September 15, 2015

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Ragi idli recipe - Finger millet idli - Nachni idli

finger millet idli in serving plate
Finger millet or ragi idli recipe - For about a month I did not cook and click any special dishes. I have several recipes in draft and ragi idli is one of them. This idli is a very soft, fluffy, delicious and filling and above all its very healthy. I tried it a few times and it came out very well. So, I thought to share the recipe with you all.

This is quite an easy idli recipe which you can prepare with basic ingredients like finger millet and urad dal. Some yogurt also goes well with the batter, it adds an extra softness and taste to the idli. This is my version of making ragi idli, but you can adjust the ingredients as per your requirement and taste. It doesn't take much of an effort and the method of preparation is similar to rice urad dal idli.

Finger millet or ragi is packed with nutrients and energy. It is a healthy cereal that helps in reducing weight. The high level of  fibers in ragi helps in digestion and keeps the stomach full for a longer period and thus prevent from over eating and helps in losing weight. It is rich in calcium which helps to strengthening bones. 

The iron contents in the ragi is very beneficial for those who are suffering from anemia. It is rich sources of carbohydrates and provides energy to the body. Finger millet should be consumed on regular basis in various form such as ragi malt, ragi dosa, ragi barfi, ragi idli, ragi ladoo and ragi upma.
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