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06 July 2014

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7 chicken recipes - Collection of Indian chicken recipes

chicken and egg dishes
Collection of chicken and egg recipes - Chicken and eggs are one of the main ingredients that Indians use in their daily meal. Variety of dishes can be made with chicken and each one has its own taste and flavour. Indian chicken dishes are spicy, and very popular among all age people. 

Chicken with cashew nut masala
Chicken with cashew nut masala - Thiis dish is made with chicken as main ingredients. Onions and tomato puree, some other spices along with cashew nut paste is a wonderful combo which gives fabulous taste and rich creamy texture to the dish.

chicken curry-karnataka style
Chicken curry - Karnataka special - This chicken curry is made using fresh coconut and spices. Onion, ginger and garlic also enhance the taste. This is a very spicy curry of Coastal Karnataka usually served with lemon, onion along with  butter milk.

Egg omlette - Omlette is such a hassle free dish which can be prepared in a jiffy. This is a nutritious dish for both adults and school going kids to serve in the morning. Omlette with bread makes a filling breakfast which provides proteins and other nutrients to the body.

kolhapuri chicken curry
Kolhapuri chicken curry - This is a spiciest curry of kolhapur, Maharashtra. This spicy curry goes well with all types of rice, rice flour roti, jawar roti, phulka and chapathi. It is usually served with onion raita and lemon wedges.
chicken pulao
Chicken pulao - Spicy chicken pulao is an Indian style spicy rice cooked with boneless chicken, rice, herbs and some spices. This pulav goes well with all variety of raitas and salads.  Even you can eat this spicy rice without any side dish.

Chicken with green masala fry
Chicken with green masala fry - This is a easy and quick to prepar appetizer. You can prepare the green masala paste well in advance and refrigerate it to use as and when required. This is a mouth watering chicken fry with unique flavour.

chicken sukke
Chicken sukke - Delicious spicy dry chicken dish which is popularly known as chicken sukke in coastal Karnataka. This is a very simple and can be made very quickly with some spice powder. A perfect chicken dish to serve as a starter.

chicken soup
Chicken tomato soup - Delicious and warm soup which can be made during rainy and winter season. The ingredients like onion, ginger and  garlic adds flavour as well as taste to the soup.  Tomato gives rich red colour and slightly sour taste that you may feel like to have it more and more.

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12 fish recipes - Collection of Indian seafood recipes

Collection of fish recipes - Fish, prawns, clams and crabs are an essential item that Coastal side people use to prepare their staple food.  Variety of dishes can be made with these main ingredients and each dish has its own taste and flavour. In that region fish dishes are made with coconut, chilli powder, ginger, garlic, coriander seeds, tamarind or amchur or kokum. 

Alleppey fish curry - This is a delicious coconut milk based alleppey fish curry made with pomfrets.  In the place of pomfret you can also use king fish, prawn, lady fish  etc. If you replace the pomfret with other fishes, change in quantity of chilly powder is necessary. As the fish changes, the taste of curry may change. In general, all fish curries goes well with steamed rice.

Steamed pomfrets -  In this dish, pomfrets are steamed along with thick masala paste prepared with ginger garlic, green chillies and cumin seeds as basic ingredients for the masala. You can also add fresh coriander leaves to make the paste more thick and flavourful.

Prawn biryani -  Prawn biryani is a speciality of  Coastal Karnataka and this is our favorite biryani. It is very similar to the other biryani or pulav For non-vegetarians, this is a nice variation with prawns. Usually, prawn biryani is prepared using small variety of white prawns.

King Fish - Surmai (Iswan ) Fry - King fish is marinated with tangy and spicy masala paste, coated with semolina and then shallow fried on low flame. This is simply wonderful, delicious and goes well with hot steamed rice with curry, or curd rice. 

Pomfret fry with green masala -  The green masala in this recipe is made using green chilies, coriander leaves, ginger, garlic and cumin seeds. The masala paste is very pungent and flavourful. This very popular method of making fish fry with green masala. 

Also Check some other interesting fish recipes in this space.

Alleppey Prawn Curry

Bellanje Ambat ( Curry )

Pomfret Ghashi ( Gassi )

Pomfret Curry - Papleta Ambat

Prawn Curry - Sungta Ambat

King Fish / Surmai ( Iswan ) Curry

Crab Curry - Kurle Ambat

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05 July 2014

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Collection of Indian masala powder recipes - Indian spice powder recipes

Collection of masala powder recipes - Home made powder is always better than shop bought. Here you will find some interesting durable masala powder which are my family's favourite. These powder can be stored in an airtight container for about a year. Check out and  try these traditional masala powder to give a unique rich flavour as well as taste to the dish.

