April 20, 2013

Puran poli recipe - holige recipe - obbattu recipe - how to make puran poli with chana dal - Indian stuffed sweet paratha

Puran poli recipe - Puran poli is a popular Indian stuffed sweet paratha, which is called with different names in different parts of India. It is prepared on the occasion of festivals such as Gudi Padwa (Ugadi), Holi, Ram navami etc. It is made by using wheat flour, all purpose flour, bengal gram and jaggery. It goes well with katachi amti, ghee and milk. Usually, dough for puran poli is made of using wheat flour only. But you can use all purpose flour and wheat flour together to have an attractive appearance as done by me in this recipe. If maida is used along with wheat flour it is also easy to prepare puran poli because of it's elasticity. However, using wheat flour is an healthier and tastier option though it is a bit tedious to prepare using wheat flour only. While cooking chana dal, take some cooked chana dal in a plate and press it with your finger tips. If it is easily pressable and mashable the dal is cooked. When jaggery is added, it melts and continuous stirring is needed till the mixture dries and form a lump. While grinding the dal mixture in mixer,  grind it  in small batches, on a low speed, for a few seconds, fluff it with spoon and repeat the process several times. You can also use puran maker which is available in the market to churn the dal mixture. If you feel that preparation of puran poli is very tedious, but you want to eat, you can prepare puran and chapatis separately and eat them together along with some ghee and milk.  

Puran poli in a serving plate
Puran poli recipe with step by step pictures.

Preparation time 25 minutes
Cooking time 1 hour
Makes 12 puran polis. 


For the Puran  / Hoorna
2 cups split bengal gram / chana dal
2 cups grated jaggery
12 green cardamoms, powdered
6 -7 cups water

For the Dough

2  + 1/4  wheat flour
3/4 all purpose flour / maida / refined flour
Salt as required

Puran poli recipe with step by step pictures
  • Wash and soak the chana dal overnight or 7 -8 hours.  After 7 hours, drain the water and set aside. 
  • Boil 6-7 cups of water in a heavy bottomed vessel and add the chana dal. Cook it over medium heat until soft. 
  • Once the chana dal become soft, drain the water and reserve it to make the katachi amti. 
boiled chanadal
  • Add the grated jaggery to the boiled and drained chana dal and  mix well. 
drained the dal, jaggery added
  • Place this vessel of the dal mixture over a low flame. 
  • Once the jaggery melts, stir continuously and cook till the dal mixture slightly dries up and turns into a lump. 
  • Remove from the flame, add cardamom powder and allow it to cool.
dal jaggery cooked till lump
  • When it cools, grind the dal mixture into a mixer or puran maker, filling the mixture above the blade to a smooth and soft paste without adding any water. 
  • Grind in batches. ( Keep aside 4 tbsp of  puran to make katachi amti)
mixture in a miixer jar
  • Transfer the pooran to a bowl and set aside.
puran ready for stuffing
  • In the meanwhile, mix the wheat flour and maida, add salt  and knead it to a smooth and firm dough, using some water. Cover with lid and keep it aside for 30 minutes.
dough knead to soft
  • Take a large lemon sized dough and make a round shape ball, using the palms of your hands. Flatten this ball and stuff puran upto 3/4 part as shown below.
puran stuffed
  • Further lift the edges and join it at top. Twist the tip and flatten it.
edges joined
  • Dust the rolling board with wheat flour and roll the above prepared stuffed dough into round shape using chapathi roller pin. Roll as thin as possible.
puran poli rolled to thin
  • Heat a  pan over a medium low heat and place the puran poli over it  gently. Roast the puran poli till the  light brown colour spot appears from both sides. 
puran poli roasted on pan
  • Remove and serve the puran poli hot or cold with ghee, milk and katachi aamti. It can be stored in the refrigerator for about a week.
puran poli ready to serve


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