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About Me
I am Vidya Chandrahas, a home maker and mother to two grown-up sons, married and living happily in Pune, Maharashtra. Before becoming a full-time mother, I used to work as a Central Government employee. I am also a certified nutritionist and dietitian and try to give tips regarding nutritional values in the recipes. 

My favorite hobby is gardening, music, reading, traveling, family get together and watching television for latest news. I take care of my health and never skip yoga in the morning. Prayer, chanting mantras and singing bhajans in the morning and evening is one of my daily routine. I believe in God. 

Everyday even in my busy schedule, I make it a point to meet my society ladies group where we all gather in our society garden and spend at least 30 minutes with each other discussing the wide range of subjects like latest television news, recipes, food, cinema, God, meditation and on all subjects under the sun. We exchange ideas and opinions. We sit, chat and laugh together. We do not backbite and not gossip about our neighbors, friends, relatives or any other people. We ladies take care of each other which gives us a feeling of togetherness.

We ladies formed a group for hosting a kitty party once in a month and we do it turn by turn. The compulsory menu is  a starter, soup, papad, two side dishes, rotis of every one's choice, pulao or biryani or plain rice and one dessert or sweet. 

About the Blog
The main purpose of having this blog is sharing and documenting the recipes which I learnt from my elders. My blog url is www.akshaypatre.com. Akshay means eternal, it is never ending, Patre means vessel. To sum up Akshaypatre is an eternal vessel which is never empty and full of food forever. When I was in 4th standard we had a lesson of Mahabharat. In that lesson my history teacher was explaining us about the Ashaypatre and I was so curious about that vessel thinking how the vessel could be eternal. That impression remained in my mind forever and when I thought of  having a food blog, Akshayptre was the obvious name to it. 

Vidya's Recipes is featuring wide range of authentic and traditional Indian food recipes from different states. Hope you enjoy them! We love simple, healthy and tasty veg and non-veg food. There are several healthy and easy recipes which has minimal ingredients and can be prepared within few minutes. Beginners and busy moms will find it easy to follow such recipes. 

There are recipes for all meals, traditional recipes for festival and several seasonal recipes. For example to beat the heat there are recipes of milkshakes, juice, lassi, flavoured butter milk and lemonade etc. are very essential.

Here you will find festival recipes for occasions such as Ganesh Chaturthi, Deepavali or Diwali, Janmashtami, Sankranti and so on.

There are several recipes such as starter recipes which are very useful to young moms, adult mother and mother in laws to treat their family and friends. There are also traditional delicacies of Konkani and Karnataka which are the specialities that Konkanis and Kannadigas may want to try. As I live in Maharashtra, I have special inclination towards Maharashtrian food. There are so many Maharashtrian mouth watering food recipes which are very interesting and flavorful. 

My family loves all types of Indian food, I mean both South Indian and North Indian food. Indo-Chinese food is my sons favourite and I have those recipes too. All the recipes posted in this blog are tried and tested before I post them on the blog. To learn more about the authentic and traditional Indian food recipes, please visit www.akshaypatre.com

I click all the pictures myself and do not edit them much. I crop, resize and water mark the images using adobe photoshop before I post them in the blog.  I have 3 cameras and those are sony,  nikon and canon. But I love to click with sony camera which is very easy to handle with left hand in the kitchen while cooking. 

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  2. From one nutritionist to another, I am so happy to find your site. Enjoy reading your posts. Will be coming by pretty often, now that I have discovered you!

  3. Appreciate your meticulous work, very helpful, Keep up the good work!


Thank you for visitng Akshaypatre. If you like my posts you can follow me on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter. You can like Akshaypatre Recipes page on Facebook. You can also subscribe via email to get latest recipes free. Your comments and suggestions are most welcome.