April 10, 2013

Rice urad dal Idli recipe - how to make rice urad dal idli / idli recipe

Rice urad dal idli recipe - We  love rice urad dal Idli for breakfast and I can have it with sambar and chutney on any day. Idli is a South Indian signature dish which is very popular in all parts of India. This is my version of Idlis prepared with basic ingredients like raw rice and split black grams. Variations of  Idli can be made by adding some masala and few vegetables like carrot and green peas in the basic Idli batter. Tempering the idli batter with mustard seeds and curry leaves gives a nice flavor to the idli. To make a soft idli, you need to use the proper proportion of rice and urad dal. Then grinding the urad dal till fluffy  is very essential. Fermentation also  plays an important role in making the soft idli. For the soft  idli the batter needs to be fermented properly.

idly in a serving plate
Rice urad dal idli recipe with step by step pictures.

Preparation time 15 minutes
Soaking time  4 hours
Fermentation time 9 -10  hours
Cooking time 25 minutes
Serves 4

2 cups raw rice / akki / tandul
1+1/2  cups split black gram / urad dal
Salt to taste
Oil as required


Rice urad dal idli recipe with step by step pictures.

Wash the rice and urad dal separately.  Soak them separately and keep it aside for 4 hours.
soak the rice and urad dal separately

Drain and grind the rice in a mixer to a coarse paste without adding any water. Transfer to a large vessel. Then drain and grind the urad dal to a smooth batter using  3/4  cup of water. Again add 1/4 cup of water to the batter and grind till fluffy.

grind the rice and urad dal separately

Mix till the urad dal paste and rice rava combines well. Cover the vessel with lid and keep it aside for 9-10 hours for fermentation. If the temperature is higher, lesser time is required for fermentation. 

mix the urad dal paste and rice rava together and keep it for fermentation

After fermentation the batter almost doubles in quantity. Then add salt in the batter and mix well. Grease the plates and pour the batter by using a spoon.
pour the batter in greased idly plates.

Fill the Idli cooker with 1" height water and place the Idli plates in it and cover with lid.
Then place the idli cooker on a medium flame and cook the idlis for 15 minutes. 
cook the idlis in a idly cooker

Remove the lid, insert a blunt knife and check if the idlis are properly cooked. If the knife comes out clean, remove the idli cooker from the flame. 
keep the idlis aside for 5 minutes

Open the lid, remove the idli plates from the cooker and keep them aside for 5 minutes. 

Remove the idlis from the plate using a blunt knife or spoon.
remove the idlis

Serve the rice urad dal idli hot with sambar and coconut chutney.
serve the rice urad dal idly hot with sambar and chutney


  1. Idli looks very soft.liked your version.

  2. Idli looks very soft. like your version.

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    Have a nice week ahead.

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  16. Thank you all for your lovely comments.


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