May 30, 2014

Dal curry with white masala recipe - dali ambat recipe - how to make togri bele saru - curry recipe

Dal curry with white masala recipe - Today I am posting toor dal curry with white masala recipe of Karnataka for steamed rice. This curry goes well with spicy side dishes.  This dal curry with hot rice, makes  a delicious meal with papad and pickles.The masala is called white masala because the ground masala looks white in colour. Vegetables such as french beans and ivy gourds can be added to this curry.

dali ambat in a pan
 Togri bele saru or dali ambat with white masala recipe.

Ginger garlic paste recipe - adrak lasun paste - how to make ginger garlic paste for paste

Ginger garlic paste recipe - Ginger garlic paste is one such ingredient which I need almost everyday all around the year. This versatile paste has health benefits especially on digestive system. It's flavor enhancing and taste increasing quality make it a popular, essential ingredient in day to day cooking. Instead of grinding in small quantity on daily basis, this storable paste can be prepared in advance. This can be stored in the fridge for over a week. I use this paste especially for subzis and marination.

ginger garlic paste in a bowl
Ginger garlic paste recipe.

May 28, 2014

Capsicum carrot raita recipe - how to make carrot capsicum or bell pepper raita - raita recipe

Carrot, capsicum or bell pepper raita recipe - This is a vegetable based raita made with capsicum and carrot. Whenever  I make pulao,  spicy curry or paratha, I make it a point to prepare raita to balance the spiciness in the food.  We enjoyed this  raita with soya beans pulao and paneer gobi paratha. 

vegetable based raita
Capsicum carrot raita recipe.

May 27, 2014

Soya beans pulao recipe - how to make soya beans pulao in pressure cooker - easy pulao recipe

Soya beans pulao in pressure cooker recipe - I prefer to make pulao or biryani over rice and curry for a variety of reasons. Pulao being one pot meal carries the whole meal with so ease. This pulao contains soya beans, and we all know that soya beans are rich sources of proteins. All of we need proteins in different quantity on daily basis depending upon the need. Hence this classic pulao is an ideal healthy dish to get complete proteins through your diet.  Soya beans itself is not so tasty, but it is very nutritious. For taste it relies on spices and fragrant riceThe combination of protein rich soya beans, spices and basmati rice  make this pulao an aromatic and  very comfort one pot meal.  This Pulao is usually served with raita, papad and  pickles.

Soya beans rice
Soya beans pulao recipe with step by step pictures.

May 22, 2014

Kadai bhindi recipe - ladies finger, bhende or bendekayi recipe - how to make kadai bhindi

Kadai bhindi or ladies finger recipe - I am never ever bored with bhindi ( Ladies finger / okra ) side dishes. Be it Bhindi MasalaStuffed Bhindi or Bhindi Upkari.  Every week we have bhindi side dishes either for lunch or dinner. One such dish is kadai bhindi which is a nice accompaniment for Indian flat breads. Its a nice side dish for rice and curry too. Mixing this kadai bhindi with rice and dal also gives an excellent taste to the meal.

kadai bhindi in a serving plate
Kadai bhindi recipe with step by step pictures.

May 15, 2014

Maharashtrian moong dal amti recipe - split green gram amti recipe - how to make moong dal amti / hesru bele amti - curry recipe

Moong dal amti recipe - Amti is the Maharashtra's authentic curry. Various amtis such as katachi amti, toor dal amti, urad dal amti, mixed dal amti are very popular. Kala masala is an authentic spice powder of Maharashtra which is very flavorful and adds an extra taste to the vegetable dish and curry as well. This flavorful amti is stunning with hot, sweet and tangy taste in combination with unique spice flavor. For a heavenly taste, eat hot rice with this amti. It can also be sipped like a soup. Either way this tastes good. 

moong dal amti
Moong dal amti recipe.

May 14, 2014

Phool gobi batatyachi bhaji recipe - how to make cauliflower potato sabzi - veg side dish recipe

Gobi or cauliflower and potato bhaji recipe - Today I am going to share a very simple and easy to prepare cauliflower potato bhaji  recipe. Cauliflower bhaji can be made with variations. You can use green peas in combination with it to make a very delicious side dish. Variety of dishes such as  gobi manchurian, paratha, pakoda can be prepared by using cauliflower. This bhaji can be prepared within few minutes in morning rush.

Sabzi in a serving bowl
Phool gobi batatyachi bhaji recipe.

May 13, 2014

Stuffed paneer cauliflower potato paratha recipe - how to make stuffed paneer batata cauliflower paratha - easy paratha recipe

Stuffed paneer , cauliflower, potato paratha recipe - Most of the time, I end up in making parathas either for breakfast or lunch. I am always keen to make parathas and happily make them because these contain some vegetables which is essential for nourishment and satiation. Paneer  cauliflower paratha is a star dish, both the combination create creamy texture, rich and higher in taste if compared to other vegetable parathas.  Hence this is an ideal party dish too. Anyway, I had prepared this for our  breakfast. Being a bit heavy on stomach, I compensate with a light lunch and manage the calories for the day. 

paratha in a serving plate
Stuffed paneer cauliflower potato paratha recipe.

