July 4, 2014

paratha , thepla , lunch box recipes

In this section I have compiled paratha, thepla, lunch box recipes ( breakfast / lunch )  recipes for your convenience. Click on the recipe link, right side to the image to get the full recipe. As soon as I post the new recipe, this section will be updated. I hope you enjoy them.

Pumpkin Thepla

Masala Roti

Palak ( Spinach ) Paratha

Paneer - Cauli flower Paratha

Mooli ( Radish ) Paratha

Aloo - Gobi Paratha

Stuffed Aloo ( Potato ) Paratha

Pumpkin Paratha

Lauki ka Paratha

Puran Poli - Holige

Methi (Fenugreek ) leaves Paratha
Paneer - Cabbage Paratha

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