October 20, 2017

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Quinoa pulao recipe - Quinoa pulav recipe

quinoa pulav
Quinoa pulao or pulav recipe - Quinoa pulao is just like a rice pulao prepared with quinoa and vegetables such as carrot, green peas, and tempered with some essential spices which enhances the fragrance. Frying quinoa and vegetables in the tempered spices intensifies the flavor. Quinoa pulao in itself is a complete meal. As I mentioned in my quinoa idi recipe, it is rich in protein and is a nutritious grain with unique flavor.

I have added quinoa in my diet very recently and gradually developed liking towards it. This nutritious grain is available only in few shops and is highly priced. Though I have used only two vegetables while preparing this dish, any vegetable of your choice such as ivy gourds, cauliflower, french beans, potato, tomato, corn and brinjal can also be used.

Try it with different combination of vegetables which are seasonal and easily available in the vegetable shops. By using quinoa, a khichdi with a different flavor and taste can also be prepared with green gram dal, onion, ginger garlic paste, coriander powder, cumin seeds powder and garam masala.

In restaurant, the quinoa based dishes are not available because of its high price. However, it is worth keeping in view the health benefits associated with quinoa. The quantity of quinoa I have used in this recipe is sufficient for two servings, but you can increase the ingredients as well as tempering ingredients to make more servings.
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October 5, 2017

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Chawli tikki recipe - Lobia tikki recipe - Cowpea tikki recipe

Chawli tikki recipe - Chawli tikki is a popular Maharashtrian snack prepared with black eyed beans, gram flour, spiced with chilli powder, garam masala, flavoured with cumin seeds, carom seeds or ajwain, ginger, mint leaves and coriander leaves. It can be had as an evening snack. This can be served as a starter in small parties like birthday party or kitty party. 

An easy snack to prepare and is a delicious bite when accompanied with chutneys, dipping sauce and even tomato ketchup. Pudina chutney is my favourite and I served chawli tikki along with this chutney. These tikkis are usually made by deep frying but keeping health in mind, I just shallow fried them with minimal oil on a non-stick pan.

Black eyed beans are known as chawli in marathi and is very famous pulse in India. I am always looking forward to make healthy snacks and chawli tikki is one  of them. The other ingredients added to it enhances the flavor. Addition of gram flour helps in binding the tikkis and enriches the taste.

Black eyed beans is one of my favorite ingredients which I regularly buy from grocery shop to make traditional side dish of Karnataka namely alsande palya. Sometimes, I make tikkis with remaining black eyed beans and finish the stock before they get spoiled. 

The mixture for tikkis can be made well in advance. You can keep them in the refrigerator to make hot tikkis as and when required. These tikkis are an ideal snack to pack in the kids snack box and lunch box. Try out chawli tikki and treat your family with this yummy snack.
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