December 31, 2015

Bhindi pakoda recipe | Ladies finger pakora

Bhindi pakoda recipe - Bhindi pakoda belongs to appetizer and snack category of Indian cuisine. The main ingredients are ladies finger and besan. Bhindi pakoda is one of the most easiest deep fried snack that you can make at anytime as ladies fingers are available throughout the year. Actually, I wanted to make kadai bhindi with the ladies fingers available in my refrigerator. But, the quantity of ladies fingers were very less and also I had to prepare evening snacks. First I thought to make onion pakoda. Later, I changed my mind and made this bhindi pakoda to utilize the ladies finger in a nice way. The pakoda was crispy and tasty. To get the pakodas crispy you have to fry it on low flame. One important thing is that it tastes best when served hot. Variations can be made with this pakoda by adding refined flour and corn flour. It tastes delicious with these ingredients.

Bhindi pakoda image

December 23, 2015

Jowar raagi badam cookies | Sorghum finger millet almond cookies

Jowar raagi badam cookies recipe - Jowar raagi badam cookies are one of the most healthiest and kids friendly cookies. Cookies prepared in combination with both the flour are excellent in taste. I have added only almonds, but you can add some more dry fruits like cashew nuts and walnuts. I had some millet and jowar flour in stock, so to utilise the flour in a nice way, I prepared this cookies. It came out very well. It was flavorful, crispy and tasty. Cookies are one of the most important items for kids and this is the perfect treat for them. This can even be packed in their tiffin box.

Jowar raagi badam cookies in a serving plate

December 20, 2015

Anarse with rice flour and jaggery recipe | Atrasa | Kajjaya

Anarse recipe -The basic ingredient of this sweet is fresh rice flour. Rice flour is prepared in a special way for this sweet. Rice is soaked continuously for three days by changing water each day. On fourth day, drain water and dry the rice under shadow. Make fine flour with this rice and use this rice flour for preparing anarse. Making anarse by using such rice flour makes it crispy and layered. Being fried in ghee, this sweet is high in calories and highly addictive. The poppy seeds adds extra taste and crunchiness to the sweet. Anarse is made during special occasion like Diwali and Ganesh chaturthi festival. Actually I made it during Diwali festival, but I couldn't post it at that time. It came out very well. It was crispy and reasonably sweet. You can add more jaggery if you like a more sweeter version. We all liked it a lot. Do try this anarse and I am sure that you will like it.

Anarse in a serving plate

December 16, 2015

Besan khawa barfi recipe | Mawa besan barfi

Besan khawa barfi recipe - This barfi is a delicious treat for people of all age group. This is a popular traditional sweet prepared with gram flour and mawa. Preparing sweet with these combination is very easy. I adore the melt in mouth texture and flavour of these barfis. The interesting part is it is a durable sweet that you can store it for about a month in the refrigerator and it remains as fresh as freshly made. Do try this excellent sweet, you will find it more interesting. Also check out some other delectable sweet recipes in this space.

Besan khawa barfi in a serving plate

December 1, 2015

Green smoothie recipe | Apple spinach mint smoothie

Green smoothie recipe  - This apple spinach smoothie is alternative to breakfast and perfect evening refresher for those who are looking forward to include low calorie food in their diet to loose weight and balance the sugar level in blood. This is a nutritious drink  with all goodness of healthy leafy vegetable spinach, and apple. It is prepared with only five ingredients. This smoothie is very light on stomach, satiated and gives you an energy boost. A perfect green drink which is low in calories and fat which can be prepared effortlessly. The apple, spinach and  lime juice complement each other. Mint and curry leaves adds fresh flavor. This smoothie has a wonderful taste which makes you drink more and more.  If you are looking for a healthy drink then try this green smoothie and enjoy.

 Green smoothie in a serving glass