About Me

Hi !  I'm Vidya Chandrahas, mother to two grown-up sons, married and living happily in Pune, Maharashtra.

Before becoming a full-time mother, I used to work as a Central Government employee. I am also a certified nutritionist and dietitian and try to give tips regarding nutritional values in the recipes.

I like to post simple, healthy and tasty recipes ( both veg and non-veg ). This site contains several Indian recipes for all meals and festivals. Hope you enjoy them !


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    1. Malathi ganesh, thanks a lot

  2. You have a great collection

  3. From one nutritionist to another, I am so happy to find your site. Enjoy reading your posts. Will be coming by pretty often, now that I have discovered you!

  4. Appreciate your meticulous work, very helpful, Keep up the good work!

    1. Bhuvana Gururaj, thanks a lot


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