April 26, 2015

Green chilli pickle recipe - Menasinakayi uppinakayi

Green chilli pickle in a jar
Green chilli pickle recipe - Today I am sharing with you all a very important item which needs to be stored for the use in day to day meal to serve as a tantalizing side dish. That is pickle. Pickle is an essential item in vegetarian meal. A teaspoon of pickle turns a simple meal into a delectable meal. Today I am sharing with you all one such healthy green chilli pickle recipe prepared with home made pickle powder, green chillies, lemon juice and a small quantity of oil. You can  prepare this pickle as and when required.

Green Chilli Pickle - Menasinakayi Uppinakayi

Prep time : 1 hr
Cook time : 30 mins
Total time : 1 hr 30 mins
Recipe type : Pickle
Cuisine : Konkani
Yield : Small jarful pickle
Author : Vidya Chandrahas

  • 3 tbsp oil
  • 1 tsp asafoetida / hing powder
  • 18 - 20 lemons
  • 250 grams green chillies
  • A tsp turmeric powder / haldi powder
  • Salt as required

For the pickle powder
  • 25 grams fenugreek seeds / methi dana
  • 75 grams husked split mustard seeds / sasma dali


1.  Roast the husked split mustard seeds and fenugreek seeds separately until aromatic and golden brown in colour. Keep them aside and allow to cool. Combine together the roasted seeds and grind it to a fine powder and set aside.
pickle powder to make green chilli pickle

2.  Wash the green chillies and pat dry. Then spread them on a paper and allow to dry completely. Remove the stems. Slit them from the stem side till  half keeping the lower part intact.
slitted green chillies

3.  Cut the lemon into halves and squeeze out the juice in a broad vessel and set aside.

4.  Heat the oil in a pan and add the asafoetida powder. Stir for a while and switch off the flame. 

5.  When the oil become warm, add the turmeric powder. Add the powder prepared above (methi-mustard powder). 

6.  Add the lemon juice and make a thick idli batter consistency paste. Add sufficient salt. So that the paste is salty. Allow it to cool.

7.  Now add the slitted green chillies to this paste.  mix well.
pickle powder and chillies combined

8.  Transfer it to a clean dry jar. Keep the jar in a dry pl;ace. The pickle will be ready to use after 10-12 days.
Green chilli pickle in a jar

  1. Here salt is the preservative, hence sufficient salt should be used so that the pickle doesn't get spoiled. 
  2. Before storing the pickle, taste some paste and adjust the salt.


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