December 30, 2014

Aloo pakoda using dosa batter and besan recipe - how to make potato pakoda using dosa batter and gram flour

Potato pakoda recipe - Potato pakoda with dosa batter and gram flour is another delicious dish that I make often whenever I have dosa or idli batter in stock in my fridge. The potato pakoda is usually prepared with besan or gram flour. But, this pakoda has a twist with dosa batter and it is more on the softer side rather than crispy as I had used fermented batter. Adding besan is totally optional, but it provides good binding and frying becomes very easy and pakoda doesn't stick in the bottom.

pakoda in a serving plate

December 29, 2014

Cauliflower bajji or pakoda recipe - Gobi bajji recipe - how to make cauliflower pakoda recipe

Cauliflower pakoda recipe - Today  I am sharing a very simple yet delicious cauliflower bajji - pakoda  recipe. Bajji or pakoda is most in demand evening snack in our house during weekend and holidays.  I  make onion bajji, mushroom bajji, cabbage bajji, capsicum bajji, raw banana bajji, brinjal bajji, mix dal bajji, etc.  This is a very simple and hassle free bajji which get ready within few minutes.

bajji in serving plate

December 24, 2014

Eggless banana cake recipe - how to make eggless banana cake - cake recipe

Eggless banana cake recipe - This Banana cake is a pleasurable soft cake with ripe banana, milk and butter. Banana in this cake enhances the flavor and addition of  butter adds extra softness and taste.This cake is simply wonderful and above all it is eggless. I like it most due to its texture and taste.

Banana cake

December 23, 2014

Maharashtrian dalichi amti recipe - dal amti recipe - how to make amti

Maharashtrian dalichi amti recipe - Amti is a form of  Maharashtrian dal which can be used along with rice, poli or chapati and can also be consumed as a soup. Tempering with lots of ingredients and addition of kala masala makes this amti very flavorful and tasty. Every house hold has its own version of making amti but, using kala masala and jaggery in it is common. This amti consistency is little bit thin if compared to the normal dalichi varan. Friends, try out this recipe and enjoy the taste of traditional Maharashtra cuisine.

amti in serving bowl

December 17, 2014

Maharashtrian chakli using bhajani recipe - bhjanichi chakli recipe - how to make chakli using bhajani

Chakli with bhajani recipe - Chakli is our all time favorite delicious crunchy snack. Few days back, during  Deepawali festival, I had made bhajani  for chakli and posted it in this space. Please check out the bhajani recipe.. Though I made chakli during that time, I could not post it.  I always do chakli in small quantity as and when we feel eating and store the remaining bhajani or chakli flour in an airtight container, wrapping in zip lock plastic bag. The word chakli comes from the word chakri, it means wheel. The beginners may find it little difficult to prepare a correct round shaped chakli.  If you find difficult to make it round, just press it in the shape of a long stick and deep fry. No matter whatever the shape it has, the taste remains same. This chakli goes well with a hot cup of tea or coffee.

Chakli in a serving plate

December 9, 2014

Coconut green chilli chutney recipe - chutney for idli dosa - how to make coconut green chilli chutney

Coconut chilli chutney recipe - My previous post was neer dosa. I had prepared this chutney to serve with it. Coconut and green chilli chutney is a nice accompaniment for dosa and idlis. Whenever I prepare dosa or idli, most of the time I make this chutney. It has hot, slightly sweet and sour taste. It can be prepared with few ingredients which are easily available in the kitchen shelf and fridge.Friends, try out this tongue tickling chutney for dosa and idli.

chutney in a serving bowl

December 6, 2014

Neer dosa (dose) recipe - how to make neer dosa - Karnataka dose recipes

Neer dose recipe - South Indian breakfast dish list is incomplete without dosa.  There are several varieties of dosas you can prepare and one of them is neer dosa /dose.  Neer dosa is a popular and very famous dosa of Karnataka. The batter for this dosa is prepared by grinding rice and coconut. The consistency of the batter is thin, I mean it is watery. Hence the dosa is called neer ( watery) dose. We always like and never get bored with neer dosa because of its soft texture, taste and coconut flavour. It goes very well with coconut chutney and jaggery syrup ( thili bella). Do try out neer dosa to have an authentic taste of this signature dish. It is very delicious, filling and you'll prepare it again and again once you taste it.

