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April 12, 2020

Kadve vaalachi usal - Sprouted bitter beans sabzi

usal in a serving bowl
Kadve vaalachi usal recipe - Usal is a popular side dish of Maharashtra. Mostly usals are made of sprouted pulses and is flavored with kala masala. I store various pulses like green grams, brown chickpea, moth beans, kabuli chana, rajma, kadve vaal etc. in the pantry for the use during the shortage of vegetables. 

March 10, 2013

Muga mole palya recipe - Molake hesarukalu palya recipe - Sprouted green gram palya

Muga mole randayi in a serving bowl
Muga mole palya recipe - Muga mole palya is one of the famous and common sabzi varieties of Karnataka and every house hold has its own version to prepare it. Muga mole literally means sprouted green grams and palya means thick coconut based sabzi which is also known as palya in kannada. The sprouted green grams and raw banana combination is awesome and it is my favorite too. This palya is perfect with hot chapati, phulka, rice rotti and steamed rice.It is very flavorful with the addition of freshly ground masla. The  spices in the masala adds inviting aroma and the chilly powder adds taste and the coconut gives a thick consistency to the palya. For a variation you can use potato in the place of plantain and that combination also tastes great.