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May 07, 2023

Egg Curry Recipe | Egg Curry with Coconut

This egg curry is prepared using coconut as main ingredient for gravy. The curry is spicy, flavourful and tasty. This is the gravy commonly made in every household in Coastal Karnataka specially in Uttara Kannada District. This area has Arabian sea and several rivers joining it. So obviously fish is the staple food in this area and eggs are of secondary choice. 

January 04, 2023

Egg bhurji recipe - Anda bhurji - Motte bhurji

egg bhurji in a serving plate

Egg bhurji recipe - Egg bhurji is a popular dish among non-vegetarians. This dish goes well with chapathi, roti, paratha, pulao and fried rice. The hot bhurji is addictive and makes you craving for more. In this recipe I have used the same ingredients which I used to make bhurji since decades and the same is loved by my family members. The use of ginger garlic paste along with onion enhances the taste. In this dish the use of coriander powder, jeera powder and grama masala is essential for the spicy taste and to add flavor. This is an easy  dish which can be prepared quickly. Eggs are very handy when you run out of vegetables or kids make special demand for non-vegetarian dishes. I love to make this delicious, spicy and tempting side dish often. I have been eating egg bhurji since my childhood and never get bored with it. Also check egg omelette recipe and cheese omelette recipe in this space.

December 10, 2022

Cheese omelette recipe - Cheddar cheese omelette

Cheese omelette recipe - A very delicious omelette prepared by using eggs, cheddar cheese slices and pepper powder. This is one of the easiest egg dishes to prepare and is a popular cuisine of the world. Using eggs in various dishes is very common to non-vegetarians. Omelette is a hassle free dish which can be cooked in few minutes. This omelette pairs well with couple of bread slices toasted in butter.

October 03, 2019

Egg omelette Recipe - How to make egg omelette

omelette in a serving plate
Egg omelette recipe - Egg omelette is a hassle free snack or dish that I make often. It is convenient to carry in the lunch box too. Fresh, hot omelette goes great with bread slices as sandwich. It is also served as a side dish along with any main course. It can also be eaten as it is.  Because of it's simplicity, versatility, and taste, it has become favorite part of our diet. Many like it for this reason.