July 4, 2014

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Tempered snacks recipes

Collection of tempered snacks recipes - Munching snacks are always in demand by small kids. seasoned phool makhana and murmura are a healthy snacks which is required less oil. These snacks can be packed in the snack box for school going kids. Sometimes, even adults prefer to munch some snacks while watching television. Learn how to make easy munching snacks with easy to follow instructions.

Murmura chiwda - Murmura chiwda is one of the best and easiest snacks to prepare in less time.  The addition of crispy peanuts, coconut, putani, delicious tempering and these make the snack tastier. Murmura has many names. and that is churmuri, mandakki and puffed rice are very popular names. The tempered turmeric powder gives beautiful yellow colour as well as taste to the chiwda. This is a hassle free snacks which can be stored in an airtight container for several days. Learn how to make murmura chiwda with easy to follow instructions.

Phool makhana snack - Crispy and spicy tempered phool makhana is an easy to prepare healthy snack.  Phool makhana is known as lotus seeds and fox nuts. These are abundantly available in all grocery shops. The  tempered phool makhana extract the taste and flavour from the tempering.  So, using  proper amount of oil, chilly powder and salt is very essential. you can also add fried roasted gram dal, cashew nuts, peanuts and dry coconut pieces to the phool makhana snack. This is a munching snack that kids like to have it at any time. Learn how to make this recipe with easy to follow instructions.

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