July 4, 2014

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Collection of appe recipes - Paniyaram recipes

Collection of appe or paniyaram recipes - Appe is a traditional South Indian snack basically prepared with rice. Appe is also called as paniyaram. Appe or paniyaram is prepared using special pan called appe kaayli. Rice appe is slightly sweet in taste. I have also posted mix dal appe which is very healthy and delcious. This is usually served as breakfast dish and evening snack. These appes can be packed in the lunch box.

Rice appe - Hot appe with ghee is a very popular breakfast snack of Coastal Karnataka. This is a very delicious, inviting snack which is slightly addictive and keeps you full for a long time.

Sweet and sour appe - This appe is prepared with rice, fenugreek seeds, rice flakes, coconut, jaggery, and curd.  It should be cooked on low flame. The batter should be slightly thicker than idli batter. Hot appe is usually served with ghee. 

Mixed dal appe - This mix dals appe is a protein packed tea time snack, prepared using extremely healthy ingredients like bengal gram dal, green gram dal, black gram dal and toor dal. Great evening snack to serve.

Rava pumpkin appe - Rava pumpkin appe is nothing but a batter made with semolina and pumpkin cooked in appe mould. It is equally tasty like rice appe made with rice batter.

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