July 4, 2014

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Collection of Diwali savoury snacks recipes

Collection of  diwali savoury sncaks recipes - A delicious snacks commonly prepared in every homes with their own version. Every year we make diwali snacks and these are very simple and easy to make. These traditional snacks have  proper proportion of ingredients and the same can be changed according to your family member's taste.  I have compiled  few of savoury snacks recipes for your convenience. I hope you enjoy them.

Tikhat Shankarpali - This shankarpali is mildly flavored with cumin seeds powder, coriander powder, asafoetida, chilli powder and carom seeds. Though the method of preparation is similar to the sweet shankrpali, the ingredients used in this shankarpali is totally different. Try out tikhat shankarpali and treat your family and friends.

Sweet Shankarpali - Shankarpali is one such snack that burst in mouth and releases it's flavour and taste. This is prepared with refined flour, rava, ghee and sugar. This is a fabulous crispy snack that both adult and kids love to eat. 

Kharasev - kharasev goes well with sweets. It is a simple and easy snack, that few ingredients like besan, rice flour, carom seeds pepper powder and oil for deep frying is needed. 

Karanji - Preparation of Diwali sweets and savories started with Karanji. Karanji is a delicious, deep fried snack. The outer cover is made by refined flour and semolina. The filling is the mixture of dry coconut, poppy seeds, rava, powdered sugar and cardamom powder

Methi Nippattu - Nippattu is a durable deep fried snack of Karnataka. This crispy snack can be stored in an airtight container for about  a month. This is a perfect snack for hostel staying kids to carry with them. Fenugreek leaves which is known as methi paana is added, therefore this nippattu is named as methi nippattu.

Butter Chakli - Butter Murukku - Chakli is a snack which compulsarily prepared in every home during Ganesh chaturthi and Diwali festival. A crunchy snack prepared with rice, bengal gram dal, skinned black grams, green gram dal some carom seeds, chilli powder along with  butter. The flour is first mixed with butter till both chakli flour and butter combine well. Then few tbsp of hot oil is added to this flour. This flour is knead to soft dough and using chakli maker round shaped chakli is pressed on a large plate. These chaklis are deep fried on low flame until crisp and golden brown in colour.

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