October 19, 2014

Bhajani for Chakli - rice flour mix for preparing chakli -how to make bhajani for chakli

Bhajani  for chakli recipe  (flour mix for preparing chakli) - Today I am posting the recipe of traditional bhajani for chakli, which is a traditional savoury of Maharashtra. Chakli is a savoury snack usually prepared during diwali. Every house hold is making chakli or murukku for the festival with their own version. Bhajani in Marathi means roasted flour. This flour is prepared out of rice, roasted chana dal, urad dal and cumin seeds. This flour is  durable and you can store it for a couple of months and can be used as and when required. As a variation for having a different taste, you can add roasted ajwain, chilli powder and sesame seeds to the flour while preparing chakli.

flour mix in a container

12 cups rice / tandul / akki 
6 cups gram dal / chana dal
3 cups split black grams / urad dal
1/2 cup cumin seeds / jeera

Wash the rice thoroughly and drain. Spread a cloth under shadow and spread this drained rice on it. Keep it till the rice become very dry. I dried the rice for 2 days. 

Bhajani for chakli recipe with step by step pictures

Heat a  pan, roast the chana dal until crisp and light golden colour.  
chana dal in kadai

Roast it in two batches for the better result. Transfer the chana dal to a large plate. Allow to cool
roasted chana dal

In the same pan, add the urad dal and roast till they turn to light brown colour and aromatic.
urad dal in kadai

When it is done, transfer the urad dal to a  large plate. Allow it to cool
roasted urad dal

In the same pan,  just warm the rice and switch off the flame. Roast the rice in 3 - 4 batches.
rice in kadai

In another small pan roast the jeera until aromatic.
roasted jeera

 Mix the rice, chana dal, urad dal and jeera together. Allow them to cool.
ingredients mixed

Then, grind it to a fine powder to make bhajani. Store this bhajani  in an airtight container. Make delicious chakli as and when required. 
rice mixture grind to powder


  1. When i was newly married, my mum used to make and bring me a huge box of this flour to make my job easy for festivals. Thanks a lot for recipe..

  2. Very useful post for a festival season

  3. Anonymous17:04

    Is it necessary to wash and dry the rice?? can v directly warm it and grind??

    1. Yes. I always wash the rice thoroughly and dry it under shadow. I have mentioned about it under preparation.


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