July 4, 2014

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Collection of dessert recipes

Collection of desserts and sweet recipes - Desserts and sweets are essential special dish in Indian festivals, weddings and celebrations. These are made with fruits, lentils, khawa, coconut, hung curd, jaggery or sugar. Thousands of varieties of desserts and sweets are prepared in India. Sweets in India is called mithai and desserts are kheer, payasam, rasayana, amrakhand, shrikhand, gulab jamun etc.

Kharbuja Rasayana - Kharbuja or musk melon rasayana is a delicious all season dessert, commonly made in Karnataka. Muskmelon in combination with  coconut milk make this dish an extremely pleasing dessert when sweetened with jaggery and induced with cardamom flavor. Traditionally, coconut paste is used to make the rasayana.

Gulab Jamun - The basic ingredient for gulab jamun is khawa. Gulab jmun made with khawa has very soft texture and is a melt in mouth popular Indian sweet. I found gulab jamun fried in the ghee is tastier than oil fried. 

Mango Rasayana - This is a coconut based dessert made by using mango and jaggery. Very popular sweet dish of South Karnatka usually made during mango season. Rasayana is usually served with pooris.
Fruit Salad - This is a healthy dessert made with milk, sugar, fruits and flavored custard powder. The combination of  both the vanilla flavor and fruits flavor makes this dish very aromatic and rich. 

Amrakhand - Mango Shrikhand - Amrakhand is one of the popular Maharashtrian desserts made with hung curd, mango, sugar and the flavour is infused with cardamom powder. It is prepared during festivals and weekends, usually served with pooris.

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