Maharashtrian kala masala - Kala masala is an authentic and traditional masla powder of Maharashtra. This kala masala powder is used in almost every house hold in maharashtra. Very flavorful masala which takes the dish to an extra high level. This masala is very handy and useful in making sabzis, amti, dal and usals. To make Maharshtrian style chicken dishes, you can use this masala in the palce of garam masala.

Masala bhath powder - Very handy and essential instant masala bhath powder  which is used to prepare  vegetable pulao or spicy  rice such as mango rice, carrot rice, peas paneer pulao, mushroom pulao, onion rice and tomato rice.

Maharashtrian goda masala - Goda masala is a traditional Maharashtrian spice powder which can be used in many Maharashtrian dishes like usals, amti, bhaaji chicken, mutton etc. Goda masala is slightly stronger in flavour than kala masala. Goda masala can be used in the place of kala masala.

Sambar masala without coconut - South Indian sambar masala has it's own special flavour and taste. The ingredients used in this masala powder thickens the sambar, hence I am using very less quantity of coconut  paste while preparing sambar with this powder. This sambar powder is prepared without dry coconut for better shelf life.

Sambar masala with  coconut -  This sambar powder is prepared using dry coconut. While using this powder for sambar, do not add fresh coconut paste. This powder enhances the taste and flavour of the sambar and better than any other shop bought sambar masala.

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04 July 2014

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Payasa recipes - Indian kheer recipes

Collection of payasam or kheer recipes - Payasam or kheer is a sweet dish prepared during festival to offer as naivedya to God. It is also prepared during special occasions such as birthday party and get together functions. Several varieties of kheer can be made using jaggery or sugar as sweetening agents. The payasam can be prepared with pumpkin, fox nut, rice, green gram dal, bengal gram dal, paneer, semolina, almond, vermicelli, broken wheat,custard apple and so on. Check out the following delicious payasam recipes of South India. I will upadte this post as and when I post new kheer or payasa recipes.

Pumpkin kheer - Pumpkin kheer is a very popular South Indian traditional dessert. An ideal sweet dish to make on some occasions and festivals. Traditionally, pumpkin is cooked in thin coconut milk, simmered with thick coconut milk and jaggery, flavored with cardamoms and textured with semolina. Coconut milk and jaggery together release an excellent flavor  when it is induced with cardamom powder.

Phool makhana pudding - This is an Indian dessert made with fox nuts drenched in thick,  sweet vanilla custard milk and garnished with sliced pistachios. This is an easiest and simplest dessert whereas the flavor and thickness is achieved with the vanilla flavored custard powder.

Rice coconut payasa - This payasa is a traditional Coastal Karnataka dessert, prepared with rice, chana dal, coconut milk and jaggery. The combination of rice rava and chana dal gives extra texture and taste to the kheer. 

Moong dal kheer - This payasa is made with split green grams, coconut milk, jaggery and thickened with semolina. It has an inviting flavor of cardamoms and jaggery. This very popular traditional sweet dish is often made during special occasions and festivals in Karnataka. It is also used to offer as naivedya to God.

Chana dal kheer -  Split bengal grams or chana dal is the basic ingredients and you can thicken the payasa either with rava or rice flour paste. This is a sweet dish which is extremely pleasing to the sense of taste. Try this payasa to treat your family, friends and relatives.

Paneer kheer -  This is an aromatic kheer to serve as a dessert after meal. I  have used home made fresh paneer and also used corn flour as thickening agent. The flavor is infused with cardamom powder. The kheer has achieved beautiful colour with the addition of saffron soaked milk.

Rava chana dal kheer -  Scrumptious kheer prepared with semolina, bengal gram dal and jaggery. The speciality of this kheer is after eating it you do not feel like to eat anything else. The kheer itself is a complete meal. Both rava and chana dal are enough to fill the stomach. 

Badam - almond kheer -  Almond kheer is a delicious and popular Indian dessert made with almonds, milk, sugar, saffron and rice flour. The rice flour is used in the kheer to get the desired taste and texture. The addition of saffron make the kheer colourful and flavorful.

Semiya - Vermicelli Kheer
Custard Apple Rabdi
Lauki / White Gourd Kheer

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Paratha recipes - Indian paratha recipes

Collection of paratha recipes - Paratha is a Indian flat bread prepared  served for breakfast , lunh or dinner. The wheat flour or refined flour is the key ingredient in parathas. For variation variety of stuffing is made by using potato, cauliflower,  Gram dals, paneer,  radish and so on. It is a filling dish served with ghee, curd, chutneys and pickles. Perfect dish to pack in the lunch box. The dough and filling for paratha can be prepared well in advance to make hot parathas as and when required. Parathas can be made in three ways, those are by stuffing, by mixing the filling directly in the flour and double roti method.

