July 4, 2014

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9 Biryani and pulao recipes - Collection of pulao recipes

Collection of biryani, pulao and rice recipes - Learn how to make biryani, pulao and rice delicacies with vegetables, chicken and prawns. Undoubtedly, these are very popular in India. These dishes can be prepared in pressure cooker or in a pot.  Pressure cooker biryani takes hardly few minutes and it can be made in a jiffy. I personally, love to make biryani in pressure cooker as it makes the task easy. Biryanis are flavourful as the rice is tempered with whole spices in ghee and the garam masala powder adds an extra flavour and taste to the dish.

Palak or spinach pulao -  Varieties of pulao can be made by using vegetables and this pulao is one of the best pulaos as it contain loads of leafy vegetable that is spinach. This is absolutely a healthy one pot meal. This is a very simple dish made with few basic ingredients. This pulao is delicious and flavourful. It is a complete meal in itself and fills the stomach.

Vegetable biryani - This is  classic vegetable biryani can be served in small parties. this dish is suitable to pack in the lunch box and you can prepare it as your weekend special dish. This biryani is a tried and tested many a times and ingredients are adjusted to suit our taste buds. Once the biryani is done, the fragrance of it makes you hungry and you will be eager to eat it. This vegetable biryani tastes great when serve hot and accompanied by some fried papads and raitas. 

Soya beans pulao - This pulao contains soya beans, and we all know that soya beans are rich sources of proteins. All of we need proteins in different quantity on daily basis depending upon the need. Hence this classic pulao is an ideal healthy dish to get complete proteins through your diet. 

Vangi bhaath - Brinjal rice - Vaangi bhaath is a popular traditional rice dish of Maharashtra. This is a delicious one pot meal which pairs well with roasted potatoes and cucumber raita.

Narali Bhath - Sweet Coconut Rice - Narali bhath is a traditional sweet coconut rice of Maharashtra usually prepared during the occasion of Narali purnima festival. Narali bhath is usually made with basmati rice, coconut, ghee and jaggery. Any other rice can also be used in place of basmati rice but basmati rice enriches the flavour. Learn how to make narali bhath with easy to follow instructions.

Matar ( Green Peas ) Paneer Pulao - This is a filling healthy dish that is loaded with proteins and carbohydrates. This pulao is made in pressure cooker. A very flavorful pulao as I have used basmati rice and the flavour is induced with brown cardamoms. Paneer matar combination is loved by all age groups.

Carrot ( Gajar ) Pulao -  Gajar pulao is a healthy one pot meal made with carrots and rice. This pulao is best when accompanied with a bowl of raita, papad and pickles. This gajar pulao is made with precooked rice, onion, whole spices and other ingredients. 

Raw Mango Pulao -  Learn how to make raw mango rice with  easy to follow instructions. This is a filling one pot meal that any one can prepare easily during mango season. Similar type of rice can be prepared by using other vegetables like tomato, cauliflower and mint leaves.

Mushroom Pulao -  This is a mushroom pulao made in pressure cooker. It can be made in a hurry in the morning to serve as a breakfast and pack the lunch box. 
The combination of basmati rice, mushroom and various spices and herbs are fabulous. Learn and try this mushroom pulao with easy to follow instructions.

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