July 4, 2014

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Collection of Indian soup recipes

Collection of soup recipes - Warm and comfort soups make a good starter to the lunch. Soups Prepared with vegetables and lentils are essential during rainy days and winter season. Soup is a world famous cuisine which comfort the soul and throat. Both vegetarian and non vegetarian soups are very simple, easy to prepare and loaded with all goodness of vegetables.  I have compiled few soup recipes for your convenience. I hope you enjoy them.

Tomato Soup - Tomato soup is very popular world wide food and an ever green comforting soup for all age people. I have my own version of making tomato soup which is loved by my family. It is made by boiling tomatoes, onions and ginger till they become soft. Then the soup is prepared by using corn flour, cumin seeds powder and pepper powder. So simple and easy to prepare with easily available ingredients in the kitchen.

Pumpkin Soup -  Pumpkin is a yellow vegetable and it is good for health. It has some nutty flavor and the soup absorb this flavor. This soup is prepared with pumpkin, tomatoes, onion,  ginger, black pepper, cumin seeds or jeera, pepper powder and salt. Those who doesn't like to eat sabzis and dishes prepared with pumpkin may try this soup to have the goodness and health benefits of pumpkin.

Mint Coriander Soup - A very soothing, refreshing and filling soup prepared with Mint and coriander leaves. I love the flavor of mint and coriander combination. This is a flavorful and very delicious soup prepared with onion, cabbage, corn flour, chilly sauce, soya sauce coriander leaves and mint leaves. 

Carrot Tomato Soup -  A very comfort soup with tangy and sweet taste. The taste and flavor of this soup is unique as this is prepared in combination with tomato and carrot. The other ingredients used in this soup is pepper powder, corn flour, coriander leaves, carrot, onion, cumin seeds or jeera.

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