July 4, 2014

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Payasa recipes - Indian kheer recipes

Collection of payasam or kheer recipes - Payasam or kheer is a sweet dish prepared during festival to offer as naivedya to God. It is also prepared during special occasions such as birthday party and get together functions. Several varieties of kheer can be made using jaggery or sugar as sweetening agents. The payasam can be prepared with pumpkin, fox nut, rice, green gram dal, bengal gram dal, paneer, semolina, almond, vermicelli, broken wheat,custard apple and so on. Check out the following delicious payasam recipes of South India. I will upadte this post as and when I post new kheer or payasa recipes.

Pumpkin kheer - Pumpkin kheer is a very popular South Indian traditional dessert. An ideal sweet dish to make on some occasions and festivals. Traditionally, pumpkin is cooked in thin coconut milk, simmered with thick coconut milk and jaggery, flavored with cardamoms and textured with semolina. Coconut milk and jaggery together release an excellent flavor  when it is induced with cardamom powder.

Phool makhana pudding - This is an Indian dessert made with fox nuts drenched in thick,  sweet vanilla custard milk and garnished with sliced pistachios. This is an easiest and simplest dessert whereas the flavor and thickness is achieved with the vanilla flavored custard powder.

Rice coconut payasa - This payasa is a traditional Coastal Karnataka dessert, prepared with rice, chana dal, coconut milk and jaggery. The combination of rice rava and chana dal gives extra texture and taste to the kheer. 

Moong dal kheer - This payasa is made with split green grams, coconut milk, jaggery and thickened with semolina. It has an inviting flavor of cardamoms and jaggery. This very popular traditional sweet dish is often made during special occasions and festivals in Karnataka. It is also used to offer as naivedya to God.

Chana dal kheer -  Split bengal grams or chana dal is the basic ingredients and you can thicken the payasa either with rava or rice flour paste. This is a sweet dish which is extremely pleasing to the sense of taste. Try this payasa to treat your family, friends and relatives.

Paneer kheer -  This is an aromatic kheer to serve as a dessert after meal. I  have used home made fresh paneer and also used corn flour as thickening agent. The flavor is infused with cardamom powder. The kheer has achieved beautiful colour with the addition of saffron soaked milk.

Rava chana dal kheer -  Scrumptious kheer prepared with semolina, bengal gram dal and jaggery. The speciality of this kheer is after eating it you do not feel like to eat anything else. The kheer itself is a complete meal. Both rava and chana dal are enough to fill the stomach. 

Badam - almond kheer -  Almond kheer is a delicious and popular Indian dessert made with almonds, milk, sugar, saffron and rice flour. The rice flour is used in the kheer to get the desired taste and texture. The addition of saffron make the kheer colourful and flavorful.

Semiya - Vermicelli Kheer
Custard Apple Rabdi
Lauki / White Gourd Kheer

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