July 6, 2014

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7 chicken recipes - Collection of Indian chicken recipes

chicken and egg dishes
Collection of chicken and egg recipes - Chicken and eggs are one of the main ingredients that Indians use in their daily meal. Variety of dishes can be made with chicken and each one has its own taste and flavour. Indian chicken dishes are spicy, and very popular among all age people.

Chicken with cashew nut masala
Chicken with cashew nut masala - Thiis dish is made with chicken as main ingredients. Onions and tomato puree, some other spices along with cashew nut paste is a wonderful combo which gives fabulous taste and rich creamy texture to the dish.

chicken curry-karnataka style
Chicken curry - Karnataka special - This chicken curry is made using fresh coconut and spices. Onion, ginger and garlic also enhance the taste. This is a very spicy curry of Coastal Karnataka usually served with lemon, onion along with  butter milk.

Egg omlette - Omlette is such a hassle free dish which can be prepared in a jiffy. This is a nutritious dish for both adults and school going kids to serve in the morning. Omlette with bread makes a filling breakfast which provides proteins and other nutrients to the body.

kolhapuri chicken curry
Kolhapuri chicken curry - This is a spiciest curry of kolhapur, Maharashtra. This spicy curry goes well with all types of rice, rice flour roti, jawar roti, phulka and chapathi. It is usually served with onion raita and lemon wedges.
chicken pulao
Chicken pulao - Spicy chicken pulao is an Indian style spicy rice cooked with boneless chicken, rice, herbs and some spices. This pulav goes well with all variety of raitas and salads.  Even you can eat this spicy rice without any side dish.

Chicken with green masala fry
Chicken with green masala fry - This is a easy and quick to prepar appetizer. You can prepare the green masala paste well in advance and refrigerate it to use as and when required. This is a mouth watering chicken fry with unique flavour.

chicken sukke
Chicken sukke - Delicious spicy dry chicken dish which is popularly known as chicken sukke in coastal Karnataka. This is a very simple and can be made very quickly with some spice powder. A perfect chicken dish to serve as a starter.

chicken soup
Chicken tomato soup - Delicious and warm soup which can be made during rainy and winter season. The ingredients like onion, ginger and  garlic adds flavour as well as taste to the soup.  Tomato gives rich red colour and slightly sour taste that you may feel like to have it more and more.

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