November 30, 2014

Heerekayi upkari or sukke recipe - ghosale sukke - ridge gourd stir fry recipe - how to make heerekayi sukke

Heerekayi or ridge gourd sukke or upkari recipe - As I always buy plenty of ridge gourds from market, I make simple ghossale sukke several times which goes well with rotis. Ridge gourd is a bland vegetable and therefore it is necessary to add flavour and taste to it. When I make this upkari without adding water and cooked it in its own juice, it really turns a tasty side dish. Here I have flavored the stir fry with tadka, green chilli and freshly grated coconut. Another plus point of this dish is that it can be prepared within few minutes and is very healthy. Whenever I am in a hurry to cook, I make such stir fry and wind up my cooking as fast as I can. Check out another variation of  ridge gourd palya which I had posted earlier.

upkari in a serving plate

November 26, 2014

Orange cake recipe / how to make eggless orange cake

Eggless orange cake recipe - Today I have orange cake for you all. Oranges are seasonal fruits and it is quite obvious that we prefer to eat fruits in its natural form. But making cake with oranges when they are in peak season is not a bad idea. This orange cake was very soft and  delicious, so I thought to share the recipe with you all. I am not a great fan of cake, but I like oranges a lot. Made this orange cake and we all enjoyed it. If you love orange juice added dishes, try out this delicious cake.

cake in a plate

November 16, 2014

Ukadiche patholi in turmeric leaf (arishna ele) recipe -rice flour patholi recipe - how to make patholi in turmeric leaf

Ukadiche patholi in turmeric leaf (arishina ele) recipe - Have a look at this traditional elegant sweet. This is patholi prepared using steamed rice flour. Earlier I had posted another version of  making patholi. To know exactly what it is, read the following recipe. Check out some other traditional sweets recipes prepared with rice flour. Ukadiche modak using mouldUkadiche Modak (method 2),  Patholi using turmeric leaf ( metthod 1),  Phirni - Rice flour kheer

patholi in serving plate

November 13, 2014

Apple pineapple jam - how to make apple ananas jam

Apple pineapple jam recipe - This is a very healthy sweet and sour jam. As the name suggests this jam is prepared with  apples and pineapple. This jam can be used to prepare bread cheese sandwiches and bread butter sand wiches / toast. It can also be served with chapati and pooris. Check out some other dessert / sweet recipes. rasmalaimix fruits seekaranechibud rasayanapumpkin kheer,  kharbuja rasayanaphool makhana puddingrice-chanadal  kheermoongdal kheerchana dal kheerPaneer Kheeramrakhandbadam kheerfruit saladvermicelli kheerphirnisitaphal rabdiwhite gourd kheerfinger millet halwalauki ka halwagajar ka halwa.

jam in a container

October 30, 2014

Mushroom korma (kurma) recipe - how to make mushroom korma

Mushroom korma or kurma recipe - Yesterday, I made this mushroom korma for chapatis. Here mushrooms are available all around the year, I bring them fresh and make curry or masala or kurma or mushroom rice with different variations. This mushroom kurma masala was delicious and went well with chapatis. So, I thought to share this recipe with you all. 

mushroom masala in plate

October 28, 2014

Besan ladoo recipe - how to make besan ladoo- kadale hittina ladoo - Split bengal gram flour dry fruits laddu recipe

Besan ladoo recipe - This  is  a wonderful traditional sweet,  I adore the whole texture and taste of these ladoos. Keeping in mind the amount of ghee and sugar I use in these ladoos, I prepare it only during festivals and special occasions. I made these ladoos on diwali festival as one of the naivedya dish and I am posting it now. Usually, the besan ladoo is made with slightly coarse bengal gram flour, but can also be prepared by using fine bengal gram flour. The method of preparation is very simple and easy, but taste wise this ladoo is really delicious. So, dig into these ladoos and enjoy the traditional taste. Earlier I had posted another  version of  besan ladoo, check out the recipe here. 

gram flour dry fruits ladoo in a plate

October 22, 2014

Peda using milk powder and condensed milk recipe

Wishing you all a very Happy and Prosperous Deepavali

Peda using milk powder and condensed milk recipe -  Today I am sharing with you all a very easy to make peda made with milk, milk powder, condensed milk and sugar. These basic ingredients give the peda all the required taste and texture. The cardamom infuses the flavor with all these and the lovely peda was soft and  delicious. The method of making peda with khava is quite different than this method.  Khava peda is one of the common pedas available in sweet shop. But peda prepared with milk powder and condensed milk is unique. It tastes so good and every one in my family liked it. It is always a great treat to eat this tiny sweet with rich taste

peda in a serving plate

October 19, 2014

Bhajani for Chakli - rice flour mix for preparing chakli -how to make bhajani for chakli

Bhajani  for chakli recipe  (flour mix for preparing chakli) - Today I am posting the recipe of traditional bhajani for chakli, which is a traditional savoury of Maharashtra. Chakli is a savoury snack usually prepared during diwali. Every house hold is making chakli or murukku for the festival with their own version. Bhajani in Marathi means roasted flour. This flour is prepared out of rice, roasted chana dal, urad dal and cumin seeds. This flour is  durable and you can store it for a couple of months and can be used as and when required. As a variation for having a different taste, you can add roasted ajwain, chilli powder and sesame seeds to the flour while preparing chakli.

