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January 02, 2022

Kubbe ambat recipe - Clams curry recipe - Seafood recipes

kubbe ambat in a serving plate
Kubbe ambat or clams gravy recipe - I am a great fan of clams. Be it ekchimpi ambat, upkari, sukke, vade or kubbe ambat. Kubbe ambat is made in few ways. The clams are broken with eelige and one sided shell is used along with flesh to make ekchimpi ambat. That makes a very delicious curry for steamed hot rice. But breaking small clams with eelige or aadli is very difficult. 

December 05, 2020

Alleppey prawn curry recipe - Alleppey shrimp curry

alleppey prawn curry in a serving bowl
Alleppey prawn curry recipe - Today, I have come up with Kerala's Alleppey style prawn curry, slightly modified to adjust our taste buds. Traditionally, Alleppey fish curry is made using coconut oil. But I have used regular safola  oil and there was not much difference in the taste and flavour. We eat fish dishes twice a week and recently I had made this curry for our meal or lunch. 

November 23, 2020

Kurle ambat recipe- Konkani style crab curry recipe

Kurle ambat recipe - The Crab Curry  is one of my favorites among the coconut based seafood curry recipe.The recipe of crab curry  posted here is Konkani style of preparation of crab curry. In this curry I used roasted spices like red chillies, coriander seeds, methi seeds and mustard seeds. Sometimes I use spices without roasting.  This gives a different flavor to the curry. In such a situation do not use methi and mustard seeds.

June 21, 2020

Steamed fish recipe - How to make steamed fish

steamed fish in serving plate
Steamed fish recipe - My younger son doesn't like much coconut in any dish. Therefore every time I make coconut based fish gravy, I feel that I should have done it without coconut. I could have fried the fish with green masala or red masala paste, but the fried fish is going to be dry and it doesn't have any gravy. So, I have steamed the pomfret with flavorful masala.

November 15, 2019

Alleppey fish curry recipe - How to make alleppey fish curry

alleppey pomfret curry in serving bowl
Alleppey fish curry recipe – This is a delicious coconut milk based alleppey fish curry made with pomfrets. I have already posted the alleppey prawn curry  recipe. There is not much of a difference between these two curries. This curry recipe is Kerala's alleppey style which releases coconut flavor. It is generally tempered with coconut oil, but I have tempered the curry with saffola oil.

October 25, 2019

Kubbe sukke recipe - Clams sukke recipe

kubbe sukke in a serving plate
Kubbe or clams sukke recipe - Kubbe sukke is a very delicious non-vegetarian dish prepared with clams, onions, garlic and coconut. I am sure, many of you may not even know what the clams are. But all South Indian non-vegetarians know what the clams are, and how it tastes. Clams are very popular and much in demand shellfish known as kubbe ( khubbe) in konkani and belachu in Kannada. 

May 05, 2019

Surmai or king fish fry recipe - Iswan fry - Fish fry with red masala paste

Surmai fish fry recipe - This shallow fried fish with tangy and hot combination of the masala  is simply wonderful and above all it is simple and easy to make. This is one of my most favorite fish fry recipes. The reason I like fish fry so much  because it  not only tastes great but healthy  too. Fish is rich in Proteins.  It is commonly known fact that protein rich food are body building  food. We need protein throughout the life to repair and mantain the tissues. Protein is the major component in the growth of muscles, skin, enzymes, hair, eyes and other organs. In general, protein found in fish is considered as good source of complete protein. Therefore eating fish in various form is beneficial to our good health. Try and enjoy this healthy fish fry.

December 11, 2018

Prawn biryani recipe - Shrimp biryani in pressure cooker - Sungta biryani recipe

Shrimps Biryani
Prawn or shrimp biryani recipe - Here is  wonderful prawn or  shrimp biryani recipe for seafood lovers. Prawn biryani is a speciality of  South Karnataka and this is my family's favorite dish. It is very similar to the vegetable biryani. In short, for non-vegetarians, its a nice variation with prawns. Generally, prawn biryani is prepared using small variety of prawns.

November 04, 2018

Paplet fry with green masala recipe - Pomfret fry recipe

Paplet fry with green masala recipe - This is one of my most favourite fish fry  recipes and the reason I like pomfret fry so much  because it is not only tastes great but healthy  too and above all it is simple and easy to make. The spicy taste of this fish fry is simply wonderful. Like in our native place, here also we get fresh fish. 