Pumpkin thepla - It has a soft texture and alluring flavor. This is exquisitely fine, subtle and pleasing with a hint of mild spice powder. The perfect blend of yogurt, chilly powder, salt and besan turn the theplas in an array of fabulous dish. 

Masala roti - This roti goes well with any dry subzis, chutneys, chutney powder, curd and raitas. It is an alternative to parathas, theplas and chapathi.This mildly spiced roti can be roasted till crisp to store for three  to four days.

Palak paratha - The palak paratha can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner,    Spinach, popularly known as palak, is a leafy vegetable. Leafy vegetables are rich sources of Vitamin B, iron, calcium, Vitamin B complex and Vitamin C. At least 3 - 5 servings.

Paneer cauliflower paratha -  Paneer  cauliflower paratha is a star dish, both the combination create creamy texture, rich and higher in taste if compared to other vegetable parathas.  Hence this is an ideal party dish too.

 Mooli or radish paratha - Mooli paratha is a healthy and tasty variety of paratha. It is easy to prepare using the double roti method. It is odorless and as tasty as any other paratha. This delicious mooli paratha is  ideal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It goes well with curd, chutney, pickle and tomato ketchup.

Pumpkin Paratha

Lauki ka Paratha

Puran Poli - Holige

Methi Thepla
Paneer Cabbage Paratha

Aloo Gobi Paratha

Stuffed Aloo Paratha
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5 Uttapam recipes - Collection of south Indian uttapa recipes

Collection of uttappa or uttapam recipes - Uttapa is South indian speciality and is very popular breakfast dish. Every restaurant and house hold has its own version of making uttapas. Variety of uttapas are made by using key ingredients such as rice and split black gram dal. Well fermented uttapa batter is used to make soft and delicious uttapas. Plain uttapa, onion uttapa and masala uttapa are popular and these are served with sambar and coconut chutney.

Rava oats uttapam -  Oats, semolina and urad dal uttapa is a simple and perfect breakfast dish, alternative to onion uttapa. It can be prepared very often with less effort in different ways by mixing various vegetables such as carrots, beans, green peas, cabbage etc. 

Rava or semolina uttapam - Rava uttapa or uttapam is an easy and quick breakfast dish made without grinding and fermentation. It tastes well with all varieties of chutneys. It should better go with one glass of milk, milk shake, juice, horlicks, bournvita, a cup of tea or coffee. For the better taste use ghee to shallow fry the uttappa 

Mushroom  mixed dal  pancake - The pancake made with dals, mushrooms and onion make a good breakfast or teatime snack. The lentils provide nutrient to the body as well as release energy for the natural regular activities. It leaves an uttapam  like taste in the mouth while eating. Usually this pancake is served with chutneys. 

Onion uttapam - This is a very delicious South Indian breakfast dish loved by all Indians. It is soft and consumed with coconut chutney and sambar. Making uttapa is not difficult. You can also make it by using dosa batter. 

Oatmeal  uttapam - Oats are healthy ingredients. This uttappam is a breakfast dish and is very filling. After consuming this uttapam, it keeps you energetic till lunch. I make oats uttapam often and serve it with coconut chutney and sambar. 

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Collection of South Indian upma recipes

Collection of upma or uppittu recipes -Upma is a South Indian dish prepared in every home with their own versions. It is served for breakfast and easily pack in the lunch box. Very simple and quick to prepare dish. When suddenly guests or friends visit, without any second thought you can make variety of upmas by using easily available ingredients like semolina or rava, broken wheat, vermicelli, oats etc. 

Oats upma -  Oats vegetable upma is a delicious breakfast snack, which I make often and it doesn't need much of a preparation. It is so easy and gets ready within 25 minutes when the ingredients are readily available in the kitchen. It is a filling and healthy snack usually served with hot coffee or tea.

Dalia or broken wheat  upma -  Dalia upma is a simple and filling breakfast dish prepared with broken wheat. This upma is an ideal breakfast dish. I prepare it once in a fortnight.

Rava or semolina  upma -  Rava upma is a South Indian special breakfast dish. I make it often either for breakfast or in the evening as tea time snack. You can add vegetables like carrot and green peas to this upma to make it more healthy and tasty.

Semiya or vermicelli upma - Vermicelli upma, popularly known as sevai upma is a  best way to use some vegetables and vermicelli together. If you make upma for breakfast, you can roast the vermicelli well in advance at night. Also you can chop the carrots and place it in the refrigerator for the further use. Sevai upma
is so simple to prepare that you can try for evening teatime snack. 

Sabudana batata khichadi

Kande Pohe or onion beaten rice

Susla - puffed rice susla

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