flour mix in a container

October 17, 2014

Dry fruits barfi recipe - dates almonds cashew nuts barfi recipe - how to make dry fruits barfi

Dry fruits barfi recipe - Today here is my post on khajoor dry fruits barfi.  Khajoor dry fruits barfi is an excellent healthy sweet for kids and adults. It is made out of pure dry fruits and no sugar is added. So, try out this barfi and treat your family with this guilt free healthy sweet. In this sweet, I have used poppy seeds which is totally optional. Along with khajoor, you can also use roasted dry coconut and sesame seeds to get a barfi with a different taste and texture. This is a durable sweet that you can store at room temperature for a couple of months. Here is the khajoor dry fruits barfi which is liked not only by me but by all of my family members. This healthy sweet can be prepared in very less time. 

burfi in a plate picture

October 15, 2014

Rasmalai recipe - how to make rasmalai - Diwali sweet recipes - Bengali sweet recipes

Rasmalai recipe - As Diwali or Deepavali is approaching near, every one must be busy with the preparation of sweets and savoury snacks like me. Today I am going to share with you all, the rasmalai recipe which is a traditional Bengali sweet. This rasmalai is made out of home made fresh chena or soft paneer or cottage cheese and it turned so delicious, luscious and perfect. I really love its softness and the shape. The milk for rasmali was mildly flavoured with saffron (kesar) and cardamoms. Above all it is very simple and easy recipe that can be enjoyed at festivals and special occasions. Try this very delicious dessert for the coming festival and treat your family, relatives and friends with this special delectable dish. 

diwali sweets

October 9, 2014

Palak soup recipe - spinach soup recipe - how to make palak soup

Palak or spinach soup recipe - The recipe I am going to share today is simple soup prepared with spinach.You can just boil and blend the spinach, tomatoes, onions black pepper and ginger. Add the corn flour paste as thickening agent to the simmering soup and your creamy, delicious soup will be ready within few minutes. This is a healthy soup which gives comfort to the throat and soul. Spinach, popularly known as palak is a widely used leafy vegetable available all round the year. So the soup can be made at any season.

palak soup in serving glasses

October 8, 2014

Lauki ka thepla - white gourd (sorekayi) parotta - Dudhi bhoplyachi thepla recipe - how to make lauki thepla

Lauki thepla recipe - Today I am going to share lauki thepla recipe which is very tasty and flavourful. To me this is truly an easy recipe. This is a simple version of mixing the ingredients and rolling the thin theplas, then shallow frying on a griddle with very less oil or ghee. It is a healthy dish for those who like to eat rotis for their breakfast or lunch.It goes really well with all varieties of chutney and raita. Above all you can easily pack it in the lunch box. Most of the time I make thepla for our breakfast.This method is so simple, even novice cook can make it. Whenever I have enough time for kitchen in the evening I knead the thepla dough in advance and store it in the refrigerator to use it in the morning. It saves time and comes handy during the morning rush. Check out other delicious paratha and thepla recipe.

sorekayi parotta

October 7, 2014

Mix vegetable korma ( kurma ) - how to make vegetable korma

Vegetable korma recipe - Vegetable korma is a delicious side dish for parathas, theplas, other Indian flat breads, ghee rice and jeera rice, prepared in North India. Being a tempting dish, this is an ideal side dish to prepare for small parties or weekend treat. The procedure I have posted here is very easy to make with easily available ingredients in kitchen. This korma is prepared using variety of vegetables. So, it is healthy too.I have used onions, tomatoes, cauliflower, baby corn, carrots, potatoes and beans. Along with these vegetables you can also add other soft vegetables like broccoli, green peas, ivy gourd and zucchini. Do try this delectable vegetable korma as side dish for your favorite Indian rotis or pulaos and I am sure you will enjoy it.

veg kurma in a plate

October 3, 2014

Patholi using turmeric leaf recipe / how to make patholi using turmeric leaf / patholi using arisina ele or haldi paan recipe

Wishing You All a Very Happy and Prosperous Dussehra.

Patholi using turmeric leaf recipe - Patholi is a traditional, delicious and flavorful sweet dish made in Konkan region. Patholi is a steamed rice flour dumplings, prepared by spreading the rice flour dough on turmeric leaves and stuffed with coconut jaggery filling. The turmeric leaves have an addictive fragrance and it imparts flavour to any dish prepared in it. Patholi is usually prepared during Nag Panchami festival. But I found this rarely available turmeric leaves in the vegetable market and could not stop myself from buying it. Immediately I prepared this patholi when the leaves were fresh and green. 