Eggless cocoa cake recipe - how to make eggless cocoa cake

Eggless cocoa cake recipe - After a long time, I really enjoyed baking cocoa cake. This is a delectable cake with cashew nuts, pistachios and tutti frutti. Baking the cocoa cake is so simple and incredibly easy that any one can do it.

cakse in a serving plate
Eggless cocoa cake recipe with step by step pictures.

May 9, 2014

Chilkewali moong dal curry recipe - split green gram curry - how to make split green gram curry

Chilkewali  moong  dal  curry recipe - Moong dal is the source of complementary proteins. Complementary proteins are incomplete proteins, when combined with another incomplete protein, both incomplete proteins make complete proteins. Wherein, combination of rice and moong dal curry creates complete proteins. This is a simple yet delicious and healthy  curry made with split green gram with skin.. I had tasted this curry in Birla Yoga Centre, Pilani, Rajasthan, three  years  ago. Since then, I have been cooking this curry. To get mild methi flavor, adding kasoori methi or fresh fenugreek leaves is essential. This is an enjoyable curry, which I like to eat with hot rice, pickle and lauki  ki sabzi.

Chilkewali moong  dal  curry  recipe with step by step pictures.

May 6, 2014

Soya beans and lauki kootu - how to make soya beans lauki kootu - curry recipe

Soya beans, lauki kootu recipe - Legumes and lentils are required to suplement the proteins. The childhood is the phase of muscle and bone growth.  They need adequate amount of protein and calcium for a strong bone structure and muscle formation. It will be better, kids above 2 years get milk, eggs, lentils, legumes, leafy vegetables and fresh fruits in proper proportion. Now to the kootu. For hot rice, kootu is the queen of curries. The reason for using soya bean is for it's rich protein, which with hot rice is a complete meal in itself. Besides dal, sambar, saaru, palya and amti, kootu is another kind of  curry for steamed rice.

Soya  beans and lauki  kootu recipe.

May 5, 2014

Oats rava uttapa or uttapam recipe - how to make oats rava uttapa - breakfast recipe

Oats rava uttapa or uttapam recipe - Oats, semolina and urad dal uttappa is a simple and perfect breakfast dish, alternative to onion uttappa. I had some oats in stock. I don't like to waste any item. So, I thought about this dish, instead of making oats idli or upma and added oats to rava uttappa batter to give variety to the dish. It was truly delicious. Uttappas goes well with sambar and coconut chutney. It can be prepared very often with less effort in different ways by mixing various vegetables such as carrots, beans, green peas, cabbage etc. 

Oats rava uttapa or uttapam in a serving plate
Oats, rava uttapa recipe with step by step pictures.

Awala chutney recipe -nellikayi chutney recipe -how to make gooseberry chutney - chutney recipe

Awala or nellikayi chutney recipe - Today I am going to share a very healthy awala chutney recipe, which I make frequently during gooseberry season. This chutney is  not very tasty, but very healthy and  nutritious. I like it to have as a side dish with steamed rice and curry, when other tempting side dishes are also there. So small quantity of this chutney can be consumed along with other dishes.

Awala or nellikayi chutney recipe

May 3, 2014

Awala pickle recipe - nellikayi uppinakayi recipe - how to make gooseberry pickle -pickle recipe

Awala or nellikayi pickle recipe - Awala or Gooseberry has great medicinal value, especially in ayurveda. Awala is rich source of Vitamin C. It also contains iron, minerals and dietary fiber. It has great healing effect on eye, digestive system and chest. Awala juice has cooling effect, It lowers  the body heat and provide coolness and stops irritation in chest and eyes. Eating some pieces of Awala pickle brings water in mouth,  thereby increases the taste and stops dryness of mouth. We can use awala in different ways, in which we get both variations and the nutrients.

awala or nellikayi pickle recipe with step by step pictures.

May 1, 2014

Rice and chanadal payasa or kheer recipe - how to make akki kadle bele payasa - kheer recipe

Wishing You all a Very Happy and Prosperous Akshay Tritiya. 

Akki kadlebele payasa or kheer recipe - I am celebrating this special day with this delicious payasa. Akki kadlebele payasa is a traditional Coastal Karnataka dessert, prepared with rice, chana dal, coconut milk and jaggery. The combination of rice rava and chana dal gives extra texture and taste to the kheer.  In combination with coconut milk, jaggery and cardamom, this payasa releases unique mouth watering  flavor. This is really  delicious and I  make it often.

Rice chana dal payasa recipe