June 4, 2014

Khajoor milkshake recipe - khrjur milkshake - how to make dates milkshake - milkshake recipe

Khajoor or dates milk shake recipe - Here is the simple yet delicious milk shake which can be made in a busy morning rush.Dates milk shake with light snacks make a filling breakfast to remain energetic till lunch. Dates milk shake which is rich in protein and iron is excellent for growing kids. Dates itself is very sweet, and no sugar is added in this drink. Do check out other milk shakes which I have posted earlier.

Dates milk shake in serving glasses
Khajoor milkshake recipe.

Preparation time 5 minutes 
Serves 2

1 cup chopped dates or khajoor
3 cups boiled milk, chilled

Khajoor milkshake recipe.

Grind the dates and milk together and make a smooth milk shake. Pour the milk in the glasses and serve chilled.
dates milkshake ready to serve


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