October 2, 2014

Mix fruits seekarane recipe - how to make mix fruits seekarane - apple, sitaphal, banana seekarane recipe

Mix fruits seekarane recipe - I have already prepared mango rasayanamusk melon rasayana and mash melon rasayana with coconut milk and posted them before, but now I prepared the mix fruits seekarane with milk. This mix fruits seekarane is a very delicious and  healthy dessert and it can be served as upavas / fasting dish by replacing the milk with coconut  milk.

Mix fruits seekarane picture

October 1, 2014

Kempu harive soppu upkari Recipe - how to make amaranth leaves stir fry

Kempu harive soppu upkari  recipe -This is a simple stir fry prepared with amaranth leaves in combination with fresh coconut and served as a side dish to chapati and rice with curry. Amaranth leaves are extensively cultivated in all parts of India. This leafy vegetable is also known as kempu harive soppu, tamdi bhajji and lal math.  

stir fry in a plate

September 30, 2014

Mugachi usal recipe - hesaru kalu usali recipe - green gram usali recipe - how to make muachi usal

Mugachi usal recipe - Usali is a Konkan cuisine prepared with pulses, lentils and garnished with grated fresh coconut. Besides green gram, dry green peas, brown chickpea, kabuli chana, lobia and ground nuts can also be used to make such usali. These protein packed nutritious usalis are breakfast and fasting (upwas) dishes. 

usali in serving plate

September 29, 2014

Chibud (mash melon) rasayana recipe - how to make chibud rasayana

Chibud (mash melon) rasayana recipe - Chubud (mashmelon) rasayana is coconut milk based dessert traditionally prepared with mashmelon, coconut milk, beaten rice and jaggery. It is mildly induced with cardamom flavor. Chibud is a fruit belonging to melon family, which is mostly grown in Konkan region. Sometimes, these melon fruits may be consumed in the form of  juice, milk shake  or lassi. These rasayanas are prepared during navaratri days as fasting dish. If you are making it for fasting, then exclude the poha.  If you eat this delectable dish for fasting, it keeps you energetic for a long period. If you do not find chibud, you can make rasayana by using muskmelon. Check out muskmelon rasayana. These rasayanas are usually served chilled.

Chibuda rasayana

September 27, 2014

Rava dhokla recipe - semolina vegetable dhokla recipe - how to make rava dhokla

Rava dhokla recipe - Making breakfast is really a challenging task and every time we need different dishes for breakfast. This dhokla is a Gujarathi speciality prepared with vegetables and yogurt along with rava. This is an alternative to rava vegetable idli. This dhokla is delectable with the combination of yogurt and vegetables. To bring out an exotic taste from dhokla, it needs to be served with green chutney prepared with cilantro, mint leaves and other ingredients. This dhokla is not only a breakfast dish but  also can be packed in lunch box or served with lunch / dinner.

Rava-vegetable dokla in a plate

September 26, 2014

Aloo matar saaru recipe - bataate vataane ambat - how to make potato green peas curry

Aloo matar saaru or ambat recipe - Today I have come up with one easiest and simplest  saaru (curry, ambat) recipe of Karnataka, prepared with potato and green peas. It has mildly spiced coconut based gravy which really goes well with hot rice and chapati. There are number of ways by which you can make saaru. But this is the simplest method with very few ingredients. Check out other  dal, sambar, saaru recipes. 

aloo matar curry recipe

September 25, 2014

Rava banana kesari recipe - rava baale hannina sheera recipe - how to make banana sheera

Rava banana sheera or kesari recipe - Today it is Ghatasthapna. On this auspicious day I would like to post a very delicious sweet dish recipe which is commonly made in all parts of India. Rava banana sheera is a very essential naivedya dish prepared during  Satyanarayana Pooja and Durga Pooja. It is also called Mahaprasaad. If it is for naivedya, ghee, sugar and rava is used in equal quantity. But keeping health point in mind, I have used less ghee in this recipe and added milk to increase the taste. However, you can increase the ghee quantity in this dish.  I have also used less sugar as the banana adds an extra sweet to the sheera.  I also make pineapple rava  sheera, and I'll post that too in due course. Whenever I buy banana, I reserve a banana to make this kesari.

rava-banana-kesari in a plate

September 24, 2014

Pumpkin poori recipe - kumbalkayi poori recipe - lal bhoplyachi poori recipe - how to make pumpkin poori

Pumpkin poori recipe - Today I am sharing with you all a sweet poori recipe prepared with pumpkin, wheat flour and jaggery. Pumpkin sweet poori is a teatime snack. It taste the best when served hot and accompanied by savoury snacks. If you have pumpkin in stock, making poori is one of the best ways to use it. It goes exceptionally well with hot tea, coffee or chilled drinks. It doesn't need any side dish. Check out other pumpkin recipes.

