April 5, 2014

Orange or santra juice recipe - how to make orange juice - summer drinks

Orange or santra juice recipe - Orange juice is a healthy and  natural soft drink for all season. It can be prepared within 5 minutes. If the oranges are kept in the refrigerator, you need not to add ice cubes to  the juice.

Orange  or santra Juice in serving glasses
Orange  or santra Juice recipe.

Preparation time 5 minutes
Makes 2 medium size glasses of orange juice.

4 oranges
3 tsp sugar
ice cubes (optional)

Orange  or santra Juice recipe
  • Keep the oranges in the fridge for about 3-4 hours. While making juice remove them from the fridge.
  • Peel and remove the seeds and skin. Then grind them in a mixer. Strain and add sugar to the orange juice. Mix it well. Pour in the glasses and serve chilled.
Orange  or santra juice ready to serve


  1. Refreshing yummy drink

  2. I can drink this juice anytime of the day,my all time favourite.

  3. Thesxe kind of simple recipes are the ones which keeps me going..refreshing


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