May 31, 2015

Fish fry with ginger garlic paste and lemon juice recipe

fish fry in a serving pl,ate
Fish fry with ginger, garlic and lemon juice recipe - Today I am sharing with you all a very unique fish fry prepared by using lemon juice, ginger-garlic paste, chilli powder and coated with gram flour ( besan). Usually, fish fry is made using chilli powder, tamarind  paste and coated with semolina. This fish fry can be served as a non-veg starter or side dish to rice with sambar, kootu, aamti, saaru, ambat and variety of dals.  For a change, try out this fish fry and enjoy. Check out some other fish recipes here.

February 08, 2015

Kurle sukke recipe - Crab upkari recipe

crab upkari in a serving bowl
Kurle sukke recipe - If you have been looking for Konkan region's authentic, traditional sea food recipes, then this is a perfect dish to try and taste. The sea food dishes of Konkan region  has its own unique taste. Most of the sea food cuisine in this part is done in coconut based spicy masala gravy and it goes exceptionally well with hot steamed rice. This crab upkari is also prepared using cocnut based masala coarse paste. The precise combination of coocnut, onions and other ingredients is the secret of making perfect crab upkari.

June 15, 2014

Bellanje ambat recipe - Bellanjore fish curry recipe - How to make fish curry

fish curry in a serving bowl
Bellanje ambat recipe - Today  I would like to share a wonderful  bellanje fish curry recipe which is rich with coconut based gravy. This is an authentic curry with different versions, prepared in the household of Coastal South Karnataka's Mangalore and Karwar District. 
This is my all time favourite fish curry. This delectable curry is a great accompaniment to hot steamed rice,  The tangy taste is induced with raw mango, but you can replace raw mango with tamarind or kokum. Bellanje, which is also known as bellanjore, is a popular fish in those parts but here it is available very rarely. It is a small variety of fish with soft bones. Fish is the good sources of proteins and vitamins. Fish are less fatty  compared to meat and chicken.

April 14, 2013

Papleta ambat recipe - Pomfret curry using coconut

papleta ambat in a serving plate
Papleta ambat - One of my most favorite ways to eat fish is this coconut based fish curry. Curry is called as ambat in konkani and pomfret is known as paplet. This is almost similar to sungta ambat but in paplet ambat I don't use onions. What I love about paplet is that it has soft bones and it is easy to handle. I have already posted few fish recipes that I made using coconut and tamarind. The paplet ambat is  absolutely delicious, spicy, slightly tangy and tempting.

April 08, 2013

Sungta ambat recipe - Shrimp curry recipe - Prawn curry

Sungta ambat in a bowl
Sungta ambat recipe - Today I am sharing with you all a very delicious and flavorful traditional prawn curry of coastal karnataka. Prawn or  shrimp is cooked in various ways in konkan cuisine. The prawn curry  is known as sugta ambat in konkani and it is coconut based spicy curry. The onions add an exotic flavor and the tamarind gives tangy taste to the curry. Sometimes, I use kokum in fish curry which gives mild tanginess and unique flavor, but it is totally optional. This curry goes  exceptionally well with rice roti and hot steamed rice. This sungta ambat is absolutely delicious, spicy and it has inviting flavour.

February 20, 2013

Iswana ambat recipe - Surmai or kingfish Curry

Iswana ambat recipe - The speciality of this curry is that there is no frying or roasting of the spices and other ingredients. The raw spices give a unique flavor to the curry. Another important thing is marination of the fish slices. Marination increases the flavor and reduces the fishy smell. The same curry masala paste can be used for making curry from any fish.

October 29, 2012

Pomfret ghashi recipe - Paplet gassi - Papleta sol recipe

coastal karnataka special pomfret ghashi
Pomfret ghashi or gassi recipe - This is  a very popular fish curry with thick gravy in the coastal part of Karnataka. I learned this ghashi from my mother. Thick gravy in this ghashi is very light with delicious tamarind and chilli flavour. The same recipe can be used for any kind of fish, be it  King Fish (Surmai, Iswan), Nogli (Lady Fish), Bangade (Mackerel), Shrimp (Prawns), Sardine (Toori, Tarle).  This ghashi goes well with steamed plain  rice or brown rice. What I love about this recipe, apart from the fact that it is so simple and practically easy. This ghashi actually tastes like real South Indian fresh fish cooked in thick gravy  when I make it.