May 31, 2013

Amchur recipe - Sun dried raw mango slices - How to make amchur at home

amchur in a container
Amchur recipe - Amchur is dried raw mango slices. Every year during mango season, I make amchur and store them to use throughout the year. It is used for bringing sour taste in the dish like dal, amtis, chutneys, fish curries and some other sabzis.

May 25, 2013

Mango pachadi recipe - Mavinakayi pachadi - Ambe pachadi

mango pachadi in a serving bowl
Mango pachadi recipe - Raw mango pachadi, chutney and panna are prepared in all the house holds during mango season. The combination of raw mango, chilly powder and salt makes the pickle very tangy and mouthwatering. The shelf life of this pickle is less. It can be used for a week by keeping it in the refrigerator.

May 23, 2013

Fresh rajma masala recipe - How to make fresh rajma masala

fresh  rajma masala in a serving plate
Fresh rajma masala recipe  - When I saw fresh rajma beans in the local vegetable market, I could not stop myself from buying it. It is my elder son's favorite vegetable. With it I made rajma masala. It was delicious. Rajma is good source of incomplete protein. Vegetable proteins found in rajma and other legumes are considered as incomplete proteins because they do not have some essential amino acids. 

May 20, 2013

Mango panna recipe - Aam ka panna

mango panna in serving glasses
Mango panna recipe - Mango panna is a delicious drink of Maharashtra prepared with raw mangoes and sugar. Small amount of cardamom powder makes it flavorful. Peeper powder adds an extra flavor and it is totally optional. It is a healthy drink if compared to the bottled drink. Mango panna is my family favorite. Like every year this year also I made it several times. Now I am sharing the recipe with you all. This sweet and tangy mango panna was delicious.

May 17, 2013

Cucumber raita recipe - How to make cucumber raita

cucumber raita in a serving bowl
Cucumber raita recipe - Keep your system as cool as cucumber by eating refreshing chilled cucumber raita. I often make raita and salad with cucumber and other vegetables since summer has started.  The goodness of yogurt with the cucumber makes this raita refreshing and healthy. It also cools our system. Cucumber is low in calories, therefore persons who wish to reduce weight, eat raw cucumber. Note that to keep the nutrition intact,  peel and chop the washed cucumber just before the use.

May 13, 2013

Rava chana dal kheer recipe - Semolina gram dal kheer

rava chana dal kheer in a srving bowl
Rava chana dal kheer recipeToday is Akshay Tritiya. Happy and prosperous Akshay Tritiya to you all.  Akshay Tritiya is an auspicious day, which is celebrated in India. Akshay means something that never reduces. I have taken inspiration from this word to name my blog Akshaypatre.  Patre means vessel. On this day many people purchase gold. I prepared this  kheer to celebrate the holy occasion of  Akshay Tritiya. The speciality of this kheer is after eating it you do not feel like to eat anything else. The kheer itself is a complete meal. Both rava and chana dal are enough to fill the stomach.