Pumpkin poori in plate

September 22, 2014

Pav bhaji recipe - mumbai pav bhaji recipe - how to make pav bhaji

Pav bhaji recipe - Pav bhaji is a famous street food of Mumbai ( Bombay.)  It is a common scene that several carts are serving pav bhaji on streets and beach. Now it is a popular fast food in all parts of India. For the preparation of this bhaji, I have used MTR pav bhaji masala which is readily available in the shop. This potato based bhaji has a special taste and texture. Besides potatoes, other vegetables like cauliflower, green peas and capsicums are used to make it more healthier and tasty. This bhaji is usually served with pavs or bread slices. Friends, try this easy and yummy pav bhaji and enjoy! 

making pav bhaji

September 17, 2014

roasted poha chivda recipe - avalakki chivda recipe - beaten rice chivda - how to make poha chivda

Roasted poha chivda recipe - Poha or pohe or beaten rice chivda is the first thing that comes in my mind when I am thinking to make some easy and crispy evening teatime savoury snacks. This chivda is very easy to prepare and can be stored for about a couple of weeks to serve as evening teatime snack. Even you can make this chivda without adding peanuts and putanis. If you like a more crunchy stuff, you can add fried cashews and dry coconuts along with putanis and ground nuts. To make this chivda, crispy poha is required. Therefore, roast the poha till crispy. Once you roast the poha perfectly without burning it, your half work is done. The basic method is similar to murmura chivda . Earlier, I had posted few savoury snacks recipes. Check out  kharasevmethi nippattu and tikhat shankarpali recipes, which are great teatime snacks. Try this crispy and delectable poha or avalakki chivda to serve as an evening teatime snacks. 

making poha chiwda

August 29, 2014

Ukadiche Modak using mould / Ganesh Chaturthi Recipe / Naivedya

Wishing You All a Very Happy, Joyful and Prosperous Ganesh Chaturthi 

Ukadiche Modak recipe - Here is an elegant Modak to offer Lord Ganesh as Naivedya during Ganesh Chaturthi festival. Ukadiche modak is a steamed rice flour sweet dumpling with coconut, jaggery filling, popular in Maharashtra and Southern India. Both Ukadiche Modak and fried modaks are very essential naivedya during Ganesh Chturthi festival and Sankashti Chaturthi day. Modak is distributed as prasaad after Lord Ganesh's pooja.  I had already posted hand made traditional Ukadiche Modak and deep fried Talalele Modak recipe. Both taste great. Steamed modak can be prepared in two ways. First method is hand made modak and second method is using the mould. Both the modaks are prepared with almost same ingredients. Only the method of making modak is different. The taste, flavor and texture of mould made modak is similar to the hand made modak. Variety of modak moulds are available  in steel and plastc, in the utensils shop. But plastic moulds are so easy to handle than steel mould. Check out handmade ukadiche modak and deep fried modak

Modakas in a plate for Ukadiche Modak using mould

August 27, 2014

Besan ladoo recipe - split bengal gram flour ladoo recipe - how to make besan ladoo

Besan ladoo recipe - Today I am going to share a traditional besan ladoo recipe of Maharashtra. During the Ganesh Chaturti festival, sumptuous sweet like besan ladoo for prasaad  in naivedya thali definitely would make a traditional delight. This fabulous ladoo add flavor to festivities too. This ladoo is very easy to make and the preparation is flexible. You can adjust the besan, ghee and sugar at any time to bind the ladoos perfectly. As the name suggests, besan is the basic ingredient of this ladoo which release an excellent flavor and fabulous taste when fried in ghee. In combination with sugar it turns into an absolutely beautiful and extremely delicious besan ladoos, perfect for a festive occasion. Check out some other ladoo varieties.

besan-ladoos in serving plate

August 26, 2014

Palak pulao recipe - spinach pulav recipe - how to make palak pulao - rice recipes

Palak pulao recipe -  Today I am going to share with you all a very simplest, easiest and yummy palak pulao recipe. In India varieties of pulao is made using various vegetables and this pulao is one of them.  It is a healthy one pot meal made with well known leafy vegetable spinach in combination with rice. It is a perfect dish to make when you are running out of time to prepare so many things on busy days or in the morning rush, or you have unexpected guests .This is an ideal rice dish that you can pack  in the lunch box along with spicy side dish. Though its a very simple dish with few basic ingredients, its a complete meal in itself and fills the stomach. You can add other vegetables such as green peas, carrots, ivy gourds, potatoes and  you will get another version of tasty pulao. Check out other pulao and biryani varietiesTry and enjoy this delicious pulao with your favorite side dish. 

spinach-pulav-in plate

August 25, 2014

Til shenga chutney powder recipe -peanuts ( ground nuts ) sesame seeds chutney powder recipe - how to make til shenga chutney powder - chutney powder recipe

Til shenga chutney powder recipe - This til shenga chutney powder is a blend of  peanuts, sesame seeds and dry coconut made to serve with parathas, theplas, phulkas, chapatis, rotis and even dosas. The method of preparation  is simple. Just roast and fry few ingredients and blend. An amazing chutney powder will be ready within few minutes. This til shenga chutney powder contains essential flavors, texture and taste that you like. This chutney powder is definitely  something different than usual wet chutneys and  I really love it. An instant chutney can be made by mixing this powder with yogurt. The oily chutney can be prepared by adding warm oil to this chutney powder which goes really great with all variety of rotis. You can also serve this til shenga chutney powder  as it is along with Indian flat breads.

