September 30, 2014

Mugachi usal recipe - hesaru kalu usali recipe - green gram usali recipe - how to make muachi usal

Mugachi usal recipe - Usali is a Konkan cuisine prepared with pulses, lentils and garnished with grated fresh coconut. Besides green gram, dry green peas, brown chickpea, kabuli chana, lobia and ground nuts can also be used to make such usali. These protein packed nutritious usalis are breakfast and fasting (upwas) dishes. 

usali in serving plate

September 29, 2014

Chibud (mash melon) rasayana recipe - how to make chibud rasayana

Chibud (mash melon) rasayana recipe - Chubud (mashmelon) rasayana is coconut milk based dessert traditionally prepared with mashmelon, coconut milk, beaten rice and jaggery. It is mildly induced with cardamom flavor. Chibud is a fruit belonging to melon family, which is mostly grown in Konkan region. Sometimes, these melon fruits may be consumed in the form of  juice, milk shake  or lassi. These rasayanas are prepared during navaratri days as fasting dish. If you are making it for fasting, then exclude the poha.  If you eat this delectable dish for fasting, it keeps you energetic for a long period. If you do not find chibud, you can make rasayana by using muskmelon. Check out muskmelon rasayana. These rasayanas are usually served chilled.

Chibuda rasayana

September 27, 2014

Rava dhokla recipe - semolina vegetable dhokla recipe - how to make rava dhokla

Rava dhokla recipe - Making breakfast is really a challenging task and every time we need different dishes for breakfast. This dhokla is a Gujarathi speciality prepared with vegetables and yogurt along with rava. This is an alternative to rava vegetable idli. This dhokla is delectable with the combination of yogurt and vegetables. To bring out an exotic taste from dhokla, it needs to be served with green chutney prepared with cilantro, mint leaves and other ingredients. This dhokla is not only a breakfast dish but  also can be packed in lunch box or served with lunch / dinner.

Rava-vegetable dokla in a plate

September 26, 2014

Aloo matar saaru recipe - bataate vataane ambat - how to make potato green peas curry

Aloo matar saaru or ambat recipe - Today I have come up with one easiest and simplest  saaru (curry, ambat) recipe of Karnataka, prepared with potato and green peas. It has mildly spiced coconut based gravy which really goes well with hot rice and chapati. There are number of ways by which you can make saaru. But this is the simplest method with very few ingredients. Check out other  dal, sambar, saaru recipes. 

aloo matar curry recipe

September 25, 2014

Rava banana kesari recipe - rava baale hannina sheera recipe - how to make banana sheera

Rava banana sheera or kesari recipe - Today it is Ghatasthapna. On this auspicious day I would like to post a very delicious sweet dish recipe which is commonly made in all parts of India. Rava banana sheera is a very essential naivedya dish prepared during  Satyanarayana Pooja and Durga Pooja. It is also called Mahaprasaad. If it is for naivedya, ghee, sugar and rava is used in equal quantity. But keeping health point in mind, I have used less ghee in this recipe and added milk to increase the taste. However, you can increase the ghee quantity in this dish.  I have also used less sugar as the banana adds an extra sweet to the sheera.  I also make pineapple rava  sheera, and I'll post that too in due course. Whenever I buy banana, I reserve a banana to make this kesari.

rava-banana-kesari in a plate

September 24, 2014

Pumpkin poori recipe - kumbalkayi poori recipe - lal bhoplyachi poori recipe - how to make pumpkin poori

Pumpkin poori recipe - Today I am sharing with you all a sweet poori recipe prepared with pumpkin, wheat flour and jaggery. Pumpkin sweet poori is a teatime snack. It taste the best when served hot and accompanied by savoury snacks. If you have pumpkin in stock, making poori is one of the best ways to use it. It goes exceptionally well with hot tea, coffee or chilled drinks. It doesn't need any side dish. Check out other pumpkin recipes.

Pumpkin poori in plate

September 22, 2014

Pav bhaji recipe - mumbai pav bhaji recipe - how to make pav bhaji

Pav bhaji recipe - Pav bhaji is a famous street food of Mumbai ( Bombay.)  It is a common scene that several carts are serving pav bhaji on streets and beach. Now it is a popular fast food in all parts of India. For the preparation of this bhaji, I have used MTR pav bhaji masala which is readily available in the shop. This potato based bhaji has a special taste and texture. Besides potatoes, other vegetables like cauliflower, green peas and capsicums are used to make it more healthier and tasty. This bhaji is usually served with pavs or bread slices. Friends, try this easy and yummy pav bhaji and enjoy! 

making pav bhaji

September 17, 2014

roasted poha chivda recipe - avalakki chivda recipe - beaten rice chivda - how to make poha chivda

Roasted poha chivda recipe - Poha or pohe or beaten rice chivda is the first thing that comes in my mind when I am thinking to make some easy and crispy evening teatime savoury snacks. This chivda is very easy to prepare and can be stored for about a couple of weeks to serve as evening teatime snack. Even you can make this chivda without adding peanuts and putanis. If you like a more crunchy stuff, you can add fried cashews and dry coconuts along with putanis and ground nuts. To make this chivda, crispy poha is required. Therefore, roast the poha till crispy. Once you roast the poha perfectly without burning it, your half work is done. The basic method is similar to murmura chivda . Earlier, I had posted few savoury snacks recipes. Check out  kharasevmethi nippattu and tikhat shankarpali recipes, which are great teatime snacks. Try this crispy and delectable poha or avalakki chivda to serve as an evening teatime snacks. 

making poha chiwda