedious. However, in reality it is easy and simple. You can serve this vadi for breakfast or as an evening snack. It tastes  great even without any dipping sauce.

maharashtrian-kothimbir-vadi-image, coriander vadi

December 17, 2016

Broccoli stuffed paratha recipe | Broccoli paratha

Broccoli stuffed paratha recipe - This is an easy to prepare paratha which can be served with subzis, chutneys, pickle and raita. Even you can eat this paratha with a dollop of ghee or butter. There are many ways to make parathas such as stuffing method, mix and roll method (thepla), and double roti method. Stuffing method which I have followed in this recipe is the most popular way of making parathas. I have already posted several paratha recipes adopting various methods. Do try these recipes and enjoy. The broccoli filling is very easy to prepare with broccoli and other basic ingredients which are easily available in the kitchen. Broccoli takes only a few minutes to cook. So, it can be prepared in the morning rush to serve as a breakfast and to pack in the lunch box. This is a filling dish which can also be served during lunch and dinner.

Broccoli stuffed paratha in a serving plate