The best part is that it is very handy and you can store it in an airtight container for about a month. Paratha, thepla, chapati, phulka, roti, rice items, dosa, idli, uttappa etc. etc. are our staple food. And we need chutneys to go with it. Chutney is my family's favorite side dish. I grind chutneys almost every alternate day to serve with our staple food. So, stock of such chutney powder fulfill my kitchen task and with the help of it, I can handle the chutney situation very easily. Check out some other chutney varieties in this space. Try and taste it. I am sure you will like it. 

peanuts sesame seeds chutney powder

August 22, 2014

Pumpkin thepla recipe - lal bhoplyachi thepla - kaddu ka thepla recipe - how to make pumpkin thepla - kumbalkayi parota

Pumpkin thepla recipe - Today I am sharing with you all one more fairly spicy thepla recipe prepared with pumpkin and wheat flour. This mix and roll procedure is certainly a different method than the double roti style of pumpkin paratha which I had posted earlier. This is one of  our most favorite theplas and goes extremely well with chutneys, chutney powder and curd. It has a soft texture and alluring flavor. This is exquisitely fine, subtle and pleasing with a hint of mild spice powder. The perfect blend of yogurt, chilly powder, salt and besan turn the theplas in an array of fabulous dish. These theplas are suitable to pack in the lunch box. It is a perfect technique to serve good nutritious theplas with healthy ingredients combined into one  dish. The preparation of theplas doesn't need any great skill and  meticulous technique. Even a novice cook can make these theplas very easily. Do check out other paratha and thepla varieties

pumpkin theplas in a plate for pumpkin thepla recipe

August 21, 2014

Tomato soup recipe- how to make tomato soup - soup recipe

Tomato soup recipe - A comforting and soothing healthy drink to sip for all age people in all season. This is a tomato based thick variety soup served hot. This tomato soup is low in calories with full of flavors and taste which satisfy your taste buds. The fresh pepper powder made by pounding the pepper in a mortar with a pestle adds a hot taste to the soup. Soup is a must liquid food, particularly during the rainy days. There are few specific kind of soups that can be made easily. Do check out some other  soup varieties.  This hot tomato soup is made  by boiling  ingredients in water  and the flavors are extracted by cooking them soft. There are two types of soups that we can make,  the clear soups  and the thick soups. Thick soups are always my family's favorite, so I made this thick variety of soup by using corn flour as thickening ingredient and served it as a starter for the meal.  You may serve it with toast or toasted bread cubes. Try this soup and take a taste. You will like it.

tomato soup in serving glass

August 18, 2014

Rava dosa recipe - rave dose recipe - semolina or sooji dosa recipe - how to make rava dosa - dosa recipe

Rava dosa recipe - Rava dosa is yet another breakfast dish of  South India. For breakfast we look forward to prepare classic dishes to serve. This rava dosa has a great texture and softness that makes a splendid breakfast dish when accompanied with sambar and chutneys. This is a very simple and easy to prepare dish which is a time saver in the morning rush. This is a comfort dish that keeps your stomach full for at least two hours. This is an ideal dish for the beginners that they can prepare it very easily. This dosa  batter doesn't need any fermentation. Once you make the urad dal  paste, the roasted rava can be added to it and you can prepare the dosa immediately. This is an alternative to rice dosa. Check out some other dosa recipes 

Dosa in serving plate with chutney and sambar

August 16, 2014

Baby corn pakoda recipe - how to make baby corn pakoda or pakora

Baby corn pakoda or pakora recipe - Today I have come up with a highly irresistible  baby corn pakoda, an absolutely perfect evening snack with a hot cup of  tea, coffee, juice or  lassi. I made this zestful pakoda with the batter in combination with  all purpose flour or  maida and corn flour. The pakodas prepared in this batter have a distinct taste and unique texture, since pakodas made using corn flour really become more crispy. Chilli powder and lemon juice is also added and the taste is blend with these in pakodas. It is very common that evening tea or coffee is often enjoyed with savoruy snacks or fried pakodas. This baby corn pakoda is an ideal snack to relish after school or office.  

