May 11, 2013

Surmai or king fish fry recipe - Iswana fry - Fish fry with red masala paste

Surmai fish fry recipe - This shallow fried fish with tangy and hot combination of the masala  is simply wonderful and above all it is simple and easy to make. This is one of my most favorite fish fry recipes. The reason I like fish fry so much  because it  not only tastes great but healthy  too. Fish is rich in Proteins.  It is commonly known fact that protein rich food are body building  food. We need protein throughout the life to repair and mantain the tissues. Protein is the major component in the growth of muscles, skin, enzymes, hair, eyes and other organs. In general, protein found in fish is considered as good source of complete protein. Therefore eating fish in various form is beneficial to our good health. Try and enjoy this healthy fish fry.

Prep time : 10 mins
Cook time : 30 mins
Yield : 6 slices fry

  • 6 pieces of kingfish / surmai / iswan
  • Semolina / rava for coating
  • Oil for shallow frying

For the red masala paste
  • 1 large lemon sized tamarind
  • 3 heaped tsp chilli powder
  • A generous pinch of asafoetida / hing powder
  • Salt to taste


1.  Soak tamarind in warm water for 5 minutes. Squeeze thick pulp out of it. In a bowl, add chilli powder, turmeric powder, asafoetida powder, tamarind pulp and salt.

2.  Make a  thick  masala paste. Add pinch of hing if you like it. This can be stored in a deep freeze for about 1 month.
3.  Marinate the fish  with  the red masala paste on both sides.  All the fish slices have a good coating. 
4.  Spread few tablespoons of  rava on a plate. Roll the masala coated fish slices over it to get an even coating.
5.  Heat a griddle/tawa on a medium low flame and apply oil on it. Now place the fish slices/pieces on it. Shallow fry the fish slices on both sides till they turn  golden brown in colour.  
6.  When its done, remove the tawa  from the flame.Transfer the fried fish  to a plate  and  serve hot. Goes well  with  rice and curry.


  1. very interesting recipe.never tried it ,looks amazing.

  2. Spicy, delicious and yummy fish...

  3. Vidya, looks really delicious. I don't know almost always i am having trouble with your comment box. So i am leaving your page without commenting most days.

  4. This looks so delicious.
    Love fish.

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  5. This looks so yummy and tempting!!Love the colours

  6. i can use red masala to coat paneer, nice dish.

  7. Hi,
    i just love your recipe specially seafood..Tried some and outcome too good.
    Been a silent visitor to your blog..but today felt like commenting.

  8. So tempting,looks fab

  9. Thanks sharada for trying my recipes and the feedback.

  10. Hi Vidya, this fried fish look very inviting. Really good, I need extra rice, please. LOL

    Best regards.

  11. Thank you all for your comments!

  12. it looks awesome..... but you have not mentioned the measurement. hw someone wuld try

    1. Hi Anonymous,
      Please check, I have updated the recipe.


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