July 5, 2014

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Collection of Indian masala powder recipes - Indian spice powder recipes

Collection of masala powder recipes - Home made powder is always better than shop bought. Here you will find some interesting durable masala powder which are my family's favourite. These powder can be stored in an airtight container for about a year. Check out and  try these traditional masala powder to give a unique rich flavour as well as taste to the dish.

Maharashtrian kala masala - Kala masala is an authentic and traditional masla powder of Maharashtra. This kala masala powder is used in almost every house hold in maharashtra. Very flavorful masala which takes the dish to an extra high level. This masala is very handy and useful in making sabzis, amti, dal and usals. To make Maharshtrian style chicken dishes, you can use this masala in the palce of garam masala.

Masala bhath powder - Very handy and essential instant masala bhath powder  which is used to prepare  vegetable pulao or spicy  rice such as mango rice, carrot rice, peas paneer pulao, mushroom pulao, onion rice and tomato rice.

Maharashtrian goda masala - Goda masala is a traditional Maharashtrian spice powder which can be used in many Maharashtrian dishes like usals, amti, bhaaji chicken, mutton etc. Goda masala is slightly stronger in flavour than kala masala. Goda masala can be used in the place of kala masala.

Sambar masala without coconut - South Indian sambar masala has it's own special flavour and taste. The ingredients used in this masala powder thickens the sambar, hence I am using very less quantity of coconut  paste while preparing sambar with this powder. This sambar powder is prepared without dry coconut for better shelf life.

Sambar masala with  coconut -  This sambar powder is prepared using dry coconut. While using this powder for sambar, do not add fresh coconut paste. This powder enhances the taste and flavour of the sambar and better than any other shop bought sambar masala.


  1. nice flavorful powders. Nice collection.

  2. So so nice and flavourful masala powder..


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