July 4, 2014

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23 Sabzi recipes - Collection of Indian veg side dish recipes

Collection of sabzi recipes - Sabzis are side dish to Indian staple food rice, chapathi, paratha, bread, roti and thepla. These sabzis are flavourful and slightly spicy. In this section I have compiled lunch box subzis like kadai subzis, usals, stuffed veggies, stir fry recipes for your convenience. Click on the recipe link, to get the full recipe. 

Matar shimla mirch subzi - There are different ways of making stir fry or dry subzis. This North Indian style matar, shimla mirch sabzi tastes well when cooked in its own moisture and oil. But you can add little amount of water, compromising with the taste.

Karlyachi peeth perun bhaji - This is a Maharashtrian style karlyachi bhaji made with bitter gourds and gram flour. Eating karlyachi bhaji without adding jaggery or sugar is beneficial for health. I made this  karlyachi peeth perun  bhaji using jaggery and tamarind for taste which reduces the bitterness and increases the taste. 

Kadai Gobi and Beans - Kadai gobi and beans is a quick and easy to prepare sabzi that can be made within ten minutes. Kadai gobi and beans is nothing but a sabzi with spicy flavor and a fiery taste.

Kadai Bhindi - Kadai bhindi which is a nice accompaniment for Indian flat breads. Its a nice side dish for rice and curry too. Mixing this kadai bhindi with rice and dal also gives an excellent taste to the meal.

Matki Chi Usal - Sprouted matki usal made using Kala Masala is a healthy and delicious dish. Sprouted moong, chickpeas, vaal, abzuki, black eyed beans etc. at least in four meals in a week. This type of usal can also be made using mixed sprouted lentils or beans.

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