Baby corn pakodas in serving plate

August 15, 2014

Pumpkin kheer recipe - Dudde payas - lal bhoplyachi kheer - kaddu kheer recipe - how to make kumbalkayi payasa -payasa recipe

Pumpkin or kumbalkayi payasa recipe - India celebrates 68th Independence day  today.  Each Indian enjoys the happiness of  this day. This is the most memorable day for all of us. Wishing Each Indian A Very Happy and Joyful Independence Day. 

Today I made this pumpkin kheer to celebrate the special occasion of Independence day. Pumpkin kheer is a very popular South Indian traditional dessert. An ideal sweet dish to make on some occasions and festivals. Traditionally, pumpkin is cooked in thin coconut milk, simmered with thick coconut milk and jaggery, flavored with cardamoms and textured with semolina. Coconut milk and jaggery together release an excellent flavor  when it is induced with cardamom powder.

I have used semolina or rava in the kheer for my convenience, as I do not like to grind small quantity of rice. However,  you can use rice instead of rava, for that, please read the note given below.  I made this kheer using yellow colour round variety of pumpkin, which has luscious dense orange colour flesh as compared to the oval shaped pumpkin which has dang and thin flesh.

Whenever I bring the pumpkin form vegetable market, I reserve a small piece of it to make this delicious kheer as I am having a strong preference and liking for pumpkin kheer. It needs few ingredients and can be made quickly. You can also make lauki or  white gourd kheer in this way. Pumpkin takes a very few minutes to cook. Therefore take care not to cook it too mushy to avoid the kheer turns into paste. While cooking the pumpkins, you need to check it in regular intervals. It should not be too hard. That may spoil the taste of the kheer.

For the best result, use hard and dense pumpkin that cut into evenly sized cubes. The time required for cooking the pumpkin may vary according to the size and quality of the pumpkin.  Usually this kheer,  is served with meal.

August 14, 2014

Kaju makhan masala recipe - how to make cashew nut butter masala

Kaju makhan masala  recipe - Kaju makhan masala is a delicious creamy dish to relish with naan, roti, phulka, chapati, jeera rice and even steamed rice. Kaju Makhan masala is a North India's Punjabi speciality. It has rich gravy of cahews, onions, tomatoes, butter and fresh cream that is flavored with spice powder and the dish is different from the usual  kaju curry.

In fact, the thick gravy tastes better than the thin gravy, so  while making this dish, keep the gravy consistency thick and you'll experience the creamy taste when this dish is taken into the mouth. I also make paneer and  green peas makhan masala, mushroom and green peas makhan masala and mushroom and paneer makhan masala. In fact, kaju makhan masala is bit different than kaju masala. Kaju makhan masala is made by using butter and cream, whereas kaju masla doesn't contain cream or butter.

Usually, for the makhan masala, kajus are shallow fried in butter, but  I have just dry roasted the cashews as I don't like to add much butter or cream in our diet. Makhan  in hindi means butter. Cashews are easily storable at room temperature in all season throughout the year. This kaju makhan masala  can also be made on special occasions like birthday party, kitty party, potluck party, family get together and so on.

cashew nuts butter masala

August 11, 2014

Kharbuja rasayana recipe - how to make muskmelon rasayana - cantaloupe rasayana recipe

Kharbuja  rasayana recipe - Kharbuja rasayana is a delicious all season dessert, commonly made in Karnataka. Muskmelon in combination with  coconut milk make this dish an extremely pleasing dessert when sweetened with jaggery and induced with cardamom flavor. Traditionally, coconut paste is used to make the rasayana. But somehow, we like to have it in coconut milk rather than coconut paste.

Muskmelon, mango, banana and mashmelon (chibud) are most popular fruits to prepare this dessert. Muskmelon and chibud belong to the same melon family. Both have soft flesh with distinctive melon flavor. This kharbuja rasayana is alternative to chibud rasayana. I don't get chibud here. Chibuds are extensively cultivated in coastal parts of India. Both kharbuj and chibud are delicious fruits having a property for keeping the stomach cool.

In this dish, jaggery and coconut milk are team players. They both goes great in combination with muskmelon. The beaten rice ( poha)  is  immersed in the sweetened coconut milk to give a unique taste and texture to the rasayana. Then muskmelon pieces are added and induced with cardamom flavor. Even you can grind half of the muskmelon in a  mixer before adding it to the coconut milk. I make this rasayana specially on warm days.

To prepare a delectable rasayana, make sure to buy an oval shaped luscious muskmelon which has a distinctive  characteristic taste. There are many versions of traditional rasyana. All versions are so tasty. Rasayana prepared in combination with muskmelon and banana, mango and banana, muskmelon and mango are such a great dish to serve.  Serve this delicious rasayana as a dessert. It can be eaten as it is. It also goes well with pooris. Either way, this dish is fantastic.

muskmelon dessert

August 9, 2014

Kharbuja juice recipe - how to make muskmelon juice - cantaloupe juice recipe

Kharbuja juice  recipe - Chilled  muskmelon juice with a splatter of lime is the perfect refreshing drink to enjoy on a hot summer day. On hot summer days, we generally experience the feeling of dehydration and thirst due to over sweating . Musk melon juice prevents these problems. It cools the stomach and comforts the throat. Though its raining here, the atmosphere is still warm and I felt like having some sumptuous fruit juice. Therefore, I thought of muskmelon which is readily available.

