May 25, 2016

Avrekayi upkari | Long beans sabzi recipe | Valasange sukke

Avrekayi upkari recipe - Long bean is a seasonal vegetable and is available during few months. Long beans are known as avrekayi in kannada and valasange in konkani in western Karnataka. In eastern part of Karnatka (Bangalore, Mysore, Tumkur etc.) lilva beans are also called as avrekayi which is used to prepare hichikida avrekayi palya.  So to clear your confusion about the variety of beans I have used to make this upkari, I have posted the picture of long beans used by me in step by step pictures below. When the long beans are tender they become soft after cooking. Once the seeds inside become solid, it is not advisable to use such beans for upkari as it will not be soft after cooking. The seeds inside  is known as black eyed beans in english, avrekalu in kannada, alsande in konkani and lobia in hindi. The upkari of long beans is usually served as a side dish. The upkari is very tasty, nutritious and contains ample amount of soluble fiber. This uplkari is very easy to prepare with few ingredients. The freshly grated coconut used for the preparation of upkari enhances the taste. Here is how to make long beans upkari with step by step pictures.

May 15, 2016

Kesar kulfi recipe | Saffron kulfi

Kesar kulfi is really a delicious, soft and cool dessert one can have during summer. Kesar is known as saffron in English. Saffron can be added  to get light yellow colour and a unique adorable flavour to the dish. It gives extra flavour in combination with cardamom powder. Learn how to make kulfi at home with milk powder, milk, saffron, sugar and cardamom powder. Also check out mango kulfi recipe which I had posted earlier. These kulfis are not only delicious but also melt in mouth. Here is kesar kulfi recipe with step by step pictures.