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July 06, 2013

Soutekayi dose recipe - Thounse dose - Cucumber dosa

cucumber dosa in a serving plate
Soutekayi dose recipe - Cucumber dosa is a healthy dosa prepared with rice, coconut and cucumber. This is a very easy to prepare dosa, which imparts the mixed flavor of cucumber and coconut. My mother was making it using large sized green cucumber grown in the back yard of our house.  But, here I don't get that variety. 

May 17, 2013

Cucumber raita recipe - How to make cucumber raita

cucumber raita in a serving bowl
Cucumber raita recipe - Keep your system as cool as cucumber by eating refreshing chilled cucumber raita. I often make raita and salad with cucumber and other vegetables since summer has started.  The goodness of yogurt with the cucumber makes this raita refreshing and healthy. It also cools our system. Cucumber is low in calories, therefore persons who wish to reduce weight, eat raw cucumber. Note that to keep the nutrition intact,  peel and chop the washed cucumber just before the use.