Fruits are an essential part of our daily diet. They are really good to provide the required amount of vitamins and minerals. Muskmelons are low in calories, so weight watchers may eat this fruit regularly. It is  rich sources of dietary fibers and helpful in soothing the acidity and also keeps the stomach cool. Muskmelon has an abundant supply of potassium which helps to control blood pressure. It is a good source of antioxidants. It contains an excellent amount of  beta-carotene, potassium, vitamin A and C.

I have added lemon juice and sugar to the juice. Both are required to add an extra  taste to the juice. Well ripened muskmelon is more sweeter than the unripened melon. When you buy the muskmelon, make sure to buy  the  heavy weighing, oval shaped light golden colour  muskmelon. They have more succulent flesh and sweeter taste as compared to round musk melon which is less sweet. You can also make fresh fruit juice with watermelon, mango, strawberry, litchi, green grapes and black grapes. Besides the juice, muskmelon can be used for the preparation of delicious dessert like rasayana, kheer and payasa .

muskmelon juice in serving glasses

August 7, 2014

Capsicum chutney recipe - chutney for idli, dosa, parathas, theplas - how to make capsicum or bell pepper chutney

Capsicum or bell pepper chutney recipe - Today I am going to share a very simple, easy and quick capsicum chutney recipe that can be prepared with few  basic ingredients.  This capsicum chutney  is a great accompaniment to dosas, idlis, theplas and parathas.  Capsicums,  green chilly, ginger and garlic are delicately roasted on stove flame and then blend them to a smooth  paste to make the chutney.  This chutney has mild smoky flavor. Whenever I make dosa, idli, parathas or theplas,  I make chutney and capsicum chutney is one of them. To avoid extra oil in the chutney,  I have not added tempering to it. You can add mustard seeds, broken red chillies and asafoetida tempering to this chutney.  You can serve this capsicum chutney as a side dish to rice and curry. Even this chutney can be used to make bread sandwiches. I served it with the dal dosa that I had posted  the recipe earlier.

chutney for idli, dos, paratha, thepla

August 6, 2014

Dal dosa recipe - mix lentils dosa recipe - bele dose recipe - how to make dal dosa

Dal dosa  is a guilt free breakfast dish prepared with bengal gram (chana dal ), husked split green gram (moong dal), husked split black gram (urad dal ) and semolina (rava). Yogurt is added just to give a sour taste to the dosa. Urad dal and rice dosa is  a common breakfast dish in South India. But, this mixed lentils dosa is an interesting alternative to usual urad dal and  rice dosa. This is a healthy breakfast dish which provides both proteins and energy. Consuming  2 -3 dosas for breakfast,  provide sufficient energy balance till lunch.

I have used rava ( semolina ) in this dosa for my convenience. You can add soaked and ground rice paste instead of rava. However, the taste will remain same. If you choose to make it with rice paste, make sure to soak the rice for thirty minutes before grinding.

Some kids eat too little dal dishes or proteins rich food. For them this dosa is an ideal dish, since it is a dish in combination with various lentils and lentils are rich sources of proteins. Dosa and chutney are team players. This dosa goes great with capsicum chutney. You can serve it with choice of your chutney. Even chutney powder goes well with it.  If your kids refuse to eat dosa with chutney, you can serve it with fruit jam and honey.

dal dosa with chutney in serving plate - dal dosa recipe

August 4, 2014

matar shimla mirch sabzi recipe - green peas capsicum sabzi - how to make bell peapper matar sabzi

Matar or green peas and capsicum sabzi recipe - Today I have come up with a simple and easy matar, shimla mirch dry sabzi, which goes well with roti, chapati,  parathas, theplas and even pulao. There are different ways of making stir fry or dry subzis. This North Indian style matar, shimla mirch sabzi tastes well when cooked in its own moisture and oil. But you can add little amount of water, compromising with the taste. In this subzi, after adding the spice powder, you need to stir it continuously to combine the ingredients in such a way that all the ingredients are evenly dispersed and well coated with the green peas and capsicums. All the masala powder added in this matar shimla mirch sabzi help in enhancement of flavor of the subzi. Though the subzi prepared is dry, it released the spicy flavor and tasted yummy. You can pack it in the lunch box with the choice of your  Indian flat breads and even pulao. 

matar shimla mirch subzi in serving plate